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Up to date BS Bar & Grill prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Chicken Quesadilla $6.49 – $6.99 Grilled chicken & cheese melted together in flour tortilla or south west style.
Pork Wontons $6.99 Triangles pastries stuffed w/ pork, cheese & veggies served w/ sweet chili sauce.
Mini Loaves Of Heaven $6.49 The pretzel of all pretzel served w/ cheese & honey mustard.
White Chicken Nachos $6.49 A pile tortilla chips, topped w/ grilled chicken melted white american cheese, jalapenos & spices.
BS Big Combo Platter $9.99 4 Toasted ravioli, 3 mozzarella stix, 2 potato boats, 4 mini tacos, 3 jalapenos poppers, served w/ marinara sauce & sour cream.
Potato Boats $6.49 Six large potato boats loaded w/ bacon & melted cheese, served w/ sour cream.
Cheddar Cubes $5.49 Battered cubes of cheddar cheese. Served w/ ranch.
Irish Nachos $5.99 Home-made potato chips, meat cheese & fresh pico.
Crabby Jack Rangoon $4.49 The classic asian app served w/ sweet & sour sauce.

Happy Hour Starters

1/2 Off during happy hour.
Cheese Fries Basket $4.49 A mound of our seasoned fries covered w/ cheese & bacon.
Onion Rings $4.49 A basket of our special onion rings.
Jalapeno Poppers $4.49 Breaded jalapeno filled w/ cheese, served w/ ranch.
Toasted Ravioli $5.49 Plump pillows filled w/ meat & cheese served w/ marinara.
Mini Tacos $5.49 A bite size version of the taco perfect for dipping.
Fried Shrooms $5.49 Battered mushrooms deep fried & served w/ ranch.
Mozzarella Stix $5.49 A traditional favorite served w/ marinara.
Stadium Nachos $3.49 A ballpark favorite without the ball park price.
Fried Pickle Chips $4.49 Lightly breaded & served w/ a side of chipotle mayo.


Dinner Salad $3.49 Iceberg lettuce, cheese, croutons, tomatoes, bacon, and onions.
BS Full Of It! $6.99 Bacon, grilled chicken, turkey, cheddar cheese, croutons, tomatoes, tossed with fresh lettuce.
Grilled Chicken Caesar $5.99 Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce parmesan cheese, croutons, all mixed up with caesar dressing.
Chopped Blue Rasberry $5.99 Iceberg and romaine lettuce, crunchy lo mein noodles sliced candied almonds and blue cheese crumbles finished in a raspberry vinaigrette.

Great Sandwiches

All sandwiches are served with fries and a pickle sub home made chips $0.99 or a dinner salad for $1.99.
The Billy Philly $6.99 Roast beef, peppers, and onions covered in melted white american cheese. Try it with chicken or turkey.
French Dip $6.99 The classic roast beef sandwich served with au jus and cheese. Try it with jalapenos and pepper cheese!
Chicken Parm Sandwich $6.99 Breaded chicken breast topped with marinara sauce and melted cheese on a toasted kaiser roll.
BS Jumbo Frank $3.99 1/4 Lb. w/ onions, relish, ketchup & mustard, add sauerkraut $0.99 add chili $1.99.
The Turkey Club $6.99 Roasted turkey breast topped with bacon and cheese, tomato and lettuce y request.
Classic Reuben $6.99 Lean corned beef & sour kraut on marble rye, served with thousand island dressing. Also available with turkey.
Chicken Strips $6.99 Sour large chicken strips on a bed of french fries.
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich $6.99 Breaded chicken breast dipped in our buffalo sauce and covered with cheese.
The Big Fish Story Sandwich $6.99 One large piece of battered white fish on a toasted hoagie, tartar sauce, tomato and lettuce by request.

Half Pound Burgers

All sandwiches are served with fries and a pickle, sub home made chips for $0.99 or a dinner salad for $1.99.
The Plain Jane $6.49 This is our basic black angus burger grilled to perfection and topped with cheese.
Everybody Loves Bacon! $7.99 C’mon you know it’s true, this mouthwatering burger is covered in loads of bacon and topped with cheddar cheese.
Patty Melted $7.49 Toasted marble rye, cheese, grilled onions, and of course black angus combine to make this the ultimate patty melted.
The Boxer $6.99 Black and blue like after a title fight, this contender is covered in cracked black pepper and topped with blue cheese crumbles.
The Client Eastwood $7.99 This legendary burger is topped with cheddar cheese, bbq sauce, onion rings, and bacon.
The Ring Of Fire $6.99 You are sure to feel the burn of this burger topped with pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and chipotle mayo.
Shrooms For The Swiss $6.99 Completely legal mushrooms with melted swiss cheese.


St. Louis Style Thin Crust $6.79 – $8.79 Triple cheese, sausage, pepperoni, sausage & pepperoni, bs meat lovers, sausage, pepperoni, ham, bacon, supreme, beef, bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions.


All wraps are served with fries and a pickle, sub home made chips for $0.99 or a dinner salad for $1.99.
Chipotle Turkey Club $6.79 We combine turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato with jus the right amount of chipotle mayo to give this wrap some bs flair.
South Of The Border $6.79 Grilled chicken breast, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and spicy ranch to add just a little kick.
Buffalo Chicken $6.79 Breaded white chicken dipper in our wing sauce and wrapped up with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and ranch dressing.
Chicken Caesar $6.79 Grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons, all wrapped up with caesar dressing.
The BLT $6.79 Crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.


Wings $7.29 Hot, medium, spicy bbq garlic parm, lemon pepper, hot mustard, orange & black or our signature double basted traditional or boneless. per pound.

Extras & Kid’s Corner

Chili $1.99 – $3.99
Homemade Seasoned Chips $3.99
Seasoned French Fries $2.99
Extra Cheese & Sauces $0.50
Kid’s Strips With Fries $3.99
Kid’s T-Ravs & Fries $3.99
Kid’s Hot Dogs With Fries $3.99

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