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Red Ribbon Soda $3.00
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade $5.00 32 oz.
Homemade Root Beer Floats $5.00 Featuring Family Farms ice cream.
Soda $2.00
Sweet Tea $2.00
Green Tea $2.00


Let’s Be Frank Dawg $3.50 Build your own hotgawg.
Strip Dawg $3.50 Brown mustard and kraut.
Public Market Dawg $3.50 Mild mustard, corn relish and kraut.
Maple Dawg $3.50 Pure PA maple syrup and bacon.
Salty Dawg $3.50 Brown mustard, dill pickles and bacon.
Chili Out Man Dawg $3.50 Homemade chili and grated Parm.
Pig Meets Dawg $3.50 Bacon grated Parm.
BBQ Smoke House Dawg $3.50 Homemade BBQ, bacon and grated Parm.
Athen’s Apple Dawg $3.50 Homemade apple sauce and bacon.
Meat Loves Dawg $3.50 Homemade chili, bacon and grated Parm.
Georgia Peach Dawg $3.50 Locally made peach jam and bacon.
Barking Taco Dawg $3.50 Homemade chili, black bean corn salsa and fresh tortilla chips.
Pittsburgh Dawg $3.50 Relish, onion, yellow mustard, dill pickles, tomato and celery seeds.

Lunch and Dinner Special

Lunch and Dinner Special
Any 2 Hotdawgs with a Drink Special $9.00


Bulldawg Sausage $6.50 Homemade marinara, peppers and grated Parm.
Southern Sausage $6.50 Homemade BBQ sauce, bacon and grated Parm.
Hot and Cool Sausage $6.50 Hot pepper mustard, corn relish and kraut.
Salty Sausage $6.50 Brown mustard, dill pickles and bacon.
XXX Hot Sausage $6.50 Hot pepper mustard, kraut and hot sauce.
Green Monster Sausage $6.50 Onion relish and pickled green dilly beans.
Veggie Kielbasa Sausage $5.00 Your choice of toppings.

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