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Served with choice of roasted potatoes, homemade chips, mon-fri only, loaded baked potato salad, sliced tomatoes or grits and a pickle spear. Substitute a cup of soup, fresh fruit, side salad for potatoes add $0.99
Bistro Salad $7.99 Mixed greens salad with blueberry pomegranate dressing, dried cranberries, pecans, strawberries, and creamy goat cheese. Add chicken $2.00
Bistro Salad – Add Salmon or Shrimp $4.00
Turkey Gobbler Salad $7.99 Sliced fresh turkey breast served on a bed of crisp lettuce mix with vine ripe tomatoes, diced egg, bacon, red onion & grated cheeses. Served with avocado ranch dressing
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad $7.99 A twist to our already famous waldorf salad. On a bed of artisan lettuce with cheesy toast
Mandarin Chicken Salad $7.99 Mixed greens tossed with sliced grilled chicken, mandarin oranges, pecans, craisins and green onions with an empress sesame ginger dressing and cheese toast
Chicken Cobb Salad $7.99 Crisp lettuce topped with bands of crumbled bleu cheese, boiled eggs, tomatoes, red onion, bacon bits and fresh avocado, topped with grilled chicken. Served with honey dijon dressing
Spinach Salad $6.99 Curly leaf spinach with bacon, mushrooms, pico de gallo, avocado & egg. Served with fat-free zinfandel vinaigrette. Add chicken $2.00
Spinach Salad – Add Shrimp or Salmon $4.00
Sirloin Steak Salad $8.99 6 oz. Sirloin strip cooked to your likin on spring mix, tomatoes, onions, peppers topped with zesty sesame ginger dressing

World of Burgers

Substitute salad, soup or fresh fruit for only $0.99. Served with choice of roasted potatoes, homemade chips, mon-fri only , loaded baked potato salad, sliced tomatoes or grits and a pickle spear. Substitute a cup of soup, fresh fruit, side salad for pota
Cheval Burger $8.59 8 oz. Burger topped with a bacon and melted jack & cheddar cheeses and topped with a fried egg
Patty Melt $7.99 A half pound burger grilled with sauteed onions on grilled marbled rye with melted swiss and 1000 island
Build Your Own Burger Start with a fresh 8 oz. ground sirloin burger and from the list below we’ll build dream burger. Fried egg, diced ham, tomato, red onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, chives, jack cheese, canadian bacon, f

Late Risers

Served with choice of roasted potatoes, homemade chips, mon-fri only , loaded baked potato salad, sliced tomatoes or grits and a pickle spear. Substitute a cup of soup, fresh fruit, side salad for potatoes add $0.99
Signature Soups $4.29 – $2.99 Tuscan black bean, vegetarian & soup of the day
Chicken Waldorf Croissant $7.99 JC’s signature chicken waldorf salad scooped on a grilled buttery croissant with sliced tomato and lettuce or make it a wrap
Jc’s Classic Club $8.59 Better come hungry. 3 Slices of grilled whole wheat bread stacked with fresh turkey breast, deli ham, jack & cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo & honey mustard. If that’s not all, we slide
Grilled Portabello Sandwich $7.99 Grilled portobello cap served on a sourdough roll with marinated spinach, roasted red pepper and melted swiss cheese
California Croissant $7.99 Shaved deli ham, avocado & swiss cheese with lettuce and tomato on a grilled croissant and our dijonnaise sauce
Georgia Pecan Grille $7.99 Georgia pecan encrusted chicken breast with melted cheddar cheese on a grilled roll or make a meal with rice and veggies
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap $7.99 Spicy jamaican jerk seasoning on a grilled chicken breast soothed with avocado ranch dressing on a sundried tomato wrap
Lemon Dill Salmon $8.99 Broiled atlantic salmon topped with our lemony hollandaise sauce and sprinkled with fresh dill. Served on a bed of rice with steamed veggies.
Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo $7.99 A new favorite stacked turkey breast, melted jack & cheddar cheese with cranberry mayo served on grilled sour dough
Carrollwood Melt $7.99 Melted jack & cheddar cheese with sliced tomato on an english muffin. Choose chicken waldorf salad or nana’s tuna
Turkey Dijon Blt $7.89 Warm turkey breast with crispy bacon and melted swiss cheese piled on top of grilled wheat bread with dijonaisse sauce
Turkey Avocado Wrap $7.89 Sliced turkey with chopped lettuce and tomatoes drizzled with cool avocado ranch dressing on a tomato basil wrap
Charlie’s Tuna Croissant $6.99 Actually nana k’s best chicken of the sea recipe on a buttered croissant. Choice of a side item
Chicken & Black Beans Skillet $7.99 A heaping skillet with rice, pico de gallo & mixed cheese and topped with a grilled chicken breast & tortillas
Black Beans Skillet $6.99 A heaping skillet with rice, pico de gallo & mixed cheese and topped with tortillas, no chicken
Soup n Salad n Sandwich $6.99 Choose any combination today’s soup and 1/2 blt or tuna sandwich
Soup n Salad n Sandwich $6.99 Side salad and 1/2 blt or tuna sandwich
Soup n Salad n Sandwich $5.99 Choice of soup & side salad

Viva Italia

Lobster Bruschetta $12.99 Lobster meat and tomato bruschetta spread over grilled Italian garlic bread topped with poached eggs and feta cheese
Alfredo’s Italian Omelette $7.99 Three egg fluffy omelette filled with tomato and garlic bruschetta, fresh spinach and melted provolone cheese. Sub egg whites or egg beaters $0.79
Philly Cheesesteak Omelette $8.99 Grilled philly cheesesteak meat and onions topped with melted Provolone cheese. Add mushrooms or jalapenos $0.25

From the Griddle

Banana Nut Bread French Toast $7.99 Homemade banana bread dipped in our vanilla maple toast batter. Lightly grilled and topped with fresh bananas and toasted pecans. Add bacon, sausage or turkey sausage $2.99
Choco-Berry Crepes $6.99 Light airy crepes filled with strawberry compote and melted chocolate chips. Topped with light whipped cream
Almond Joy $7.99 An almond delight maple french toast topped with strawberry compote, blueberries & sprinkled with roasted almond slivers

Skinny Plates

My Goddess Omelette $7.99 3 Egg white omelette with fresh spinach, diced tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese. Add turkey sausage to omelette $0.99
Turkey Sausage Plate $7.99 Three lean turkey sausages with scrambled egg whites and fresh fruit. Served with whole grain toast
Omega-3 Oatmeal $4.99 Heart healthy oatmeal with flax seeds, dried cranberies, and chopped walnuts
Which Came First $7.99 6 oz Grilled chicken breast accompanied with egg whites scrambled and fresh fruit. Served with whole grain toast

Lunch Specials

Julius Ceaser Salad $6.99 Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in a garlic ceaser dressing and garlic croutons with parmesan cheese. Add grilled chicken $2.00. Add grilled salmon $4.00. Add grilled shrimp $4.00
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich $7.99 6 oz. Sliced philly cheesesteak meat fill our amoroso roll with grilled onions & melted provolone. Spice it up with jalapenos or mushrooms $0.25
Janet’s Italian Burger $7.99 Half pound burger topped with spicy pepperoni and provolone cheese
Black Beans & Rice with Chicken Skillet $7.99 A skillet full of spanish rice, house made black beans and melted cheeses topped with grilled chicken breast and pico de gallo. Served with warm tortillas
Chicken Waldorf Croissant $7.99 Our world famous chicken waldorf Salad fills a buttered croissant with slices lettuce and tomato. Choice of side
Sides Roasted potatoes, sliced tomatoes, loaded southern potato salad, homemade potato chips mon-fri only, grits. For $0.99 sub soup, salad or fresh fruit

Even More Italian Special

Eggs Florentine $7.99 Fresh spinach and sun dried tomatoes placed atop an english muffin. Topped with 2 poached eggs and lathered with our hollandaise sauce
Italian Sausage Skillet $7.99 Roasted potatoes combined with a tomato bruschetta mixture, spicy andouille sausage and melted provolone cheese topped with sunny-up eggs
Pepperoni & Eggs $7.99 Spicy pepperoni sauteed with 3 scrambled eggs and topped with provolone cheese


Amaretto Cappucino $3.29

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