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Brot Basket $5.00 Oat-honey challah, seeded roggenbrot, onion poppy roll, lemon-caraway butter
Giant Haus Bretzel $7.00 Horseradish mustard
Schmaltz $8.00 Chicken & pork fat, cracklin, pickled onion, rye bread
Biersuppe $8.00 Beer soup, aged cheddar kreplach
Krauter Salat $8.00 Shaved cabbage, radish, pepitas, paprika vinaigrette
Leberwurst $9.00 Cold pork liver pate, pickled green beans, cucumber, toasted rye bread
Reibekuchen $11.00 Horseradish potato pancakes, pickled beet puree
Pierogi $11.00 Sauerkraut & potato dumplings, smoked onion soubise, root vegetable slaw
Knodel $11.00 Bacon challah bread pudding, roasted pear puree


Bio-Markt Teller $17.00 Vegan plate: wild mushrooms, root vegetables, barley, roggenbrot, almond butter
Spatzle $19.00 Classic schwabian pasta, winter greens, red onion marmalade, comte cheese
Potato Rosti $21.00 Haus-made ham, parsnip, turnip, caramelized apples, comte cheese, apple mustard
Blutnudeln $21.00 Trentino-style blood pasta, braised veal shank, blood orange, mint
German Gnocchi $22.00 Potato-egg noodles, shaved pork lardo, butternut squash, hazelnut-sage brown butter
Schweineschnitzel $24.00 Thin pork schnitzel, fingerling bratkartoffeln, chive remoulade
Wagyu Beef Sauerbraten $26.00 Slow-roast brisket in vinegar, sweet potato puree, roasted shallots, ginger
Haxe $32.00 2 lb. bone-in, beer-braised pork shank, sauerkraut, potatoes, apples

Haus-Made Wurst

Mini Wurst Plate $13.00 2 sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut, haus mustard no subsitutions, please, thuringer bratwurst veal, pork, egg, cotechino pig skin, cinnamon, clove
Giant Wurst Platter $27.00 6 sausages, potatoes, sauerkraut, haus mustard, kielbasa smoked pork, garlic, coriander, lemon weisswurst veal, pork, parsley, spicy bierwurst pork, paprika, cayenne, currywurst pork, veal, curry, zu


GurkenSalat $5.00 Cucumber, dill
Thuringia Pickled Eggs $5.00 Dijon mustard
Riesling Sauerkraut $5.00 White wine braised cabbage
Warm Potato Salad $5.00 Bacon, whole grain mustard

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