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Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi.


1. Baby Egg Rolls $4.00 an egg roll wrapper filled with ground fresh shrimps and chicken.
2. Chicken Satay $5.50 spiced chicken strips grilled on bamboo skewers served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce.
3. Crab Rangoon $4.50 crispy pastry filled with celery, cream cheese and crab meat.
4. Crispy Calamari $6.00 deep-fried squid with sesame seed served with a special thai sauce.
5. Edamame $4.00 boiled soy beans lightly salted.
6. Egg Rolls $4.00 ground chicken and vegetables, noodles prepared in the thai style.
7. Fish Cake $5.50 ground fillet offish coated with chili paste, deep fried.
8. Fried Gyoza $5.50 fried vegetables n pork pot stickers served with homemade sesame sauce.
9. Fried Spicy Tuna $8.00 deep-fried spicy tuna, avocado with spicy mayo, honey miso and honey mayo
10. Fried Tofu $4.00 deep fried tofu served with home made sauce.
11. Golden Wings $4.00 chicken wing stuffed with chicken, cabbage and bean thread coated with batter and deep fried.
12. Shrimp Pot Stckr $5.50 pan-fried vegetables and shrimp pot stickers served with homemade sesame sauce.
13. Shrimp Rolls $5.50 deep-fried shrimp, cheese, wrapped in crispy wrapper.
14. Shrimp Tempura $7.00 deep- fired bettered shrimp n vegetables served with tempura sauce.
15. Shumai $5.50 seafood dumpling fried or steamed served with special homemade sauce.
16. Soft Shell Crab $7.00 deep-fried soft-shell crab served with tempura sauce.
17. Spinach Pot Stckr $5.50 pan-fried cream and spinach pot stickers served with homemade sesame sauce.
18. Thai Escargot (Appetizer) $7.00 baked snailis in spicy thai curry sauce, served with cheese garlic bread.
19. Thai Spring Roll $4.00 bean sprouts, cucumber, scrambled eggs, tofu wrapped in spring rolls skin, with plum sauce
20. Vegetable Shumai $5.50 soy beans dumpling, onion, green soy beans, potato starch, spinach powder, water, wheat flour, vegetable oil. fried or steam served with special homemade sauce.
21. Vietnamese Roll $4.00 fresh rice paper rolls filled with vermicelli noodles, shrimp, chicken n served cool with a house sauce.


1. Miso Soup $2.00 soybean- based soup with tofu, seaweed n scallion
2. Tom Kar Soup $3.50 coconut soup with straw mushrooms, tomatoes spiced with galanga roots, citrus leaves and fresh lime juice. your choice of chicken or vegetables
2. Tom Kar Soup $4.00 add shrimp
3. Tom Yum Soup $3.50 hot and sour soup with straw mushrooms, tomatoes, seasoned with lemon grass, citrus leaves and fresh lime juice. your choice of chicken or vegetables
3. Tom Yum Soup $4.00 add shrimp


1. Cucumber Salad $2.95 crispy fresh cucumber with a sweet and sour dressing.
2. Goma Ae $4.00 boiled spinach served with sweet sesame sauce.
3. Green Salad $5.50 babymix green, tomato, avocado, sesame seed and mango with asian ginger dressing.
4. Seafood Sunomono $7.00 shrimp, crab stick, octopus, seaweed and cucumber in a delicate rice vinegar dressing.
5. Seared Tuna Salad $11.95 slice seared tuna, baby mixed greens, sesame seed with asian ginger dressing.
6. Seaweed Salad $4.50 assorted seaweeds and cucumber marinated in sesame vinegar dressing.
7. Yom Nua Nam Tok $7.00 char-broiled tender sliced beef spiced with red onions, fresh lemon grass, roasted rice, chili peppers, mint leaves, cilantro and lime juice. served with fresh vegetables.
8. Yum Talay $7.95 steamed shrimp, squid and scallop mixed with lime juice, cucumber, tomato, green onion with spicy homemade sauce.

Noodles $8

1. Big Pad Thai wide rice noodles, bean sprouts, peanut and egg stir-fried with tamarind sauce.
2. Golden Noodle egg noodle stir-fried with eggs, vegetables, bean sprouts in an oriental sauce
3. Khao Soi Ndl curried noodle sauteed with curry paste n coconut milk served on soft egg noodle, topped with crispy egg noodles and red onion.
4. Ndl Panang panang curry simmered with coconut milk and broccoli, fresh basil leaves served on steamed wide rice noodle.
5. Pad See Ewe wide rice noodles pan fried with broccoli, snow peas and eggs in an oriental sauce.
6. Pad Thai narrow rice noodles, bean sprouts, peanut and egg stir-fried with tamarind sauce.
7. Pad Woon Sen glass noodle stir-fried with eggs and vegetables in a flavorful sauce.
8. Spicy Crazy Ndl choice of soba or wide rice noodle. stir-fried with onion, egg plant, tomato, bell pepper, basil leaves, string bean and hot pepper in brown sauce.
9. Tempura Udon Ndl Soup japanese style wheat noodles, simmered in chicken broth served with shrimp n vegetable tempura.
10. Yakisoba $8.50 pan-fried soba noodle, vegetables in tangy sauce.

Fried Rice

1. Basil Fried Rice $8.00 thai spicy fried rice with pineapple, basil leaves, chili paste peppers, tomato, egg, bell pepper and garlic in a special bean soy sauce.
2. BBQ Pork Fried Rice $8.00 thai styled fried rice with bbq pork, egg, tomatoes, onions and green beans in a special bean soy sauce.
3. Combo F/R $11.00 thai styled fried rice with chicken, beef, shrimp, egg, tomatoes, onions and green beans in special bean soy sauce.
4. Curry Fried Rice $8.00 thai styled fried rice with your choice of meat, curry powder, egg, tomatoes, onions and green beans in a special bean soy sauce.
5. Fried Rice $8.00 thai styled fried rice with your choice of meat, egg, tomatoes, onions and green beans in a special bean soy sauce.


1. Ama Ebi $2.50 sweet raw shrimp
2. Black Tobiko $2.50
3. Ebi $2.00 shrimp
4. Hamachi $2.75 yellowtail
5. Hirame $2.00 flounder
6. Hokkigai $2.00 surf clam
7. Hotategai $2.50 scallop
8. Ika $2.00 squid
9. Ikura $2.75 salmon roe
10. Inari $2.00 soybean pocket
11. Kanikama $2.00 crab stick
12. Maguro $2.50 tuna
13. Masago $2.00 smelt roe
14. Nama Sake $2.00 fresh salmon
15. Quail Egg $1.50
16. Saba $2.00 mackerel
17. Sake $2.00 smoked salmon
18. Spicy Scallop Nigiri $2.50
19. Suzuki $2.00 seabass
20. Tai $2.00 red snapper
21. Tako $2.00 octopus
22. Tamago $2.00 egg omelette
23. Tobiko $2.50 flying fish roe
24. Unagi $2.50 fresh water eel
25. Uni $8.00 sea urchin
26. Wasabi Tobiko $2.50
27. White Tuna $2.00

Maki Mono

1. Avocado Maki $4.00 avocado
2. Boston Maki $5.00 tuna, avocado
3. California Maki $5.00 crabstick, avocado, massago, cucumber.
4. Ebi Temp Maki $7.00 shrimp tempura, cucumber, masago, mayonnaise.
5. Futo Maki $6.00 spinach, pickles, tamago, cucumber, mushroom gourd and crab stick.
6. Kanpyo Maki $4.00 japanese gourd
7. Kappa Maki $4.00 cucumber
8. Negi Hamachi $5.00 yellowtail, scallion
9. Oshinko Maki $4.00 yellow pickle
10. Philli Maki $5.00 smoked salmon. cream cheese n scallion
11. Sake Maki $5.00 fresh salmon
12. Salmon Skin Maki $5.00 slamon skin, cucumber, unagi sauce
13. Salmon & Avo Maki $5.00 salmon, avocado
14. Shitake Maki $4.00 marinated shitaki mushroom
15. Spicy Salmon $5.00 salmon, scallion, spicy mayo
16. Spicy Scallop $6.00 scallop, scallion and spicy mayo
17. Spicy Shrimp $6.00 boiled shrimp, green onion, masago and spicy mayo
18. Spicy Tako Maki $7.00 tako, scallion and spicy mayo
19. Spicy Tuna $6.00 tuna, scallion and spicy mayo
20. Spicy W-Tuna $5.00 white tuna, scallion and spicy mayo
21. Spider Maki $8.00 soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, mayo and tobiko
22. Summer Maki $7.00 tuna, yellowtail, jalapeno, avocado, cilantro, chilli oil
23. Sweet Potato Maki $5.00 sweet potato, unagi sauce
24. Tekka Maki $5.00 tuna
25. Unagi Avo $6.00 fresh water eel and avocado
26. Unagi Maki $6.00 fresh water eel, cucumber
27. Veggie Temp. Maki $5.00 vegetable tempura, unagi sauce

Special Maki Mono

1. Americano Maki $13.00 lobster salad, tempura crumbs, tuna, white tuna and tobiko.
2. Black Dragon Maki $13.00 shrimp tempura, cucumber and mayo wrapped with unagi, avocado topped eel sauce n black tobiko.
3. Butterfly Maki $11.00 shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, unagi, masago, tempura crumbs with eel sauce.
4. Crunchy Salmon Maki $6.00 salmon, tempura crumbs.
5. Crunchy Shrimp Maki $8.00 shrimp tempura, mayo, cucumber, masago, tempura crumbs with eel sauce.
6. Crunchy Spicy Salmon Maki $7.00 salmon, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, chilli oil, scallion, tempura crumbs.
7. Crunchy Spicy Tako Maki $8.00 spicy octopus with tempura crumbs
8. Crunchy Spicy Tuna Maki $8.00 spicy tuna, avocado, tempura crumbs
9. Dragon Maki $12.00 unagi, tempura crumbs, cucumber with an avocado and eel sauce
10. Fire Dragon Maki $14.00 deep-fried battered seaweed roll, salmon tempura, spicy tuna, cream cheese, avocado, sweet potato, scallion, spicy honey-mayo, top with wasabi n golden tobiko
11. Godzilla Maki $15.00 shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, scallion, tobiko, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, tempura crumbs topped with eel sauce and wasabi mayo.
12. Hurricane Maki $14.00 avocado, cucumber, crabstick, green onions, cream cheese, wasabi/spicy mayo top with seared tuna and special sauce.
13. Ninja $14.00 snow crab meat, asparagus, avacoda wrapped with seared super white tuna, wasabi n black tobiko, scallions n spicy-honey mayo.
14. Rainbow Maki $13.00 california roll with shrimp, tuna, salmon, white tuna and white fish.
15. Red Dragon Maki $13.00 spicy shrimp, cucumber wrapped with tuna and avocado.
16. Samurai Maki $14.00 salmon tempura, avocado, spicy mayo. cucumber topped with seared salmon and special lingonberry sauce.
17. Sunrise Maki $13.00 unagi, avocado, tempura crumbs wrapped with shrimp and topped with miso sauce and ikura
18. Sunset Maki $13.00 shrimp tempura, cucumber, mayo wrapped with salmon and mango.
19. Volcano Shrimp $14.00 asparagus, avocado, jalapeno, masago, topped with baby shrimp tempura red n black tobiko, scallions n spicy-cheese mayo.

Sushi Bar

1. Assorted Sashimi $23.00 large – 12 pieces of assorted seafood served with sushi rice
2. Assorted Sashimi $17.00 small – 9 items of assorted seafood serverd with sushi rice
3. Chirashi $21.00 assorted fresh fish over bed of rice
4. Sashimi Set $12.00
5. Sushi Com A $17.00 7-items of sushi selected by the chef with a california roll
6. Sushi Com B $21.00 9-items of sushi selected by the chef with a california roll
7. Tekka Don $16.00 tuna sashimi over a bed of rice
8. Unagi Don $18.00 bbq eel over a bed of rice


1. Broccoli $8.00 broccoli dedicately prepared in special sauce.
2. Cashew $8.00 sauteed battered chicken breast, pineapple, bell pepper, cashew nuts, white onions with special cashew sauce.
3. Garlic $8.00 sauteed with garlic and black peppers, garnished with steamed broccoli, baby corn and peapod.
4. Ginger $8.00 stir-fried with ginger root, bell pepper, mushroom and onion.
5. Mix Vegi $7.00 stir-fried vegetables in gravy sauce.
6. Pepper $8.00 sauteed with bell pepper, snow pea, tomato, onion and gravy.
7. Spicy Basil $8.00 egg plant, white onion, bamboo, mushroom, bell pepper, string bean, basil leaves and hot sauce.
8. Sweet Sour $8.00 sauteed battered chicken breast, cucumber, tomato, pineapple, bell pepper, white onions with special sweet n sour sauce.

Curry $8

1. Green Curry eggplant, green bean, mushroom, bamboo shoot and basil leaves with hot green curry.
2. Mussamun Curry sauteed potato, onions and peanut in a mussaman curry paste.
3. Panang Curry panang curry simmered in coconut milk with fresh basil leaves, carrot, baby corn and broccoli.
4. Red Curry pineapple, tomato, bell pepper, basil simmered with red curry paste and coconut milk.


1. Chicken Katsu $8.95 chicken breast, bread crumb coated, battered n deep-fried with barbecue sauce.
2. Chicken Teriyaki $8.95 chicken marinated n grilled with teriyaki sauce.
3. Saba Teriyaki $8.95 saba grilled with teriyaki sauce.
4. Salmon Teriyaki $13.95 filet of salmon grilled with teriyaki sauce.
5. Steak Teriyaki $14.95 new york strip steak grilled with teriyaki sauce.,
6. Tonkatsu $8.95 pork tenderloin, bread crumb coated, battered n deep-fried with barbecue sauce.


1. Bubble Tea Lattes/ $3.75 mango/green tea/honeydew/thai tea/taro
2. Coke Can $1.00
3. Cranberry Juice $2.00
4. Diet Coke Can $1.00
5. Iced Tea $2.00
6. Milk $2.00
7. Smoothies $3.75 mango/ lychee/ pineapple/ peach
8. Sprite Can $1.00
9. Thai Ice Coffee $2.00
10. Thai Ice Tea $2.00


1. Banana Duck Curry $13.95 roasted duck breast, banana, pineapple, tomatoes, bell pepper and basil leaves simmered in red curry sauce, served with rice.
2. Catfish Dynamite $10.95 deep-fried catfish sauteed with green beans, mushroom, bamboo, eggplant, bell pepper, citrus leaves in spicy red curry paste, served with rice.


1. Ama Ebi Sashimi $2.50 sweet raw shrimp
2. Black Tobiko Sashimi $2.50
3. Ebi Sashimi $2.00 shrimp
4. Hamachi Sashimi $2.50 yellowtail
5. Hirame Sashimi $2.00 flounder
6. Hokkigai Sashimi $2.00 surf clam
7. Hotategai Sashimi $2.50 scallop
8. Ika Sashimi $2.00 squid
9. Ikura Sashimi $2.50 salmon roe
10. Inari Sashimi $2.00 soybean pocket
11. Kanikama Sashimi $2.00 crab stick
12. Maguro Sashimi $2.50 tuna
13. Masago Sashimi $2.00 smelt roe
14. Nama Sake Sashimi $2.00 fresh salmon
15. Quail Egg Sashimi $1.50
16. Saba Sashimi $2.00 mackerel
17. Sake Sashimi $2.00 smoked salmon
18. Spicy Scallop Sashimi $2.50
19. Suzuki Sashimi $2.00 seabass
20. Tai Sashimi $2.00 red snapper
21. Tako Sashimi $2.00 octopus
22. Tamago Sashimi $2.00 egg omelette
23. Tobiko Sashimi $2.50 flying fish roe
24. Unagi Sashimi $2.50 fresh water eel
25. Uni Sashimi $8.00 sea urchin
26. Wasabi Tobiko Sashimi $2.50
27. White Tuna Sashimi $2.00


1. Ice Cream $3.50 green tea, red bean.
2. Lychee On Ice $2.50
3. Mochi Ice Cream $2.00 green tea, mango, strawberry.
4. Thai Custard $2.50

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