Bursa Kebab

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Cuisine: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Turkish.


Mercimek Kofte $7.00 Red lentil, green onions & bulgur wheat
Fried Cigar Pastries $7.00 Filled with barrel aged feta & fresh parsley
Hummus $7.00 Blended chickpeas puree with garlic tahini
Falafel $5.00 Served with tahini sauce
Dolmas $5.00 Grape leaves stuffed with herbed rice, served with cucumber yogurt sauce
Baba Ghanouj $7.00 Fire roasted eggplant & garlic tahini
Haydari $7.00 Kefir cheese, greek yogurt, fresh mint & dill
Ezme Eggplant $7.00 Roasted red pepper, sauteed onions & tomatoes
Red Lentil Soup $5.00 Sumac & extra virgin olive oil


Add: chicken $4.00, beef $5.00, shrimp $6.00
Greek Salad $9.00 Romaine, cucumber, tomato, red onion, bell pepper, feta, kalamata olives, cranberries & pita chips
Falafel Salad $10.00 Stuffed with goat cheese & golden raisins, served with mixed greens & avocado salsa
Shepherd?s Salad $9.00 Tomatoes, cucumber, onions, green pepper, parsley & mint


Made with our homemade flat bread & your choice of french fries or salad
Falafel $8.00 Hummus, chopped salad, pickles & avocado tahini sauce
Salmon $10.00 Arugula, tomatoes, onions & arugula aioli
Eggplant $9.00 Roasted red bell peppers, feta, mixed greens, tomatoes & kalamata olive pesto
Citrus Chicken $9.00 Arugula parsley aioli, mixed greens, tomatoes & pickles
Kofte $10.00 Fresh ground lamb & beef, red onions, parsly, cucumber yogurt salad, pickles & homemade tomato salsa
Spicy Adana $10.00 Spicy ground lamb & beef, haydari, pickles, red onion, parsly & homemade tomato salsa


All served with orzo Jasmine rice & salad
Grilled shrimp kebab $10.00
Chicken kebab $9.00
Lamb kebab $10.00
Beef kebab $10.00
Kofte kebab $10.00 Fresh ground lamb & beef mixed with onions & parsley
Adana kebab $10.00 Spicy ground lamb & beef

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