Bully’s East Restaurant

Up to date Bully’s East Restaurant prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Bistro Salad $11.00 Field greens, roasted peppers, onions, gorgonzola, pinenuts, balsamic vinaigrette
Bistro Salad with Shrimp $15.00
Bistro Salad with Salmon $17.00
Bistro Salad with Steak $15.00
Bistro Salad with Chicken $13.00
Crab Salad $15.00 Asparagus, tomato, hard boiled egg, olives, pepperoncinis
Caesar Salad $6.00 Romaine, creamy caesar dressing, parmesan
Caesar Salad with Chicken $13.00
Caesar Salad with Cajun Shrimp $14.00
Caesar Salad with Teriyaki Steak $14.00
Caesar Salad with Salmon $16.00
Li Hing $10.00 Avocado, tomatoes, golden beets, hearts of palm, cucumber, plum vinaigrette
Wedge Salad $7.00 Iceberg, bacon, tomatoes, red onions, blue cheese crumbles
Tossed Chopped Cobb $13.00 Prime rib, chicken, tomatoes, red onion, jicama, gorgonzola, hard boiled egg, avocado
Chef Salad $10.00 Ham, turkey, cheddar, tomato, olives, red onion, hard boiled egg
Asian Kale $10.00 Golden raisins, mandarin oranges, marinated onions, macadamia nuts, sesame-miso vinaigrette
Asian Kale with Salmon $17.00
Tuna Confit $12.00 Grilled romaine, tomatoes, red onions, capers, black pepper dressing


Steak & Enchiladas $16.00 Teriyaki steak, cheese enchiladas, with 2 sides
Bully’s Beef Stew $9.00 Onion, celery, carrot, peppers, potatoes, with 2 sides
Sauerbraten – Traditional German Pot Roast $13.00 Beef, red wine, ginger, caraway, with 2 sides
Bully’s Nooner $12.00 Skirt steak, teriyaki, with 2 sides
Jambalaya $14.00 Smoked andouille, chicken, shrimp, dirty rice, with dinner salad
Sausage Platter $16.00 Grilled Polish kielbasa, andouille, bratwurst, caramelized onions, fingerling potatoes, cabbage, with dinner salad
Meatloaf $13.00 Beef, chorizo, bacon, with 2 sides

Sandwiches and Burgers

Bully’s East Prime Rib Melt $14.00 Thin Sliced prime rib with grilled onions and provolone on sourdough, au jus, creamy horseradish, with 2 sides
The Bully Burger $11.00 Sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, with 2 sides
The Bully Burger with Cheese $12.00 American, Swiss, provolone, cheddar
The Bully Burger with Bacon or Avocado $2.00 Each item add
The Bully Burger with Sauteed Mushrooms $1.00 Or anaheim chilies each item add
The ‘San Diego’ Burger $13.00 Beef, carnitas, fried jalapeno, sauteed onions, grilled provolone cilantro-lime mayo, lettuce, tomato, brioche, with 2 sides
French Dip Sandwich $13.00 Onion roll, au jus, creamy horseradish, with 2 sides
Calamari Sandwich $11.00 Panko, lettuce, tomato, sourdough, with 2 sides
Prime Rib Open Faced Sandwich (8-oz) $19.00 Sourdough, creamy horseradish, au jus, with 2 sides
Chicken Sandwich $12.00 Charbroiled, lettuce, tomato, sourdough, with 2 sides
Smoked Tri-Tip Sandwich $12.00 Lettuce, tomato, haystack onions, sun-dried tomato mayo ciabatta, with 2 sides
Stacked Club $10.00 Ham, turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, sourdough, with 2 sides
Pulled Pork Sandwich $11.00 Smoked, coleslaw, pickles, BBQ sauce, Kaiser roll, with 2 sides


Gulf Shrimp $13.00 4, panko, steak fries, cocktail sauce, with dinner salad
Fish n Chips $14.00 Panko, steak fries, tartar sauce, with dinner salad
Fish n Gulf Shrimp Combo $15.00 Panko, steak fries, cocktail sauce, with dinner salad

Chicken & Ribs

Smoked Baby Back Pork Ribs $25.00 – $16.00 With 2 sides
BBQ Chicken $21.00 – $16.00 Smoked, grilled, BBQ, with 2 sides
Hickory Smoked Beef Bones (5) $18.00 Hickory BBQ sauce, with 2 sides
Ribs and Half Chicken $21.00 Smoked, grilled, BBQ, with 2 sides
Braised Prime Rib Bones (5) $18.00 Slow braised, burgundy sauce, with 2 sides


Full size wedge or caesar salad as a side dish add $3.25 or french onion gratinee as a side dish – add $1.00 split plate charge $1.50
Baked Potato $4.00
Red Skin Mashed Potatoes $4.00
Steak Fries $4.00
Anna Potatoes $4.00
Rice Medley $4.00
Corn off the Cobb $4.00
Mac n Cheese $5.00
Green Beans Almandine $4.00
Dinner Salad $4.00
Broccoli $5.00
Soup of the Day $4.00
Asparagus $5.00

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