Brooklyn Comfort

Up to date Brooklyn Comfort prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cuisine: Eclectic & International.

Homemade Soup $3.25 – $2.95

Wraps And Salads $7

Mama Lily’s Chicken Salad homemade chicken salad with light mayonnaise in your choice of wrap or over greens.
Black Beans And Hummus Wrap black beans, hummus and spinach served in a spinach wrap.
Chipotle Bean Burger chipotle flavored black bean and brown rice patty served in your choice of wrap or over greens with a side of chipotle corn salsa.
Falafel falafel patties pan-fried in olive oil served in your choice of wrap or over greens with a side of yogurt and chili garlic sauce.

Small Plate Specialties

Cigar Borek $2.50 cigar shaped pasty filled with potatoes and parsley lightly fried in olive oil.
Baked Mac And Cheese $6.00
Spinach And Mushrooms $4.50 lightly sauteed spinach in olive oil with seasoned mushrooms.
Chickpea Salad $3.25 tossed with red onions and dill and an olive oil and lemon dressing.

Large Plate Specialties

Yasmin’s Baked Herb Chicken $8.00 choice of mashed potatoes or rice and a seasonal vegetable side.
Fried Chicken Adobo $10.95 marinated in gluten-free soy sauce and vinegar. served with a side of garlic rice or fries.
Broiled Tilapia $8.00 choice of mashed potatoes, rice or over greens.
Turkish Lo Mein Noodles $6.00 – $8.00 hand-pulled flour noodles in a green bean sauce with lamb.
Tofu In Coconut Curry $7.00 organic non-gmo cooked in a coconut curry stew and served with your choice of rice.
Spinach And Tofu $9.75 lightly pan-fried seasoned organic non-gmo tofu over brown rice and chopped spinach topped with sesame oil and gluten-free soy sauce.

Extras And Sides

Mashed Potatoes $3.00
Brown Rice $3.00
White Rice $3.00
Carrot Rice $4.00
Garlic Rice $4.00
Chili Garlic Sauce $0.50
Yogurt Dill Sauce $0.50

Desserts $5

Homemade Cake
Homemade Pie


Poland Spring Water $1.25
Soda $1.25 pepsi, diet pepsi, schweppes
Smart Water $2.50
Pellegrino $2.50
Gus Soda $2.50
Zico Coconut Water $3.00
Purity Organic Juice $3.00

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