Bubba’s Ale House & Grille

Up to date Bubba’s Ale House & Grille prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Bubba’s Starters

Chip and Cheese Dip $4.50
Stuffed Jalitos (6) (Cheddar) $5.25
Basket of Freedom Fries (Not For the French of Heart) $2.25
Basket of Beer Battered Onion Rings $2.25
Nachos Trace (Best Nachos North of Natchez) $6.15
Tricia’s Hot Leggs $4.75
Teenie Weenies (10 Mini Corn Dogs) $4.75
Chicken Kabob Appetizer $5.00
Beef Kabob Appetizer $5.75
Santa Fe Rolls $5.99
Beef Tequitos $4.25
Potato Skins (6) (Cheddar bacon bits, and sour cream) $5.25
Beer Battered Fried Mushrooms $5.95
Hot Tamales with chili, Cheese and Onion (3) $4.00
Breaded Chicken Livers $5.50
Disco Cheese Plate $6.00 straight out of the 70’s add 2.25 for a glass of liebfraumilch wine limit2 glasses of wine at special price.
Cheese Fries $4.25
With Chili $4.75
Fried Cheese Stix $5.25
Breaded Ravioli $5.25

Bubba’s Baskets

Steak Kabob with Fries $8.25
Chicken Kabob with Fries $7.75
Chicken Tender Basket with Fries $7.75
Catfish Basket with Fries $8.95
Fried Shrimp with Fries $8.50
Fried Clam with Fries $6.50
Fried Chicken Liver Basket with Fries $7.75


dressings blue cheese, thousand Island, ranch, oil and vinegar, Italian children under 12get $1.00 off all food items except shrimp and steak and .50 off all drinks hooray
Bowl of Chili $3.50
Tossed Salad $1.95
Chef Salad $5.25
Chicken or Tuna Salad Over Lettuce $5.25
Big Ed’s Grilled Chicken Over Lettuce $5.75


all sandwiches served with lettuce, onion, and tomato except bubba cheese steak and deep fried chicken sandwich add 1.50 for freed om fries, onion rings, potato skins, cole slaw or potato salad 1.95 for potato chips
Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich $7.25
Deep Fried Chicken Sandwich, Bubba Style $5.95 served on a hoagie, smothered in tomato sauce, and covered with melted jack cheese
Seasoned Grilled Tuna Fish Sandwich $7.25
Bubbalogna $5.25 fried bologna on a bun, with BBQ sauce
Fried Catfish Po’boy $7.50
Fried Shrimp Po’boy $7.25
Fried Clam Roll on a Bun $5.75
Bubba Cheese Steak $5.25 served on a hoagie with tomato sauce, grilled onions and melted jack cheese
Hot Dog $2.75 w/ melted cheese
Grilled Ham and Cheese $5.25 served on a hoagie
Grilled Cheese de Laverdet $2.95 with sliced tomato and mayo
Carlyn’s Grilled Cheese $2.75 cheaper by the dozen
Tuna Salad Sandwich $4.75
Chicken Salad Sandwich $4.75
Steak Sandwich $8.50 6 oz bacon wrapped filet served on an english muffin
Filet de Bubba a heartier cut, 6oz bacon wrapped filet. Served with lettuce tomato, onion and ketchup on a bun
Absolutely no Variations $8.50 and please, don’t even ask cause it’s a macho thing


Domestic Bottled Beer $2.50 miller late miller high life coors coors light budweiser bud light budweiser select we proudly serve busch in can
Import Beers $3.50 corona fosters beck’s dark harp amstel light heineken
Import Beer $4.25 guinness draught
Domestic Bottled Beer $2.75 michelob light michelob killian’s red rolling rock Icehouse miller genuine draft sam adams michelob ultra
Specialty Drinks $2.75 smirnoff ice zima citrix zima orange woodchuck amber buckler (n/a) o’ doul’s (n/a)
Wines and Champagne $4.25 chardonnay white zinfandel merlot cabernet by inglenook
12oz Draught Beer $2.25 amber bock budweiser select michelob light miller light
12 oz Draught Beer $4.50 flying dog pale ale flying dog tire biter
12oz Draught Beer $3.75 sierra nevada newcastle anchor steam (when in season)
Beer $1.00 add for bubba’s big ass glass 1pint


add 1.50 for freedom fries, onion rings, potato skins, cole slaw, or potato salad add 1.95 for homemade fried potato chips
For Only 75 Each add swiss, jack, cheddar, or American cheese, also mushrooms, bacon, grilled onions, chili, smoked turkey, or ham
Uptown Saturday Night $5.50 6oz of fresh ground beef basted in worcestershire and charbroiled on the grill
Saturday Nite Date Night $5.50 6 oz of fresh ground beef. The all American burger off the grill
Saturday Night Special deep fried, high in cholesterol, it’s a killer. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion 1000 island

Beverages and Desserts

ice tea, coffee, coke, diet coke, sprite, or dr. pepper
Free Refills with Meal $1.50
Apple Pie $2.00
A la Mode $2.75

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