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Cuisine: Seafood.

From The Raw Bar

Oysters On The Half Shell $13.00 a "baker’s dozen; served with crackers, cocktail sauce & horseradish.
Steamed Mussels $10.00 2 lbs of prince edward island mussels, sauteed with fresh herbs, white wine and garlic butter and served with toasted french bread.
Fried Oysters $9.00 huge, beer battered oysters served with cocktail sauce.
Steamed Sampler $14.00 top neck clams, oysters, jumbo shrimp, pei mussels & cajun crawfish
Snow Crab App $12.00 large & sweet snow crab leg clusters, served with drawn butter.
Cajun Crawfish $8.00 steamed crawfish, served with spicy new orleans butter.
Steamed Clams $13.00 a bakers dozen of top neck clams, steamed & served with drawn butter.
Steamed Shrimp $11.00 – $9.00 jumbo gulf shrimp, steamed with old bay seasoning


Crab Dip $10.00 a blend of monterey jack, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, crab eat and old bay seasoning served with toasted french bread for dipping
Mini Crab Cakes $10.00 a fried version of our famous ;big buddy; crab cake
Traditional Potato Skins $7.00 fresh potato skins topped with cheddar & monterey jack cheese and crispy bacon bits.
Hot Wings $7.00 – $12.00 spicy wings served with celery and chunky bleu cheese dressing
Blackened Shrimp & Scallops $10.00 a sampling of our shrimp & scallop entree blackened to perfection atop an asian sweet & spicy sauce.
Fried Calamari $9.00 tender calamari, slightly spiced, served with an asian sweet & spicy sauce for dipping
Fried Seafood Sampler $14.00 jumbo shrimp, sea clam strips, oysters and calamari.
Sea Clam Strips $9.00 tender hand cut sea clam strips, lightly battered and fried ;the best in town!!!;
Chicken Fingers $7.00 breaded chicken tenderloins, served with honey dijon & bbq for dipping
Blooming Onion $7.00 a sweet colossal onion cut into a blossom, deep fired and served with our own ;bloomer sauce.;
Garlic Cheese Bread $8.00 toasted french bread topped with garlic butter and cheese, served with a chunky marinara sauce.
Rib Sampler $8.00 a taste of our famous mouthwatering ribs.


Cream Of Crab Soup $5.00 – $6.00 voted #1 at the maryland seafood festival! velvety smooth and sinfully delicious.
Maryland Crab Soup $4.50 – $5.50 voted #1 at the maryland seafood festival! a maryland specialty. traditional tomato and vegetable soup, with smoked bacon and claw meat.
Boston Clam Chowder $4.50 – $5.50 tender sea clams in a unique creamy boston style chowder.
Seafood Gumbo $5.50 a variety of fresh mussels, tender calamari, sea scallops, shrimp. spicy sausage and crawfish in a traditional cajun broth.

Specialty Salads

;Crab Harvey; $14.00 jumbo lump crabmeat lightly tossed with fresh parmesan over mixed greens, eggs and tomatoes
Mariner Salad $14.50 jumbo lump crabmeat, grilled shrimp & grilled scallops over our fresh seasonal lettuce blend.
Greek Salad $9.00 feta cheese, greek olives, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes and a zesty homemade dressing over crisp romaine lettuce.
;Hail Caesar; Salad $8.50 crisp romaine lettuce, fresh parmesan cheese and crunchy croutons, gently tossed in a creamy caesar dressing.
Field Greens $7.00 a fresh blend of mixed greens, tomato wedges, green & red peppers, hard boiled eggs and bermuda onions.
Garden Salad $7.00 iceberg lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers bermuda onions, & cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses
Tostada Salad $9.00 a tortilla basket filled with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions and shredded cheese.

Create Your Own Salad! Choose Your Salad, Then Choose Your Toppings:

dressings: honey dijon, ranch, bleu cheese, italian, blackberry vinaigrette and oil & vinegar
;Big Buddy; Crab Cake $9.00
Jumbo Lumps Crabmeat $8.00
Grilled Salmon $7.00
Grilled Chicken Breast $5.00
Grilled Shrimp $8.00
Grilled Scallops $8.00
Grilled Tuna Steak $7.00
Shrimp & Scallops $9.00


Shrimp & Scallops $21.00 blackened or sauteed in garlic butter, over fettuccini and finished with a light alfredo sauce.
Grilled Chicken $17.00 mozzarella cheese, set atop linguine and topped with alfredo & marinara sauce.
Shrimp Scampi $19.00 large shrimp, white wine, tarragon and garlic butter over a bed of angel hair pasta.
Shrimp Pesto $19.00 sauteed shrimp, over angel hair pasta, and topped with a sweet basil pesto sauce.
Vegetable Pasta $12.00 fresh seasonal vegetable atop pasta and chunky marinara sauce.
Chesapeake Pasta $19.00 ziti pasta, chunky marinara sauce, jumbo lump crab meat ad ricotta cheese.

Land & Sea Entrees

substitute a caesar salad for a garden salad for $1 all above entrees are served with a house salad and your choice of one of the following: fries, coleslaw, seasonal vegetables, baked potato or sweet potato.
Fried Shrimp $19.00 jumbo butterflied, hand-battered shrimp
Sea Scallops $22.00 large, plump and juicy. broiled or blackened. bougth right from the ;day boats; in new bedford, ma.
Seafood Gumbo $15.00 a variety of fresh mussels, tender calamari, sea scallops, shrimp, spicy sausage and crawfish in a traditional cajun broth.
Filet Mignon $26.00 a center cut filet, grilled to your liking, brushed with garlic butter, and served with a side of bearnaise sauce.
Ny Strip $28.00 a 14 oz center cut strip steak, char-gilled then brushed with garlic butter.
Surf And Turf $33.00 a center cut filet mignon paired with a cold water lobster tail stuffed with jumbo lump crab imperial
Neptune, Fantasy $32.00 our premium ;big buddy; crab cake, lobster tail, salmon filet, steamed shrimp and scallops served with rice pilaf.
Steak And Shrimp $30.00 a Strip steak, and sauteed shrimp over angel hair pasta, topped with a sweet basil pesto sauce.
Stuffed Lobster Tails $39.00 cold-water lobster tails topped with jumbo lump crab imperial and broiled to perfection.
Lobster Tails $34.00 cold-water lobster tails, broiled with lemon butter and white wine
Stuffed Shrimp $26.00 jumbo gulf shrimp, stuffed with lump crab imperial and baked to perfection
The Schooner Rig $29.00 a fried seafood sampler featuring a premium ;big buddy; crab cake, hand battered shrimp, sea scallops, plus oysters, beer-battered cod and clam strips.
Fried Oysters $21.00 a mound of large plump oysters lightly battered and fried…the best in annapolis!!!
Seafood Extravaganza $29.00 a steamed combination of shrimp, clams, oysters, blue crabs, mussels, crawfish and snow crab legs.

Fresh From The Dock

we have our fish hand-cut daily, to ensure the freshest and finest quality available. supplies are sometimes limited. all fish entrees are served with rice pilaf and a fresh garden salad, unless otherwise noted. please remember that all fish have bones, s
Stuffed Flounder $23.00 a flakey flounder filet stuffed with jumbo lump crab imperial & baked to perfection
Sashimi Tuna $19.00 an ahi tuna steak cooked to your liking, either grilled or blackened
Chilean Salmon $18.00 a filet of salmon, rubbed with an herb butter and chargrilled.
English Fish & Chips $15.00 ;The Original; Thick, hand cut, beer battered cod, fried crispy, and served with fries.
Orange Ginger Salmon $19.00 chilean salmon filet marinated in a sweet & spicy orange and ginger glaze

Add To Any Entree, Fish Or Pasta

(3) Jumbo Fried Shrimp $8.00
(1/2 lb) Jumbo Steamed Shrimp $8.00
Jumbo Lump Crab Imperial $8.00
;Big Buddy; Crab Cake $9.00

Buddy’s Famous Crabs & Ribs Our House Specialties

Steamed Blue Crabs sold by the dozen, 1/2 dozen or individually. ask your server for daily pricing and size availability bushels of crabs available for carryout

"Our Famous" Bbq Baby Back Ribs

our moist pork baby back ribs are slow cooked, then basted with our own special bbq sauce and finished on the grill make your combo into a full rack for an additional $4.00
3/4 Rack $17.00
Full Rack $21.00
Combo 3/4 Rack & Choice Of $25.00 (3) jumbo fried shrimp-1/2 ib jumbo steamed shrimp, (2) 1/2 ib snow crab clusters-"big buddy" crabcake (3) medium crabs

Crabmeat Heaven

featuring the "great big buddy" our premium jumbo lump crab cake all above entrees and ribs are served with a house salad and your choice of one of the following: fries, coleslaw, seasonal vegetables, baked potato or sweet potato substitute a ca
Big Buddy Crab Cakes $7.00 twin 5 Oz jumbo lump crab cakes, topped with a light imperial sauce.
The Great "Big Buddy" $39.00 a must for the true crab lover. "the big big buddy" the 1 lb jumbo lump crab cake.
Stuffed Shrimp $26.00 jumbo shrimp, topped with jumbo lump crab imperial and baked to perfection.
Crab Imperial $22.00 jumbo lump crabmeat delicately tossed with chopped bell peppers in a light imperial sauce
Chicken Chesapeake $22.00 twin boneless breast of chicken topped with jumbo lump crab imperial and baked golden brown
Soft Shell Crabs $26.00 a maryland delicacy, sauteed or deep fried (in season)
Alaskan Snow Crab Clusters $25.00 – $35.00 sweet and salty, cold water snow crabs clusters.
Crab Trio $31.00 a "big Buddy" crab cake, jumbo soft-shell crab, and jumbo lump crab imperial.

Sandwich Board

all sandwiches and burgers are served with fries add a small caesar or garden salad to any sandwich for $2
"Big Buddy" Crab Cake $14.00 our premium 5 oz, jumbo lump crab cake topped with a light imperial sauce.
Fish And Chips Basket $9.00 thick, hand-cut cod, coated with a crunchy beer batter
Fried Shrimp Basket $11.00 jumbo hand battered fried shrimp
Rib Basket $11.00 a half-rack of our famous, slow cooked bbq baby back ribs!
Soft Shell Sandwich $14.00 a jumbo soft shell crab sauteed or deep fried.
Clam Strip Basket $10.00 hand cut sea clam strips, lightly battered and fried. "the best in town!!!"
Chicken Chesapeake Sandwich $13.00 a grilled chicken breast topped with jumbo lump crab imperial
Tuna Steak $9.00 a sashimi tuna steak grilled or blackened
The midshipman $13.00 jumbo lump crab meat, canadian bacon, cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes atop a toasted english muffin and finished with hollandaise sauce.
Grilled Chicken Breast $9.00 a chicken breast topped with sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese on toasted garlic bread.
Buddy’s Club $8.00 this triple decker sandwich features ham, turkey, cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo, served on toast.
Classic Burger $9.00 a ground chuck burger, char-grilled. burger topping $0.50 each. american, swiss cheddar provolone, sauteed onions, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, ham.


Sides $3.00 corn on the cob (in season), french fries, homemade coleslaw, baked potato, seasonal vegetable, or sweet potato…


bottomless drinks
Milk $2.00 – $2.50
Juice $2.00 – $2.50 apple – cranberry – grapefruit, orange – pineapple – tomato
Homemade Milk Shakes Chocolate $3.50 vanilla – strawberry
Kid Shakes Chocolate $2.50 vanilla – strawberry
Perrier – Bottled Water $2.50
Pepsi $2.50
Diet Pepsi $2.50
Sierra Mist $2.50
Lemonade $2.50
Raspberry Tea $2.50
Ginger Ale $2.50
Root Beer $2.50
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea $2.50
Coffee $2.50

Winter Buffets & Hours

monday – thursday 11:30am – 3:30pm
;All You Can Eat; $7.95 soup salad & pasta Buffet

;All You Can Eat;

friday from 4:00pm – 9:00pm, saturdays from 11:00am – 3:00pm
Seafood Dinner Buffet $19.95
Breakfast Brunch Buffet $12.95 buddy’s famous sunday every sunday from 8:30am – 1:30pm

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