Burgers-2-Beer (Downtown)

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Cuisine: Burger.


Soda $2.79 – $3.49
2-Liter Dr. Pepper $3.49
16 oz. Water $2.99


Homemade Chips $4.99 Crispy and thin-sliced chips. Served with Parmesan peppercorn dipping sauce.
Chicken Nugs $5.99 Served with ranch dipping sauce.
Fried Zucchini $5.99 Lightly battered fried zucchini planks. Served with ranch dipping sauce.
Hand Cut Fries $3.99 Make it loaded with nacho cheese and crumbled bacon.
Mac and Cheese Bites $5.99 Ten deep fried battered wedges. Served with ranch dipping sauce.
Me So Corny $5.99 Corn fritters. Served with a Mexi-mayo dipping sauce.
Mozzarella Sticks $5.99 Served with a side of marinara.
Onion Rings $5.99 With a side of ranch dipping sauce.
Pickle Fries $4.99 A basket of battered fried pickles. Served with ranch dipping sauce.
Sloppy Tots $5.99 Tater-tots smothered in sloppy joe and nacho cheese.


Side Salad $3.99 Mixed greens topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, croutons and your choice of dressing.
The Duplex Salad $5.99 Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, croutons and your choice of dressing.
Pre-Schooler Salad $5.99 Leaf lettuce, tomatoes, crumbled bacon and cheese croutons with your choice of dressing.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wing
Regular Chicken Wings $4.99 – $14.99 Come with ranch dressing.
Boneless Chicken Wings $4.99 – $14.99 Come with ranch dressing.


Buff Chick Sandwich $5.99 Breaded chicken slathered in Buffalo sauce and ranch dressing, topped with lettuce and tomatoes. Served on a burger bun.
Hot Chick Sandwich $5.99 Grilled chicken with arugula, smoked Gouda, shredded cheddar Jack cheese and caramelized onions.
Not Your Average Reuben Sandwich $6.99 Corned beef, Swiss, kraut and creamy rye sauce on marbled rye. Drizzled with 1000 Island dressing.
The Turkinator Sandwich $6.99 Sliced turkey with cheddar, Swiss and caramelized onions on marbled rye. Served with mayo-stard.


Golden Chicken Wrap $5.99 Crispy chicken tossed with golden sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion and tomatoes. Served with ranch dressing.
Lets Go Clubbing Wrap $5.99 Turkey, ham, bacon, with lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheddar Jack cheese and a side of mayo-stard.


Bacon, Chicken and Ranch Quesadilla $6.99 Grilled chicken, bacon, shredded cheddar Jack cheese, tomatoes and red onions. Drizzled with ranch dressing.
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla $6.99 Grilled chicken breast, bacon, shredded cheddar Jack cheese, red onions and fried onion straws. Drizzled with BBQ sauce.
Spice-A-Dilla Quesadilla $6.99 Crispy chicken that has been tossed in golden sauce, habanero cheddar and jalapenos. Served with lettuce, tomatoes and a side of ranch dressing.


Build Your Own Burger $5.99 Come with lettuce and tomato.
Simple Susan Burger $5.99 A plain burger topped with lettuce and tomato.
Good, Bad and Ugly Burger $6.99 A burger topped with BBQ sauce, honey-peppered bacon, onion straws, cheddar cheese, lettuce and tomato.
Oh Cheesus Burger $6.99 A burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Topped with both American and Swiss cheese.
A Real Fungi Burger $6.99 A burger topped with mushrooms, creamy garlic sauce, smoked Gouda and arugula.
Tot Mess Burger $6.99 A burger topped with tator tots, our infamous sloppy joe and nacho cheese.
The Luther Burger $6.99 A burger served on a glazed donut bun. Topped with honey peppered bacon and American cheese.
Nut Butter Burger $6.99 A burger with peanut butter, red onion, cheddar and provolone cheese, honey-peppered bacon, lettuce and tomato.
Hot and Bothered Burger $6.99 A blackened burger patty with habanero cheddar cheese, grilled onions, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos and Sriracha mayo.
Clubbed Burger $6.99 A burger topped with ham, turkey, honey-peppered bacon, spinach, tomato and smoked Gouda.
Frijoles Negro Burger $6.99 A house-made black bean burger topped with spinach, pepperjack, tomato and Sriracha mayo.
Vampire Hunter Burger $6.99 A burger with creamy garlic sauce, pepperoni, caramelized onions and tomato. Topped with both smoked Gouda and cheddar cheese.

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