Brigham Circle Diner

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Cuisine: Diner.

Breakfast Served All Day

Eggs cooked to order.
Special 1 $3.25 2 Large eggs with bacon or ham or sausage served with toast and homefries or grits.
Special 2 $3.99 2 Large eggs with corned beef hash and toast.
Special 3 $3.99 2 Large eggs with beef sausage served with toast and homefries or grits.


Comes with homefries and toast.
Cheese $2.85
Bacon or Ham, or Sausage and Cheese $3.99
Beef Sausage and Cheese $4.75
Corned Beef Hash and Cheese $4.99
Tomato and Cheese $3.50
Mushroom and Cheese $3.50
Pepper, Onion and Cheese $3.89
Mushroom, Pepper, Onion and Cheese $4.25
Western $4.15 Ham, pepper, onions and cheese.
Spanish $5.50 Bacon, ham, pepper, onion, cheese, and tomatoes.
Chicken and Cheese $4.50
Chicken, Cheese, Pepper, Onion and Tomato $5.50 Bagel instead of toast add $.50.

French Toast

Three slices.
With bacon or Ham or Sausage $3.75
With Bacon or Ham or Sausage and 2 Eggs $4.75
With Corned Beef Hash $4.50
With Corned Beef Hash and 2 Eggs $5.50

Sandwiches on Toast

Fried Egg Sandwich $1.50
Bacon, Egg and Cheese $2.45
Bacon, Egg and Ham $3.45
Pepper and Egg $1.79
BLT $2.45
Ham and Cheese $2.50
Chicken Salad $2.85
Chicken Cutlet $2.85
Grilled Chicken $2.85
Tuna Fish Salad $2.85
Western $2.89
Grilled Cheese $1.59
Grilled Cheese with Tomato $1.79
Grilled Cheese with Bacon or Ham $2.59
Tuna Melt $3.15
Blueburger $3.99
Cheeseburger $2.20
Bacon Cheeseburger $2.99
Hotdog $1.79


Plain Steak $3.75
Steak and Cheese $4.25 Fresh green pepperoni, onions or crab each $.50.
Ham and Cheese $4.25
Tuna Fish Salad $4.25
Chicken Salad $4.25
Chicken Cutlet $4.25
Grilled Chicken $4.25
BLT $4.25
Hamburger $3.75
Cheeseburger $4.25

Club Sandwiches

All club sandwiches down with pepperoni and bacon.
Grilled Chicken $4.25
Chicken Salad $4.25
Chicken Cutlet $4.25
Tuna Fish Salad $4.25
Chicken Fingers $3.89 With french fries.


Lasai $1.59 Homemade yogurt drink.
Mango Lasai $3.00 Mango pulp with homemade yogurt drink.
Mango Milkshake $2.00 Mango pulp and milk drink.

Side Orders

Toast $0.75
English Muffins $0.95
Bagel with Cream Cheese $1.45
Bacon $1.45
Fries $1.45
Grits $1.45
Ham $1.35
Sausage $1.35
Corned Beef Hash $2.50
French Fries $1.59 – $2.00

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