Brew Dogs

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Brew Dogs

Brew Dogs
Coney Dog (World Famous) $3.99 National deli hot dog, raw onion, Coney chili and mustard.
Just a Dog Plain hot dog.
Chicago Dog $5.25 Poppy seed bun, hot dog, sport peppers, onion, tomato, pickle, neon relish, mustard and celery salt.
New York Dog Hot dog, sauteed onions, sauerkraut and mustard.
Jersey Ripper $4.75 Hot dog wrapped in bacon and deep fried topped with coleslaw.
Pretzel Dog Pretzel bun, hot dog, cheese wiz and mustard.
Homemade Corn Dog $4.25 Hand dipped hot dog in homemade batter with real chunks of corn.
Big Papi Dog $5.50 Hot dog wrapped in ham and Swiss cheese, mojo pork, pickles and mustard.
Big Texan Dog $5.65 Bacon wrapped dog with homemade BBQ pork, jalapenos and cheddar cheese.
Brooklyn Dog $3.75 Red crepe sauce and brown mustard.
Ruben Dog $5.75
BLT Dog $4.75

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings $8.99 – $18.99 Served with celery and bleu cheese.


Brew Burger $4.50 – $6.25 1/4 lb. Angus burger, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese and secret sauce.
Turkey Burger $6.75 – $8.99
Chicago Burger $5.99 – $7.99 1/4 lb. Angus burger, sport peppers, onion, tomato, pickle, neon relish mustard and celery salt.
Black and Bleu Burger $6.75 – $8.75 1/4 lb. Angus burger, blackened seasoning, provolone and bleu cheese and bacon.
Swiss Mushroom Burger $6.10 – $7.99 1/4 lb. Angus burger, sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
BBQ Bacon Burger $6.50 – $8.50 1/4 lb. Angus burger, bacon, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and onion rings.
Your Way Burger $3.99 – $8.50 1/4 lb. Angus burger.


Chicken Philly Sandwich $7.99 Mushrooms, green pepper, onions and cheese.
Cuban Sandwich $9.25 Pulled pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickle and mustard.
Blackened Chicken Sandwich $7.50 Chicken breast blackened, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomato and onion.
Sausage and Pepper Sandwich $7.99 Pork Italian sausage, green peppers, onions and mustard.
Grilled Mahi Sandwich $9.99
Blackened Mahi Sandwich $9.99
Italian Beef Sandwich $8.75
Steak Philly Sandwich $8.75


French Fries $1.99
Coney Fries $3.75
Coney Fries with Cheese $4.99
Gravy Fries $3.65 french fries smothered in beef gravy.
Potato Chips $2.00
Onion Rings $2.65
Potato Salad $1.25
Coleslaw $0.95

Tacos and Quesadillas

Tacos and Quesadillas
3 Tacos $8.00 Shrimp, fish, beef or chicken, blackened or grilled topped with cheddar cheese, topped with fresh veggies served with tiki sauce.
Quesadillias $8.00 Chicken, fish, steak or shrimp, blackened or grilled, served with pico de gallo and sour cream.

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