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Cafe Bench Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Bench Salad $7.50 Menu and Prices

1. Asian Salad   roasted sliced almonds, edamame, organic silken tofu with romaine, iceberg, tomatoes, green and red peppers with cafe’s dressing
2. Chicken Salad ; marinated grilled chicken breasts, roasted sliced almonds, parmesan cheese, romaine, iceberg, tomatoes, green and red peppers with cafe’s dressing

Cafe Bench Lemonade Menu and Prices

2. Berry Lemon $3.50 lemonade with strawberry
1. Lemonade $3.00
3. Mangoade $3.50 lemonade with mango

Cafe Bench Savory Crepe Menu and Prices

* Cheese Mix: Ricotta, Parmesan, Goat Cheese
2. Veggie Morning $7.00 egg, onion, green and red peppers, and tomatoes with provolone or swiss cheese
5. Asparagus And Ham* $7.50 grilled asparagus, ham and provolone with cheese mix
4. Goat Cheese* $7.50 melted goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes and cheese mix
8. Beef Skillet $11.00 marinated beef, spinach, green and red peppers, grilled mushroom with provolone and parmesan
6. Mushroom And Turkey* $8.50 grilled mushroom and turkey and provolone with cheese mix
7. Veggie Crepe* $9.00 spinach, grilled asparagus and mushroom, tomatoes with provolone and cheese mix
1. Mama’s $6.50 the choice of ham or turkey with provolone or swiss cheese and tomatoes
3. Honey, I Am Home $7.50 honey, provolone, parmesan, ricotta, tomatoes

Cafe Bench Specialty Coffee Menu and Prices

1. Darling Harbour $4.75 espresso, ice cream, milk and whipped cream
2. Affogato $4.50 espresso and ice cream

Cafe Bench Smoothies Menu and Prices

4. Berry Mucho $4.50 strawberry, blue b erry, banana, ice cream, and fruit juice
2. Mango Tango $4.25 mango, banana, ice cream, and fruit juice
6. Monkey Choco $4.50 banana, chocolate syrup, ice cream and milk
8. Green Tea $4.50 matcha powder, ice cream and milk
7. Chocoloco $4.50 cafe’ s chocolate base, mini chocolate chip, milk and ice cream
1. Strawberry Star $4.25 strawberry, banana, ice cream, and fruit juice
3. Momo Peach $4.25 peach, ice cream, and fruit juice
5. Red Riding Hood $4.50 strawberry, pineapple, ice cream,a nd fruit juice

Cafe Bench Dessert Crepe Menu and Prices

13. Lady Nana $8.50 banana, condensed milk, ice cream topped with nilla
10. Super Nanny Mary Poppins $7.50 nutella and whipped cream with a choice of fruit
2. Hoi Hoi $5.00 cinnamon, walnut and brown sugar. drizzled with caramel and powdered sugar
3. Lemon C $5.00 seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon, sugar and butter. topped with powdered sugar
12. Chip Chip $8.50 cinnamon, chocolate syrup, chocolate chip and strawberry. topped with whipped cream
11. Banana Bread $8.50 banana topped with walnut, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. vanilla ice cream on the side
4. Alice $5.00 orange marmalade and chocolate chip
8. Nutella Addict $6.50 nutella with a choice of fruit or nut or nilla
7. Elvis $6.50 topped with crushed peanut and almonds, filled with peanut butter and banana
6. Cottage $6.50 parmesan, strawberry jam and filled with cottage cheese and peach
5. Apple Jack $5.50 filled with sweet apple sauce. topped with cinnamon powder, powdered sugar and drizzled with caramel
1. It Is I, The Pancake $4.00 maple syrup and butter topped with powdered sugar
9. Cream Lover $6.50 whipped cream with a choice of fruit

Cafe Bench Cold Dessert Menu and Prices

1. Ice Cream $4.00 a choice of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and green tea
7. Cookies & Fudge $4.75 vanilla ice cream with cookies surrounded by chocolate cookie crust. topped with milk chocolate and rosettes
6. Tartufo $4.75 vanilla and chocolate ice cream stack with raspberry and crushed almond center covered with fine chocolate
3. Cheese Cake $4.25 new york style, smooth, rich and creamy
8. Mississippi Mudd $4.75 mocha and chocolate ice cream marbled into a chocolate cookie crust. topped with caramel fudge and roasted almonds
2. Tortuni $4.00 amaretto ice cream blend, topped with toasted coconut crunch
5. Spumoni $4.50 vanilla, chocolate and rum bisque ice cream, laced with diced citron fruit pieces
4. Manhattan Truffle $4.50 vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a crushed almond and cherry center covered with dark chocolate

Cafe Bench Shaved Ice Menu and Prices

Red Bean Shaved Ice $8.00 sweet red bean, seasonal fruit, ice cream, condensed milk, cereal, shaved ice

Cafe Bench Hot And Iced Coffee Menu and Prices

Sm / Lg. Add $0.75 For Iced Espresso Drinks Add $0.25 For Syrups: Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut. Add $1 For Iced Cappuccino
Cappuccino $3.25 – $4.00
Latte $3.25 – $4.00
Hot Chocolate $3.25 – $4.00
House Coffee $2.25
Americano $2.25 – $2.75
Iced House Coffee $2.50 – $2.75
Espresso $1.95 – $2.25
Cafe Mocha $3.75 – $4.50
Caramel Macchiato $3.75 – $4.50

Cafe Bench Tea Menu and Prices

Please Feel Free To Ask For Our Tea Selections
3. Tea Latte $3.75 a choice of early grey, english breakfast, oolong and honey bush
1. Iced Regular Tea $3.25 please feel free to ask for our tea selections
1. Regular Tea $2.50
2. Lemon Tea $3.50

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