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Cuisine: Italian.

Appetizer ? Pasti & Zuppe

Calamari Friti $7.95 Fried baby squid with marinara sauce.
Babaluci Casalinga $8.95 Escargot with onion, garlic & wine.
Minestrone Nonna Bettidda $6.95 Minestrone soup, grandmothers own recipe
Funci Chini $7.95 Stuffed mushrooms.
Cozzuli Marinara $7.95 Mussels with marinara sauce.
Zuppa Saracina $10.95 Homemade bouillabaisse, with a variation of seafood.
Calamari Rinchini $8.95 Squid stuffed with crabmeat & sauteed in garlic, basil & marinara sauce.


Nsalata Verde $3.95 Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, olives, cucumber & croutons.
Nzalata Di Cacocciuli $6.95 Sliced tomatoes, artichokes & olives.
Sicilian Salad (For Two) $9.95 Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, broccoli, artichokes & olives tossed in our homemade dressing.

Pasta with Sauces

Spaghetti Cu Ragu ‘O Polpette $10.95 Spaghetti with meat sauce or meatballs.
Cannelloni $12.95 Pasta stuffed with beef, spinach & bescamel sauce.
Linguine Arrabbiata $10.95 Linguine pasta with tomatoes, capers, black olives & red pepper.
Milinciani Parmigiana $12.95 Eggplant, tomatoes & mozzarella cheese.
Pasticciu Di Lasagna $12.95 Layers of pasta with meat, tomatoes & bescamel sauce.
Fettuccine A’ Panna $12.95 Egg noodles with alfredo sauce.
Pasta Alla Norma $14.95 Pasta, tomato chunks, basil, garlic, eggplant topped with grated ricotta cheese.
Spaghetti-Agghiu-Oggiu-Peperoncinu $10.95 Spaghetti pasta with garlic, olive oil, red pepper & basil.

Pasta with Seafood

Conchigle Di Granciu $12.95 Shell pasta stuffed with crabmeat.
Linguine Con Vongole $12.95 Linguine pasta with white or red clam sauce
Linguine Pescatore $17.95 Linguine pasta with an assortment of seafood served in marinara sauce.
Fettuccine Con I Gamberoni $17.95 Fettuccine pasta served with butterflied shrimp in a aurora sauce.
Penne Al Salmone $16.95 Sliced fresh salmon sauteed with shallots, garlic & tomatoes served on top of penne pasta.

Healthy Heart

Linguine Trapani $11.95 Linguine pasta with chunks of tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil.
Penne Butanesca $12.95 Penne pasta with steamed vegetables.
Insalata Di Gambrei $14.95 Romaine lettuce dressed in a lemon vinegarette topped with grilled shrimp.
Snapper In Umido $16.95 Fillet of snapper poached in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, fresh basil & lemon juice.
Chicken Picata $15.95 Boneless, skinless breast of chicken in a garlic & lemon sauce.
Insalata Di Pollo $14.95 Romaine lettuce dressed in a lemon vinegarette topped with a grilled breast of chicken.


Entrees are served with nsalata verde & a side of pasta & garlic bread. Extra garlic bread $1.25
Veal O’limuni $17.95 Baby veal sauteed with garlic, wine, lemon & butter.
Veal Sorrentina $17.95 Baby veal baked with eggplant, ham & mozzarella cheese.
Involtini Sciliani $18.95 Rolled veal stuffed & sauteed with mushrooms.
Cu Sucu Di Marsala $17.95 Fresh mushrooms, parsley & marsala wine.
Saltinbocca A’ Romana $18.95 Veal, spinach, ham & wine sauce.
Veal Parmigiana $16.95 Veal, mozzarella & marinara sauce.


Entrees are served with nsalata verde & a side of pasta & garlic bread. Extra garlic bread $1.25
Jaddina Cacciatora $17.95 Chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper, tomatoes & oregano.
Involtini Di Jaddina $18.95 Rolled chicken with mushrooms, capers & tomatoes.
Jaddina Cu Li Spinaci E Prosciutto $17.95 Breast of chicken topped with spinach, ham & mozzarella cheese sauteed in white wine.
Chicken Parmigiana $16.95 Boneless, skinless breast of chicken, tomatoes & mozzarella cheese.


Entrees are served with nsalata verde & a side of pasta & garlic bread. Extra garlic bread $1.25
Shrimp Scampi $17.95 Shrimp sauteed in a garlic, lemon & butter sauce.
Shrimp Marinara $17.95 Shrimp sauteed in tomatoes, wine, garlic & fresh basil.
Shrimp Cu Granciu $18.95 Sauteed crabmeat, mushrooms & tomatoes.
Snapper Al Pistaccio $19.95 Fillet of snapper sauteed in green onions, pistachio cream & basil with a touch of brandy.
Snapper Cu Granciu $18.95 Snapper fillet topped with crabmeat & green onions sauteed in wine & garlic.
Snapper Cu Li Cacocciuli $18.95 Snapper fillet with artichokes, tomatoes & basil.
Salmone Al Limone $18.95 Salmon fillet sauteed in a lemon butter sauce, dry wine, capers & fresh basil.
Gamberoni All’arancia $19.95 Butterflied shrimp deep fried until golden brown served with baby onions, wine in an orange sauce.

From the Grill

Entrees are served with nsalata verde & a side of pasta & garlic bread. Extra garlic bread $1.25
Custuletti Di Viteddu $24.95 Marinated baby veal chop in garlic & oregano.
Lamb Chop Porcini $22.95 Lamb chops marinated & topped with porchini mushrooms.
Petto Di Gallina Alla Griglia $17.95 Breast of chicken in lemon sauce.
Salmone Alla Griglia $18.95 Salmon fillet grilled & topped with roasted peppers.
Snapper Alla Griglia $18.95 Fillet of snapper grilled & served with a pinenut & mushroom sauce.
Gamberoni Grigliati $17.95 Grilled shrimp with capers in a cream sauce.


Tiramisu $6.95 Marscapone cheese, lady fingers, coffee liquor with chocolate shavings.
Caramel Custard $6.50 Custard with a light touch of liquor.
Torta Di Formaggiu $6.50 Amaretto cheese cake.
Torta ‘O Rum $6.95 Rum cake house specialty


Ice Tea/Soft Drinks $3.00
Coffee/Sanka $3.00
Mineral Water $4.50
Espresso $2.50
Cappuccino $3.50
Cappuccino Della Casa $7.95 Cappuccino, cream, bitter chocolatta & kahlua.

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