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Cuisine: Other, Eastern European.

Cold Cuts – Combo Platter #1 $10.95

File De Porc pork fillet
Branza Telemea feta cheese
Salam De Sibiu dry salami
Cascaval yellow sheep milk cheese
Chiftelute meatballs
Cabanos romanian sausage


Supa De Pui $5.95 chicken soup
Ciorba De Perisoare $6.95 meatballs soup
Ciorba De Burta $6.95 beef tripe soup
Ciorba De Vacuta $6.95 beef soup
Ciorba De Legume $4.95 vegetables soup

Salad Platter – Combo Platter #2 $10.95

Four Portions Of Appetizers, Served With Fresh Vegetables: Served As Individual Appetizer.
Salata De Boeuf (v). boeuf salad
Salata De Icre caviar spread
Salata De Vinete (v). eggplant spread
Fasole Batuta (v). beans spread


Salata Romaneasca $5.95 romanian salad. tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, feta chesse
Salata Casei $4.95 garden salad. lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion
Salata Israeliana $5.95 israeli salad. tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil
Salata De Varza Dulce $4.95 cabbage salad.
Ardei Copti $6.95 roasted peppers. roasted pepper, garlic, dill, vinegar and olive oil

Traditional Romanian Specialties

Polenta With Cheese And Sour Cream $8.95 mamaliga cu branza si smantana
Fried Yellow Sheep Milk Cheese $8.95 cascaval pane
Sauteed Chicken Liver With Onions $9.95 served with choice of mashed potatoes
Traditional Romania Sausages $11.95 mititei
Stuffed Cabbage $11.95 meat, grains, vegetables, served with polenta
Transylvanian Meat Dish $12.95 served with polenta, topped with sunny – side egg up andfeta cheese tochitura

Pickles $3.95

Castraveciori Murati sour pickles
Pickehl Green Tomatoes & Gogonele
Muraturi Asortate assorted pickles

Side Dishes $2.95

French Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Fresh Vegetables
Roasted Potatoes

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