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Cuisine: Seafood, South American, Peruvian.

Ceviches Y Tiraditos

Ceviche De Pescado $12.99 fresh cured in lime with onion, cilantro and hot peppers
Ceviche De Mariscos $13.99 seafood marinated in lemon juice
Ceviche De Conchas Negras $13.99 black shells marinated in lemon juice.
Ceviche Mixto $13.99 fresh fish and seafood cured in lemon with onions and hot peppers.
Ceviche Frito $13.99 traditional fried ceviche mixed with lime, red onions and tartar sauce
Tiradito Al Aji Amarillo $12.99 sashimi style fish marinated in lime juice and lightly with a hint of peruvian yellow chili sauce.
Tiradito De Salmon $15.99 sashimi style salmon seasoned with passion fruit sauce, avocado and sesame seeds
Pulpo Al Olivo $14.95 fine cuts of octopus topped with a creamy peruvian black olive sauce and slices of avocado

Entradas Frias

Papas A La Huancaina $5.95 steamed potatoes topped with a yellow creamy cheese sauce
Choritos A La Chalaca $10.95 mussels topped with red onions and tomatoes
Causa $6.99 delicate potato puree seasoned with aji amarillo, lime juice stuffed with mayonnaise, and choice of: tuna, chicken or shrimp
Vuelve A La Vida $10.99 seafood cocktail

Entradas Calientes

Anticuchos $9.99 charcoal beef marinated in aji panca and spices
Yuquitas Piuranas $6.99 crispy stuffed fried yuquitas served with huancaina sauce.
Calamares Fritos $9.95 fried calamari
Tamales $4.75 home made tamales with pork or chicken meat
Pulpo Al Carbon $14.95 tender grilled octopus, panca chili, potatoes and corn

Sopas Y Ensaladas

Soups And Salads Adding Chicken $9.95, Meat $10.95.
Parihuela $14.95 seafood soup prepared in a bouillon of fish and spices
Chupe De Camarones $13.95 shrimp soup with rice, eggs, corn, white cheese and milk
Aguadito De Pollo $9.95 chicken rice soup
Ensalada De La Casa $5.95 lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, red onion, and house dressing
Ensalada Cesar $6.95 fresh romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese and delicious croutons


Lomo Saltado $14.95 sauteed beef strips, fresh tomatoes, onions. served with jasmine rice and french fries.
Seco De Res $12.99 cilantro based beef stew served with canario beans, jasmine rice and yucca
Lomo A Lo Macho $19.95 beef topped with a mixed seafood sauce, seasoned with white wine and fine herbs
Tacu Tacu Con Lomo Saltado $16.95 fried mixed rice with beans and come with our delicious lomo
Tacu Tacu A Lo Pobre $17.95 with beef tender on the grill, eggs and fried plantains
Churrasco A La Parrilla $15.95 tender and juicy grill skirt steak
Arroz Chaufa De Carne $12.99 beef fried rice
Tallarin Verde Con Churrasco $14.95 spaghetti sauteed in pesto


Pechuga De Pollo A La Plancha $11.99 grill chicken breast
Pechuga De Pollo A La Francesa $12.99 chicken breast francoise, sauteed with lemon, butter and white wine.
Aji De Gallina $11.99 shredded chicken breast creamy aji amarillo sauce, potatoes, quall eggs, black olive served with jasmine rice
Arroz Con Pollo $11.99

Pescados Y Mariscos

Jalea Mixta $14.50 fried seafood platter with creole sauce
Filete De Pescado Frito $13.95 fried fish fillet
Filete De Pescado A La Chorrillana $14.50 fish fillet sauteed with onion, tomatoes, cilantro and spices
Filete De Pescado Sudado $14.95 poached fish fillet
Salmon Cerro Azul $16.50 grill salmon in butter sauce flavored with lime topped with shrimp, loppers and served with mashed potatoes
Pescado Norteno $16.95 grilled mahi mahi, scallops brochette topped with cilantro sauce served with mashed potatoes or rice
Pescado Gratinado $17.50 mahi mahi cooked with fine herbs and a delicious white cream sauce with shrimp, mushrooms flamed on cognac, served with potatoes and vegetables
Mahi Macho $14.99 grilled mahi-mahi covered with a seafood mix served with jasmine rice.
Picante De Camarones $15.99
Tacu Tacu Con Mariscos $15.99
Camarones Jumbo C-Viche $18.99 sauteed jumbo shrimp with a hot aji amarillo sauce cognac and spices served with piura style rice
Sartencita C-Viche $18.99 delicious fish, with scallops, shrimp, calamari, octopus, and potatoes flambed with cognac
Chaufa Con Mariscos $14.99 fried rice seafood

Ninos $4.95

Pasta Con Bechamel
Dedos De Pollo chicken fingers
Dedos De Pescado fish fingers

Para Compartir

Jalea Mixta $24.95 crispy seafood mixed with fish.
Piqueo Criollo $22.95 aji de gallina,carapulcra, cau cau y anticucho
Piqueo Norteno $24.99 seco de cabrito, seco de chavelo, tamalito verde y arroz con pato
Trilogia De Ceviches $26.99 traditional style de fish ceviche marinated in the three flavors: lime, mild yellow and rocoto.

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