Bubor Cha Cha

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Cuisine: Chinese, Seafood, Dim Sum.


A1. Jelly Fish $8.95 served cold
A2. Goose Web In Si Chuan Chili Sauce $9.95 *
A3. Salt & Pepper Chicken Wing $9.95 *
A4. Deep Fried Oyster $16.95
A5. Deep Fried Scallop $15.95
A6. Deep Fried Pork Intestine $11.95
A7. Boneless Rib $7.25
A8. Scallion Pancake $4.50
A9. Chicken Skewer $7.50
A10. Beef Skewer $7.50
A11. Crab Rangoon $6.95
A12. Chicken Finger $6.95
A13. Chicken Wing $7.25
A14. Spring Roll $6.95
A15. Dumping $6.95 fried/steamed
A16. Peking Duck $18.00 – $35.00


U1. Seafood Potage $10.95 – $15.95
U2. Fish Maw With Crab Meat Potage $11.95 – $20.95
U3. Fish Maw With Three Delights Potage $11.95 – $15.95
U4. Fish Maw Cream Corn Potage $14.95 – $19.95
U5. Minced Beef With Cilantro Potage $12.95 – $18.95
U6. Minced Chicken Cream Corn Potage $8.95 – $10.95
U7. Watercress & Sliced Pork With Tofu Soup $12.95 – $16.95
U8. Mustard Green & Fish Head With Tofu Soup $15.95 – $19.95
U9. Hot & Sour Soup $10.95 – $7.95 *
U10. Wonton Soup $7.95 – $10.95
U11. Egg Drop Soup $11.95 – $8.95

Live Seafood

S1. Lobster Any Style choice of cooking style: egg yolk, seafood stock, ginger & scallion, cheese, steamed with minced garlic, black bean sauce, salt & pepper, dried spicy sauce)
S2. Dungeness Crab Any Style choice of cooking style: egg yolk, ginger & scallion, steamed with minced garlic, black bean sauce, salt & pepper, dried spicy sauce
S3. Live Fish choice of fish: striped bass, cod fish, black fish, tilapia
S4. Steamed Fresh Oyster In Half Shell Any Style
S5. Steamed Fresh Scallop In Half Shell Any Style choice of cooking style: steamed, black bean sauce, steamed with minced garlic, xo sauce
S6. Little Neck Clam
S7. Eel Any Style choice of cooking style: egg yolk, black bean sauce, salt & pepper, dried spicy sauce
S8. Sauteed Flounder Cubes With Crispy Fin
S9. Stir Fried Flounder Cubes $12.95
S10. Grouper Fillet With Vegetable $12.95
S11. Sauteed Clam With Black Bean Sauce $11.95 *
S12. Salt & Pepper Prawn $13.95 * in shell with head
S13. Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab $18.95 *
S14. Salt & Pepper Trio $19.95 * spare ribs, prawn, squid
S15. Salt & Pepper Dual $13.95 * choose two: spare ribs, prawn, squid
S16. Jumbo Shrimp With Walnut In Mayonnaise Sauce $15.95
S17. Sauteed Three Delights $13.95 scallop, jumbo shrimp, squid
S18. Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp With Vegetable $13.95
S19. Stir Fried Jumbo Shrimp $13.95
S20. Sauteed Baby Shrimp With Cashew $12.95
S21. Sauteed Baby Shrimp With Peanut In Kung Pao Sauce $12.95 *
S22. Baby Shrimp In Garlic Sauce $12.95 *
S23. Sauteed Baby Shrimp With Egg $11.95
S24. Jumbo Shrimp In Lobster Sauce $11.95
S25. Jumbo Shrimp In Sweet & Sour Sauce $11.95
S26. Sauteed Squid With Scallion $11.95
S27. Sauteed Squid With Sour Cabbage $11.95

House Special

H1. Seafood Birdsnest $18.95
H2. Sliced Sea Conch With Crispy Tofu $28.95
H3. Stir Fried Sea Conch $17.95
H3. Stir Fried Sea Conch $5.00 add with yellow chives
H4. Poached Sea Conch $17.95
H5. Sauteed Little Neck Clam With Xo Sauce $16.95 *
H6. Sauteed Sea Clam With Lily Bulb & Xo Sauce $28.95 *
H7. Sauteed Fish Balls With Luffa Melon & Xo Sauce $14.95 *
H8. Lettuce Wrap With Minced Pork & Pickles $12.95
H9. Sauteed Lotus Root With Vegetable $13.95
H10. Sauteed Anchovies With Vegetable $15.95
H11. Sauteed Duck Tongue With Xo Sauce $18.95 *
H12. Sauteed Duck Tongue With Maggi Sauce $18.95
H13. Fried Crispy Squab $13.95

Sizzling Platter *

Z1. Sizzling Black Pepper Fillet Steak $14.95
Z2. Sizzling Black Pepper Beef Rib $13.95


B1. Prime Rib Any Style $18.95 choose one: string bean, tomato, tofu, chinese broccoli, bitter melon, sour cabbage
B2. Fillet Steak, Cantonese Style $14.95
B3. Fillet Steak With Vegetable & Oyster Sauce $15.95
B4. Fillet Steak In Black Pepper Sauce $14.95 *
B5. Pan Fried Beef Rib $13.95
B6. Beef Rib With Black Pepper Sauce $13.95 *
B7. Beef Rib With String Bean $13.95
B8. Sliced Beef In Satay Sauce $11.95 *
B9. Sliced Beef In Garlic Sauce $11.95 *
B10. Sliced Beef In Oyster Sauce $11.95
B11. Sauteed Beef With Bitter Melon $11.95
B12. Sauteed Beef With Chinese Broccoli $11.95
B13. Sauteed Beef With String Bean $11.95
B14. Sauteed Beef With Snow Pea $11.95
B15. Sauteed Beef With Mushroom $11.95
B16. Sauteed Beef With Mixed Vegetables $11.95
B17. Sauteed Beef With Sour Cabbage $11.95
B18. Crispy Orange Flavored Beef $11.95
B19. Kung Pao Beef $11.95 *


C1. Lobster With Vermicelli
C2. Oyster With Ginger & Scallion $17.95
C3. Seafood With Tofu $14.95
C4. Chow Chow Style Clam $14.95
C5. Eel With Garlic $16.95
C6. Braised Fish Fillet With Tofu $12.95
C7. Drunken Chicken $19.95
C8. Frog With Garlic $18.95
C9. Frog With Ginger & Scallion $18.95
C10. Beef Belly With Dried Bean Curd $13.95
C11. Lamb With Dried Bean Curd $16.95
C12. Lamb With Chinese Herb $19.95
C13. Sliced Beef With Vermicelli In Satay Sauce $12.95 *
C14. Sliced Beef With Ginger & Scallion $12.95
C15. Chicken Dices With Salted Fish & Tofu $12.95
C16. Salted Fish With Eggplant $12.95 *

House Special Poultry

P1. Hainanese Chicken $23.00 – $12.00
P2. Deep Fried Crispy Chicken $23.00 – $12.00
P3. Steamed Chicken With Ginger & Scallion $23.00 – $12.00
P4. Steamed Chicken With Salt $12.00 – $23.00
P5. Roast Duck $24.95 – $12.95
P6. Chicken Dices With Vegetable $11.95
P7. Chicken Dices With Cashew Nut $11.95
P8. Kung Pao Chicken Dices $11.95 *
P9. General Tso Chicken $11.95 *
P10. Crispy Orange Flavored Chicken $11.95
P11. Sesame Chicken $11.95


K1. Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Minced Garlic $11.95
K2. Pork Chop, Peking Style $10.95
K3. Sweet & Sour Pork $10.95
K4. Salt & Pepper Pork Chop $10.95 *
K5. Sweet & Sour Spare Rib $10.95
K6. Pork Dices With Cashew Nut $10.95
K7. Kung Pao Pork Dices $10.95 *
K8. Pork Intestine With Sour Cabbage $13.95

Vegetable & Vegetarian

V1. Sauteed Vegetable $8.95 choose one: spinach, choy sum, chinese broccoli or string bean
V2. Vegetable With Oyster Sauce $8.95 choose one: spinach, choy sum, chinese broccoli or string bean
V3. Watercress In Chicken Stock $10.95
V4. Kang Kung Any Style $11.95 choice of cooking style: plain sauteed, with minced garlic, shrimp paste, bean curd sauce
V5. Fried Stuffed Tofu In Brown Sauce $10.95
V6. Ma Po Tofu $10.95 *
V7. Fried Crispy Tofu $10.95
V8. Braised Tofu With Vegetable $10.95
V9. Tofu With Dried Scallop $14.95
V10. Peapod Stem With Dried Scallop $20.95
V11. Peapod Stem With Oyster Mushroom $17.95
V12. Peapod Stem With Bamboo Shoots $17.95
V13. Peapod Stem Any Style $14.95 choice of cooking style: in chicken stock, plain sauteed, with minced garlic
V14. Oyster Mushroom With Vegetable $13.95
V15. Taiwanese Lettuce With Fried Dice $12.95
V16. Bitter Melon In Black Bean Sauce $9.95
V17. Buddhist Delight $10.95

Moo Shi

Q1. Moo Shi Beef $10.50
Q2. Moo Shi Chicken $10.50
Q3. Moo Shi Pork $10.50
Q4. Moo Shi Shrimp $11.50
Q5. Moo Shi Vegetable $9.50

Rice Dishes

R1. Fried Rice With Dried Scallop & Egg White $10.95
R2. Prime Rib Over Rice $11.95 choose one: tomato, string bean, tofu, chinese broccoli, bitter melon
R3. Fu Chow Fried Rice $12.95 scallop, shrimp, chicken
R4. Young Chow Fried Rice $7.95 roast pork, shrimp, scallion
R5. Yan Young Fried Rice $12.95
R6. Pineapple Fried Rice $9.95
R7. Fried Rice With $6.95 with chicken / beef / pork / shrimp / roast pork (choose one
R8. Fried Rice With Tofu / Vegetable $6.50 choose one
R9. Fried Rice With Salted Fish & Chicken Dices $9.95
R10. Fried Glutinous Rice With Chinese Sausage & Bacon $8.95
R11. Jasmine Rice $1.25


N1. Roast Duck Noodle Soup $7.95
N2. Wonton Noodle Soup $6.95
N3. Beef Brisket Noodle Soup $6.95
N4. Pork & Preserved Vegetable Noodle Soup $6.95
N5. Braised E-Fu Noodle With Crab Meat $12.95
N6. E-Fu Noodle Soup With Assorted Seafood $14.95
N7. Chow Fun With Sliced Beef (Dry) $7.95
N8. Chow Fun With Brown Sauce $7.95 beef/chicken
N9. Chow Fun With Beef Brisket $7.95
N10. Pan Fried Noodle With Seafood $7.95
N11. Pan Fried Noodle With Shrimp $7.95
N12. Pan Fried Noodle With Shredded Chicken/Pork $7.95
N13. Subgum Pan Fried Noodle $7.95
N14. Soy Sauce Fried Noodle $7.95
N15. Seafood Egg Noodle In Xo Sauce $10.95 *
N16. Stir Fried Pearl Noodle (Dry) $8.95
N17. Pad Thai $8.95 * chicken / shrimp
N18. Shredded Pork With Preserved Vegetable Rice Noodle $7.95
N19. Har Moon Fried Rice Noodle $7.95
N20. Seafood Rice Noodle $8.95
N21. Singapore Fried Rice Noodle $7.95 *
N22. Cantonese Fried Rice Noodle $7.95
N23. Seafood Udon Noodle In Satay Sauce $9.95 *
N24. Udon Noodle Any Style $7.50 choose one: roast pork, shredded chicken, beef
N25. O Mein With Ginger & Scallion / Vegetable $7.95
N26. Lo Mein Any Style $7.95 choose one: roast pork, shredded chicken, beef


W1. Pork With Preserved Egg Porridge $4.95
W2. Chicken Porridge $6.50
W3. Beef Porridge $6.50
W4. Beef & Fish Fillet Porridge $6.95
W5. Minced Beef Porridge $6.25
W6. Fish Fillet Porridge $6.95
W7. Fish Meat Ball Porridge $6.95
W8. Sampan Porridge $7.25
W9. Frog Porridge $9.95
W10. Plain Porridge $3.95

Lunch Set

L 1. Shredded Beef / Pork With Bamboo Shoot
L 2. Shredded Beef / Pork With String Bean
L 3. Pepper Steak
L4. Beef With Garlic Sauce *
L5. Broccoli Beef / Baby Shrimp
L6. Golden Fried Pork Ribs *
L7. Crispy Golden Fried Squid *
L8. Squid In Black Bean Sauce
L9. Sauteed Chicken With Long Horn Peppers *
L10. Kung Pao Chicken *
L11. Sesame Chicken
L12. General Tso Chicken *
L13. Chicken With Garlic Sauce *
L14. Salt & Pepper Chicken *
L15. Kung Pao Baby Shrimp *
L16. Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet
L17. Salt & Pepper Fish Fillet *
L18. Fish Fillet With Ginger & Scallion
L19. Fish Fillet With String Bean
L20. Braised Tofu
L21. Ma Po Tofu *
L22. Eggplant With Basil
L23. Eggplant With Garlic Sauce *
L24. Plain Sauteed String Bean
L25. String Bean With Garlic Sauce *
L26. Fried Rice With Beef/ Chicken / Pork / Baby Shrimp
L27. Seafood Fried Rice
L28. Vegetable Fried Rice
L29. Lo Mein With Beef / Chicken / Pork / Baby Shrimp
L30. Pad Thai * chicken / shrimp
L31. Chow Fun With Sliced Beef (Dry)
L32. Singapore Fried Rice Noodle *
L33. Clay Pot Noodle

Dim Sum $2.95

1. Shrimp Dumplings
2. Pork & Shrimp Dumplings
3. Spare Ribs In Black Bean Sauce
4. Chicken Feet In Black Bean Sauce
5. Steamed Beef Balls
6. Steamed Flounder Balls
7. Taro Root Dumplings
8. Chau Chow Style Dumplings
9. Spinach & Shrimp Dumplings
10. Faux Shark Fin & Pork Dumplings
11. Steamed Barbeque Pork Buns
12. Steamed Chicken Buns With Cilantro
13. Steamed Custard & Egg Yolk Buns
14. Steamed Lotus Seeds Paste Buns
15. Tofu Skin Rolls with pork in brown sauce
16. Beef Tripe With Ginger & Scallion
17. Shrimp & Pork Paste Roll In Rice Noodle
18. Steamed Spare Ribs Rice Noodles
19. Steamed Shrimp Rice Noodles
20. Steamed Beef Rice Noodles
21. Steamed Scallion Rice Noodles
22. Steamed Fried Dough Rice Noodles
23. Steamed Dried Shrimp Rice Noodles
24. Steamed Plain Rice Noodles
25. Steamed Cilantro Rice Noodles
26. Baked Barbeque Pork Buns
27. Baked Custard Buns
28. Barbeque Pork Turnovers
29. Curry Beef Turnovers
30. Pan Fried Daikon Cakes
31. Pan Fried Water Chestnut Cakes
32. Pan Fried Stuffed Green Peppers
33. Pan Fried Stuffed Eggplants
34. Sticky Rice With Chicken & Pork
35. Beef Short Ribs In Black Pepper Sauce
36. Pan Fried Chives Dumplings
37. Vegetarian Spring Rolls
38. Deep Fried Pork Dumplings
39. Sesame Balls With Red Bean Paste
40. Deep Fried Taro Dumplings
41. Fried Shrimp & Chives Dumplings
42. Crispy Shrimp Rolls
43. Pork & Preserved Egg Porridge
44. Braised Beef Offal With Daikon
45. Flavored Chicken Feet
46. Chinese Style Sponge Cake Roll
47. Pan Fried Pumpkin Dumplings
48. Egg Custard
49. Coconut Red Bean Pudding
50. Mango Pudding

Bubble Tea

T1. Black Tea With Milk $3.50
T2. Milk Tea With Coffee $3.75
T3. Coffee $3.75
T4. Coconut / Taro $3.75

Smoothies $4

T5. Strawberry banana / guava / passion fruit / pina / mango / papaya / ice cream
T6. Strawberry Banana strawberry, banana & ice cream
T7. Beach Breeze guava, passion fruit & orange juice
T8. Banana Bash banana, mango & ice cream
T9. Hawaiian Colada guava & pina
T10. Tropical Fruit Flow guava, mango & ice cream
T11. Tropical Splash banana, mango, passion fruit & pina
T12. Flu Buster strawberry, orange juice, banana & papaya
T13. Lava Flow strawberry poured over pina
T14. Burst O’berry strawberry & ice cream
T15. Passion Berry strawberry & passion fruit
T16. Koala Kolada ice cream & pina
T17. Mango Colada pina & mango


T18. Thai Tea $3.50
T19. Iced Lemon Tea $2.50
T20. Iced Lemonade $2.25
T21. Iced Honey Lemonade $2.50
T22. Iced Lemon Cola $2.75
T23. Iced Coffee $2.25
T24. Iced Milk Tea $2.50
T25. Iced Milk Tea With Coffee $2.50
T26. Soda $2.00

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