Buddakan – Atlantic City

Up to date Buddakan – Atlantic City prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Miso Soup $7.00 Tofu, asian vegetables
Edamame Ravioli $14.00 Truffled sauternes-shallot broth
Chicken & Ginger Dumplings $10.00 Sesame dipping sauce
King Crab Tempura $25.00 Sweet & sour ponzu sauce
Kobe Beef Satay $18.00 Vegetable tempura
Buddakan Style Sashimi $18.00 Citrus-soy, sizzling oil
Cantonese Spring Rolls $12.00 Shrimp, chicken
Tuna Spring Roll $13.00 Crisp shallot, chili mayonnaise
Boneless Char Sui Spare Ribs $14.00 Chinese mustard


Crispy Calamari Salad $11.00 – $16.00 Bitter greens, miso dressing
Thai Chicken Salad $10.00 – $14.00 Chili vinaigrette, crispy noodles
Asian Caesar Salad $9.00 – $14.00 Spicy cashews
Buddakan House Salad $9.00 – $14.00 Ginger dressing
Duck Salad $14.00 Frisee, poached egg, sherry vinaigrette


Hot & Sour Scallops $16.00 Sweet corn, tofu, black mushrooms
Char Grilled Aged Beef $18.00 Szechuan fries, watercress salad
Pan Roasted Duck Breast $19.00 Roasted garlic, corn and scallion spoon bread, five spice jus
Grilled Lamb Chops $22.00 Chinese eggplant, garlic sauce, thai basil pesto
Tuna Tataki $20.00 Soy glazed shiitake, mizuna citrus salad
Wasabi Crusted Filet Mignon $36.00 Sweet potato mash
Pan Seared Sea Bass $25.00 Haricots verts, butternut squash, maitake mushrooms, truffle jus

Noodles & Rice

Crab Fried Rice $16.00 Wok scrambled egg
Vegetable Fried Rice $8.00 Coconut curry foam
Shrimp Fried Rice $12.00 Chinese sausage
Singapore Noodle $14.00 Puffed tofu, carrot, curry
Wok Cashew Chicken $19.00 Plum wine sauce
Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai $22.00 Garlic chive, peanut


Kim Chee Cauliflower $7.00
Chinese Eggplant, Garlic Sauce $7.00
Wok Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli $7.00
Sweet Potato Mash $7.00
Steamed Edamame Pods $7.00


Thai Berry $5.00 Fresh strawberry, Thai basil
Kaffir Limeade $5.00 Fresh lime, kaffir lime leaves
Pineapple Mint $5.00 Fresh pineapple, pineapple mint
Cilantro Lemonade $5.00 Fresh lemon, cilantro, lemongrass

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