Burrito Brothers Taco Co.

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Cuisine: Tex-Mex.


Make it a primo for an additional $0.80 .
Pork $5.90 Braised pulled pork shoulder with monterey jack, green salsa and cabbage dressed with lime.
Chicken $5.90 Seared white meat on red rice with jack, lettuce and green tomatilla salsa.
Beef $5.10 Ground chuck seasoned with our unique spice blend, cheddar, lettuce and red sauce.
Chorizo And Chicken $6.70 Red rice, monterey jack, lettuce and chipotle salsa.
Beef And Bean Combo $4.80 Black or pinto beans, cheddar, lettuce and red sauce.
Chicken And Bean Combo $5.90 Black or pinto beans, jack, lettuce and red sauce.
Chorizo And Pinto Beans $6.10 Red rice, jack cheese, lettuce and chipotle salsa.
Bean $4.40 Spiced and mashed pinto or black beans, cheddar, lettuce and red sauce.
Sweet potato $5.30 Black beans, jack cheese, lettuce and roasted corn salsa.


Tacos $1.85 – $5.45 Any combination of beef, chicken, pork or beans with lettuce, cheese and sauce or salsa in a crispy corn tortilla.


(A burrito, taco, chips or rice and a drink). Make it a primo for an additional$0 .80.
Pork $10.80
Chicken $10.80
Beef $10.00
Chicken And Black Or Pinto Beans $10.80
Chorizo And Chicken $11.60
Beef And Pinto Or Black Beans $9.70
Black Or Pinto Beans $9.20
Chorizo And Pinto Beans $11.00


Cheese $4.30
Chicken $4.20
Chorizo And Cheese $4.60
Beef $3.80
Beef And Beans $3.80


Soup $2.50 – $4.00 Varies depending on the season.
Soup 1 $5.70 A bowl and any taco.


Add free veggies and sauces to any item: tomatoes, onions, black olives, pickled jalapenos, fresh jalapenos, serranos, habaneros, red sauce, hot red sauce, green tomatilla salsa, chipotle salsa.
Guac On A Burrito $1.25
Guac On A Taco $0.75
Sour Cream On A Burrito $0.65
Sour Cream On A Taco $0.40
Sour Cream $0.60 Substitute low fat yogurt for sour cream.
Extra Cheese On A Burrito $1.25
Extra Cheese On A Taco $0.65
Sweet Potatoes $0.85
Sweet Potatoes Add Beef $1.55 Chicken, chorizo or pork to a burrito.
2 Tortillas $0.50
Roasted Corn Salsa $0.25


Guac And Chips $4.85 Made every day with the best haas avocados we can get our hands on.
Corn Chips $4.85 Fried fresh in house.
Salsa Fresca $1.65 Made daily with 3 kinds of hot peppers, tomatoes, tomatillas, and cilantro.
Red Rice $1.70 Our own take on mexican rice, made with adobe mole and lime contains peanuts.
Frijoles And Chips $3.15 Black or pinto beans with melted cheese and red sauce, garnished as you like.
Jicama Slaw $1.90 Jicama, red bell peppers, granny smith apples, lime and honey.


Drinks $1.75 – $2.05 Coke, diet coke, sprite, root beer, cherry coke, fruit punch powerade, brewed iced tea, sweet tea.
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade Or Limeade $2.65 – $3.15

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