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Cuisine: Middle Eastern.

Cold Appetizers

Hummus Bi Tahini $6.95 puree of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and garlic served as a dip.
Hummus With Pine Nuts $10.50 hummus bi tahini topped with pine nuts.
Hummus With Meat $10.50 hummus bi tahini topped with seasoned ground lamb and pine nuts.
Spicy Hummus $7.25 our delicious hummus with a spicy flare.
Baba Ghannouj $8.00 charcoal grilled eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic served as dip.
Labneh With Oil $8.50 thick creamy cheese topped with oil and dry mint served as a dip.
Garlic Labne With Walnuts $8.95 thick creamy cheese with an added flare of garlic.
Kashkawan Cheese $7.95 pure sheep’s milk cheese.
Vegetarian Grape Leaves $8.50 vine leaves stuffed with rice and chickpeas.
Muhammara $9.50 spicy red pepper dip mixed with walnuts.
Loubieh Bi Zeit $7.50 fresh string beans with tomatoes, garlic, onions and olive oil.
Shankleesh $9.25 aged cheese. spicy cheese, onions and tomatoes.
Basturma $9.95 seasoned sun-dried beef.
Balila $6.00 chickpeas dressed with garlic, lemon, olive oil and lebanese seasoning.
Garlic Dip $6.00 our homemade garlic dip.
Kibbe Nayeh Tartare $14.00 raw kibbe mixed with wheat and our special seasoning.
Habra Nayeh Tartare $14.00 raw meat mixed with wheat and our special seasoning.
Hindby $6.00 simmered chicory with olive oil.
Batinjan Makdous $6.00 pickled baby eggplant stuffed with walnuts and garlic.
Kibbe Krass $8.00 stuffed oval shaped nuggets of ground lamb and burghul.
Kibbe Nayeh Mamasa $16.00 raw kibbe served with fried meat on the side.

Hot Appetizers

Foul Mudammas $6.50 boiled, dried fava beans dressed with garlic, fresh lemon and olive oil.
Falafel $5.50 small, deep-fried patties made of crushed chickpeas and coriander. served with tahini sauce.
Quails $14.95 marinated with our special blend of seasoning and then grilled.
Sausage $9.95 makanik. homemade lebanese lamb sausage.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich $8.25 grilled goat milk’s cheese.
French Fries $6.00 fresh cut potatoes.
Batata Harra $7.50 potato cubes, chopped cilantro, garlic and pepper.
Jawaneh $9.00 chicken wings sauteed with cilantro, garlic and lemon.

Soups & Salads

Lentil Soup $6.00
Soup Du Jour $6.00
Laban With Cucumber $7.25 homemade yogurt with sliced cucumber.
Mixed Vegetable Salad $6.25 fresh garden salad with our special house dressing.
Tabbouleh $8.50 parsley, tomatoes, onions and burghul with lemon juice & olive oil.
Byblos Special Fattoush Salad $8.50 our specialty salad topped with toasted pita.
Fattoush Salad With Cheese $10.50 our original fattoush salad topped with fresh cheese.
Fattoush Salad With Grilled Chicken $15.00
Raheb Salad $9.50 chopped eggplant with garlic and lemon.
Chopped Salad $7.00 tomatoes, cucumber, onions and mint with lemon juice & olive oil.

Charcoal Grilled Meats

Grilled Shish Kebob With Tomato & Onions $27.95 marinated cubes of lamb meat on a skewer with tomatoes and onions. served with rice and vegetables.
Grilled Kofta Kebab $21.95 seasoned ground meat mixed with parsley. served with rice and vegetables.
Grilled Shish Taouk $21.95 marinated chicken with our own special seasoning. served with rice and vegetables.
Grilled Lamb Chops $27.95 served with rice and vegetables.
Spicy Kafta Khashkhash $21.95 seasoned ground meat mixed with parsley, onions and an added spicy sauce. served with rice and vegetables.
Mixed Grill $29.95 1 skewer of each. shish kebob, shish taouk and kofta kebob. served with a side of rice and vegetables or fries.
Mixed Grill mixed grill side choice: rice & vegetables, fries.
New York Shell Steak $34.95 served with potatoes.


Grilled Striped Bass $26.95 dressed with our own seasoning, this fish is served whole and is a delight for any seafood lover.
Grilled Porgies $22.95 marinated with lemon and garlic, served whole.
Grilled Tilapia $21.95 fresh fish filet dressed with lemon and garlic.
Sultan Ibrahim $22.95 this fried fish is a true lebanese specialty.
Grilled Branzini $26.95 imported mediterranean sea bass dressed with our seasoning. this fish is served whole and is a delight for any seafood lover.
Samke Harra $28.00 baked whole fish topped with spicy tahini sauce and nuts.

Chef’s Specials

Baked Kibbe $18.50 seasoned ground lamb and burghul stuffed with minced meat and pine nuts.
Baked Kibbe With Grape Leaves $22.95 this double delight is served with grape leaves stuffed with rice and lamb.
Kibbe With Hot Yogurt Sauce $19.95 oval shaped kibbe served in a special seasoned, hot yogurt sauce.
Stuffed Lamb Breast $22.00 this house specialty is a generously portioned rib of lamb, stuffed with a rice and lamb combo.
Stuffed Grape Leaves $18.50 stuffed with rice and lamb, seasoned with lemon and served hot.
Stuffed Squash With Hot Yogurt Sauce $19.95 a unique blend of squash, our special stuffing and yogurt sauce.
Stewed Okra With Meat $22.95 fresh okra stewed with tomato sauce and served with a side of rice pilaf.
Rice Pilaf $5.00 with vermicelli.
Vegetarian Stewed Okra $22.95 fresh okra stewed with tomato sauce and served with a side of rice pilaf.

Byblos Deluxe Dinner

Byblos Deluxe Dinner Choice: Grilled Shish Kebob With Tomato & Onions, Grilled Kofta Kebob, Grilled Shish Taouk, Grilled Lamb Chops, Spicy Kafta Khashkhash, Mixed Grill , New York Shell Steak (Choose Meat Temp. Below), Grilled Striped Bass, Grilled Po
Byblos Deluxe Dinner $42.95 hummus, baba ghannouj, falafel, grape leaves and tabbouleh with a choice of any entree and a coffee and dessert.

From The Bakery

Spinach Pie $7.00 dough filled with seasoned spinach, onions, walnuts and pine nuts.
Meat Pie $7.95 dough filled with seasoned meat and pine nuts.
Byblos Arayess $9.50 toasted pita filled with minced meat.
Cheese Rakakat $8.95 filo pastry filled with haloumi cheese, deep-fried.
Byblos Kallage $8.95 pita bread stuffed with goat’s milk cheese, grilled.
Zaatar Pie $6.00 the perfect blend of thyme, sesame, olive oil and sumac. baked on homemade dough.
Lahme Bi Ajeen $7.95 minced meat baked over our homemade thick crust.
Cheese Pie $7.00 a blend of cheese baked on our homemade dough.


Can Soda $2.00 can soda choice: pepsi, 7-up, diet sprite.
1 Liter Water $7.00 1 liter water choice: san pellegrino , acqua panna.

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