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Cheese & Meat Boards

The Other Board Ask server for details- MP
Blue Fig Board $9.00 blue of the day, wine poached figs, caramelized walnuts and crostinis
Barcelona Board $11.00 featured Spanish cheese, Marcona almonds, quince-onion marmalade, and crostini
Tuscan Board $11.00 featured Italian cheese, Sopressata salami, house pesto, warm ciabatta
Parisian Board $13.00 featured French cheese, Pate de Campagne, sweet pepper pickle relish, house mustard, and Potter’s Crackers
Duluth Board $14.00 Northern Waters smoked salmon, lemon-caper creme fraiche, fresh cucumber, pickled vegetables, and Potter’s crackers
NYC Deli Board $16.00 Sopressata salami, La Quercia prosciutto, NYC Deli pickles, house mustard, and Potter’s crackers
Smorgas-Board $45.00 5 cheeses, 4 meats, four house spreads, and warm ciabatta
All Iowa Board $12.00 Iowa’s own Milton Prairie Breeze & La Quercia prosciutto, fig mustard, and crostini – $12


Create your own cheese & meat board by choosing your own featured cheeses from the list on the left and adding any or all of the provisions listed below Create your own cheese & meat board by choosing your own cheeses from the list of featured cheeses and adding any or all of the provisions listed below
Cheeses $4.00 Blue, Spanish, Brie, Italian, Monger’s Choice, Other
Meats $5.00 Cittero Sopressata, La Quercia Prosciutto, Truffle Salam, Spanish Chorizo, Featured Charcuterie
Grains Crostinis ($2), Bread & OIl ($4), Potter’s Crackers ($3), Gluten-Free Crackers ($2)
Spreads $2.00 House Mustard, Fig Mustard,Sweet Pepper Pickle Relish, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto,Quince-Onion Marmalade,Tomato Confit, Balsamic- Peach Compote, Kalamata Olive Paste
Other Goods Brooklyn Brine Co. Pickles ($2), House Nuts ($4), Quicos (fried jumbo corn kernels) (4$), Poached Figs ($3), Spanish Olives ($5)


$3/cup, $6/bowl
Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato $3.00 – $5.00
Cucumber Gazpacho w/ Feta and Fresh Mint $4.00 – $7.00
Soup of the Day $4.00 – $7.00


Daily Lunch Special: Sip, Soup, Salad. Brix House Salad with either Turkey, Prosciutto, or Feta, Your choice of any cup of soup and a half glass of house wine or soft drink ($10 everyday 11-3)
Brix House Salad $5.00 freshly shaved cucumber, tomato confit, and tomato-Champagne vinagirette
The Sweet Blue Peach $8.00 Point Reyes Original Blue, port-berry chutney, fresh apples, walnuts, and balsamic dressing
Fig, Pig $9.00 La Quercia prosciutto, wine-poached figs, quince-onion marmalade, and fig mustard vinaigrette
Northside Salmon $12.00 Northern Waters smoked salmon, tomato confit, fresh cucumber, lemon-caper creme fraiche, and tomato-Champagne vinaigrette –
Caprese & Pepperoni $8.00 Citterio pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, tomato confit, fresh basil, and balsamic glaze – $10

Premium Sandwiches

Served with choice of Red Pepper & Tomato soup or Brix house salad upgrade to Cucumber Gazpacho or Soup of the Day – $1 add extra house roasted turkey breast or La Quercia Prosciutto – $2
Savory Grilled Cheese $9.00 Comte Gruyere, Point Reyes Original Blue, spiced wine poached figs and sweet onion marmalade on ciabatta. Add House Roasted Turkey, Pulled Pork, or La Quercia Prosciutto ($11).
Spicy Grilled Chesse $9.00 Local Milton hot pepper cheddar, local Milton Quark, tomato confit and chipotle aioli on chiabatta. Add House Roasted Turkey, Pulled Pork or La Quercia Prosciutto ($11)
Plane Anne’s Grilled Cheese $8.00 Milton Creamery Quark cheese with your choice of house spread
Pesto Turkey $11.00 house roasted turkey breast, sun-dried tomato pesto, and Milton Creamery quark cheese –
Little Italy $11.00 La Quercia prosciutto, Sopressata salami, sweet pepper pickle relish, house mustard, and Comte du Jura
Vegan PBLT $10.00 veggie “bacon” bits, all natural crunchy peanut butter, tomato confit, and greens
Smoked Salmon $13.00 Northern Waters smoked salmon, sherry onion marmalade, tomato confit, mixed greens, and fig mustard
La Quercia PBLT $10.00 La Quercia prosciutto, all natural crunchy peanut butter, tomato confit, and greens


House Made Chocolate and Goat Cheese Truffles $3.00 – $15.00 Made with a kiss of orange and vanilla, add 2oz of Tawny Port or Stymo Jump Sticky Wine for $3

Featured Cheeses

$4 each
Blue – Colston-Basett Stilton $ made for the world famous Neal’s Yard Dairy, this is Nick’s all-time favorite cheese, it’s creamy, rich, sweet, and just the right amount of funky, try some with wine-poached figs, and either a glass
Other -Grand Cru Surchoix Gruyere, WI $ one of our favorite Alpine style cheeses from the US, firm, and full flavored with strong nutty, earthy, notes
Spanish- Flor de Esgueva $ considered to be a more sophisticated version of Manchego, made from rawsheep’s milk, this cheese rich, creamy, and salty
Brie- Delice de Bourgogne $ rich and decadent triple cream brie that is soft-ripened within its earthy and completely edible bloomy rind France
Italian-Sottocenere al Tartufo $ a semi-soft, creamy cheese aged “under the ash” with bits of black truffle
Monger’s Choice it’s a mystery, live on the edge!

On the Rocks

Spiced Sangria $6.00 spiced red wine, orange liqueur, brandy, pineapple juice, orange juoce
Linn St. Sour $7.00 Evan William’s Single Barrel Bourbon, lemon juice, grenadine
Black Mission Manhattan $9.00 Evan William’s Single Barrel Bourbon, spiced fig syrup, vermouth
Rosemary Gin Fizz $7.00 Hendrick’s Gin, rosemary simple syrup, lemon juice
Very Hard Cider $8.00 Cedar Ridge Apple brandy, Stella Cidre, and apple cinnamon shrub
Mosel Mule $9.00 Tito’s Vodka, sparkling Riesling, lime juice, ginger syrup
Brix Old Fashioned $8.00 Evan Williams Single Barrel, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, bitters
Pear Getaway $7.00 Flor de Cana silver rum, ginger-pear shrub, lime juice and soda water
Classic Bloody Mary $7.00 Tito’s Vodka, Tobasco, Worcestershire sauce, house bloody mix
Habanero Bloody Mary $7.00 Tito’s Vodka, Habanero hot sauce, house bloody mix
French Martini $8.00 Tito’s Vodka, Chambord Liqueur, pineapple juice
Northside Martini $10.00 Hendrick’s Gin, Vya California Dry Vermouth, orange bitter’s

Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Kir Royale $8.00 French sparkler, Chambord
Fall Spritzer $8.00 sparkling Riesling and cinnamon apple shrub on ice
French 75 $9.00 French sparkler, Hendrick’s gin, lemon juice on ice
Island Spritzer $8.00 sparkling Riesling and ginger-pear shrub on ice
Mimosa $5.00 French sparkler, orange juice
Pink Peach $6.00 French sparkler, orange juice, peach syrup, grenadine
Strawberry Spritzer $8.00 sparkling Riesling, strawberry puree on ice


Non alcoholic beverages
Sparkling Strawberry Lemondae $3.00
Apple Shrub Soda $3.00
Pear Ginger Shrub Soda $3.00
Perrier $2.00
Iced Tea $2.00
Soda $1.00

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