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Cafe Bonjour Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Bonjour From The Griddle $5.25 Menu and Prices

Grilled American Cheese Sandwich   available all day.
Buttermilk Pancakes  
Challah French Toast  

Cafe Bonjour Salads Menu and Prices

Cobb $8.95 mixed greens, turkey, bacon, grape tomatoes, green peas and boiled eggs.
Create Your Own $1.00 spinach
Create Your Own   dressings: blue cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, creamy italian, russian, golden italian, french, pesto sauce, ranch, oil and vinegar, caesar, balsamic, red vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, asian ginger
Spinach $8.95 turkey, bacon, cherry tomatoes, green peas and mushrooms.
Chef $8.95 roast beef, turkey, ham, swiss, american cheese, and boiled eggs over garden salad.
Create Your Own $2.00 toppings: bbq chicken, cajun chicken, crab meat, chicken cutlet, grilled chicken, ham, pesto chicken, portabella mushrooms, salami, tuna, turkey
Create Your Own $1.00 toppings: bacon bits, celery, oriental noodles, mandarin oranges, parmesan cheese, red beets, roasted peppers, sunflower seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, sprouts
Create Your Own $3.25 – $2.75 available until 3pm only.
Create Your Own $3.00 toppings: tuna salad, chicken salad
Create Your Own $1.25 toppings: artichoke heartsh, avocado, bacon, boiled eggs, blue cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, muenster cheese, swiss cheese, chessnuts, dried cranberries, egg whites, feta cheese, grape l
Create Your Own   complimentary bread choice: croutonsh, garlic knots, italian bread, breadsticks
Create Your Own $0.75 toppings: black beans, black olives, broccoli, carrots, chickpeas, corn, cucumbers, green olives, green peas, kidney beans, mushrooms, pasta, peppers, red cabbage, red onions, scallions, string beans
Create Your Own   salad base: romaine lettuce, mixed greens
Greek $7.95 mix greens, stuffed grape leave, feta cheese, black olives, cucumbers and onions.
Toss Salad Special $7.99 – $8.99 includes 5 toppings and 1 protein.
Salad Nicoise $8.95 mixed greens, tomatoes, tuna, eggs, green beans, black olives and anchovies.
Caesar $5.95 hearts of romaine, tomatoes, shaved romano cheese, boiled eggs and homemade croutons.
House Garden $5.95 mixed greens, grape tomatoes, carrots, peppers and red cabbage.

Cafe Bonjour EntrA©es Menu and Prices

Daily Fish $10.95
Daily Beef $9.95
Daily Chicken $8.95

Cafe Bonjour Cereal, Baked Goods And Fruit Menu and Prices

Cream Of Wheat $3.95 – $2.95 available until 11am.
Danish $2.45
Scone $2.45
Banana $0.75
Bagel $1.50
Light & Fit Yogurt $2.25
Dannon Yogurt $2.25 with fruit on the bottom.
Orange $1.50
Muffin $2.45
Pineapple Cottage Cheese $3.45
Fruit Cup $4.95
Smoked Nova Scotia Salmon, Cream Cheese On Bagel $8.95 with plain cream cheese, sliced tomato, onion and capers.
Red Apple $1.50
Hearty Hot Oatmeal $3.95 – $2.95 available until 11am.
Low-Fat Yogurt Muffin $2.45
Cottage Cheese $3.45 low fat.

Cafe Bonjour Bonjour Breakfast Menu and Prices

Two Eggs And Breakfast Meat On A Roll $4.45
Two Eggs On A Roll $2.95
Western Omelette Sandwich $4.95 ham, peppers, and onions.
Bacon Omelette Sandwich $4.95
Spanish Omelette Sandwich $4.95 hot sauce, peppers, and onions.
Vegetable Omelette Sandwich $4.95 with mixed vegetables.
Sausage Omelette Sandwich $4.95
Cheese Omelette Sandwich $3.95 with american cheese.
Two Eggs Platter $4.95 served with home fries and toast.
Ham And Cheese Omelette Sandwich $4.95 with american cheese.
Two Egg Whites On A Breakfast Roll $3.45

Cafe Bonjour Calzone, Rolls & Stromboli Menu and Prices

Chicken Roll $5.95
Meat Stromboli $5.95
Eggplant Roll $5.95
Cheese Calzone $5.25
Sausage Roll $5.95
Spinach Roll $5.95

Cafe Bonjour Hot Oven Baked And Grilled Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Tuna Melt $7.95 open faced fresh tuna, melted american cheese, and tomatoes on white bread.
Classic Cuban $7.95 roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese and pickles.
Reuben $7.95 hot corned beef, melted swiss and sauerkraut on rye bread.
Eggplant Parmigiana Hero $7.95 breaded eggplant, melted mozzarella and marinara sauce on a hero.
Chicken Parmigiana Hero $7.95 breaded chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce on a hero.
Hot Pastrami Sandwich $7.95 served on rye with mustard.
Philly Cheesesteak Hero $7.95 grilled steak, melted american cheese, smothered with savory sautA©ed peppers and onions.
Homemade Falafel Sandwich $6.95
Meatball Parmigiana Hero $7.95 oven baked meatballs, melted mozzarella and marinara sauce on a hero.
Grilled Chicken BLT On A Roll $7.95
Homemade Falafel Platter $8.95 with crisp mediterranean salad, tahini sauce, homemade hummus and side of pita.
Chicken Cheesesteak Hero $7.95

Cafe Bonjour Wraps $7.75 Menu and Prices

5. New Yorker   roast beef, swiss cheese caramelized onions and thousand island dressing. recommended in a flour wrap.
6. Honey Bee   honey turkey, fresh mozzarella, romaine, tomato, and honey mustard. recommended in a whole wheat wrap.
4. California   tuna, shredded cucumbers, carrots, and alfalfa sprouts. recommended in a flour wrap.
2. Omega   grilled chicken, feta cheese, black olives, romaine, plum tomatoes with our house italian dressing.
1. Grilled Chicken Caesar   grilled chicken, romaine hearts, roasted peppers in caesar dressing.
8. Bonjour   grilled eggplant, portabello mushrooms, arugula, roasted peppers and savory parsley. recommended in a spinach wrap.
3. Texas   bbq chicken, romaine and tomato. recommended in a flour wrap.
7. Vegetarian   grilled vegetables and fresh mozzarella marinated in balsamic vinegar. recommended in a spinach wrap.

Cafe Bonjour Pizza Menu and Prices

Personal / Lg. Available From 11:00am-3:00pm. Large Pizzas Are Cut Into 8 Slices. Toppings: Extra Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatballs, Mushroom, Peppers and Onions, Spinach, Broccoli, Chicken
Vegetarian Pizza $7.95 – $24.00 mushrooms, broccoli, onion and fresh tomatoes.
Pepperoni, Sausage And Mushroom Pizza $7.95 – $24.00 sautA©ed fresh mushrooms, pepperoni, and italian sausage.
Spinach And Ricotta Cheese Pizza $7.95 – $24.00 spinach, ricotta, garlic and mozzarella cheese.
Wild West Pizza $8.95 – $26.00 barbequed chicken with sautA©ed onions, cilantro and mozzarella cheese.
Garlic Chicken Pizza $8.95 – $26.00 garlic, grilled chicken with green peppers and sautA©ed onions.
Santa Fe Chicken Pizza $8.95 – $26.00 marinated grilled chicken breast, cilantro, sautA©ed onions and fresh tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole.
Four Cheese And Fresh Tomato Pizza $7.95 – $24.00 fresh mozzarella, smoked gouda, monterey jack, romano cheese, fresh tomatoes and basil.
White Pizza $7.95 – $22.00 ricotta and mozzarella cheese.
Traditional Pizza $6.95 – $18.00 tomato sauce and mozzarella.
Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza $7.95 – $24.00 eggplant, oregano, marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Slice Of Cheese Pizza $2.50

Cafe Bonjour Pastas Menu and Prices

Create Your Own $2.00 pasta topping option: grilled chicken, crispy chicken
Create Your Own $7.95
Create Your Own   choose your sauce: beef bolognese, tomato basil, a la vodka, basil pesto, garlic and oil
Create Your Own   choose your pasta: penne, rigatoni, ziti, tricolor fusili, linguini
Create Your Own   choose your toppings: broccoli, sweet peas, tomatoes

Cafe Bonjour Deli Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Breaded Chicken $5.95
Grilled Chicken $5.95
Boiled Ham $5.95
Prosciutto $6.95
Smoked Turkey $5.95
Italian Tuna $5.95
Buffalo Chicken Salad $5.95
Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato $5.95
BBQ Chicken Breast $5.95
Tuna Salad $5.95
Honey Turkey $5.95
California Tuna $5.95
Baked Virginia Ham $5.95
Pastrami $6.95
Fresh Turkey $6.95
Corned Beef $6.95
Egg Salad $4.95
Roast Beef $6.95
Pepper Turkey $5.95
Genoa Salami $4.95
Turkey Breast $5.95
Bologna $4.95
Chicken Salad $5.95
Black Forest Ham $5.95
Cajun Chicken Salad $5.95

Cafe Bonjour Soup & Chili Menu and Prices

Chili Con Carne $3.25 – $4.95
Soup Du Jour $4.95 – $2.95

Cafe Bonjour Healthy Breakfast Wraps $5.25 Menu and Prices

Vitamin B12   beef sausage and cheddar omelet.
Protein   roasted turkey, mushroom and tomato omelet.
Vitamin A   spinach, cheddar and tomato omelet.
Vitamin C   broccoli, peppers and yellow squash omelet.
Potassium   potatoes, turkey bacon and tomato omelet.

Cafe Bonjour Panini $7.75 Menu and Prices

Capri   smoked turkey, pepperoni, provolone cheese, spinach, cherry peppers and balsamic vinaigrette.
The Italiano   grilled chicken, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella and pesto sauce.
Chicken Parmigiana   breaded chicken, fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce, fresh basil and parmigiana cheese.
Tuna Melt   fresh tuna, cheddar cheese, lettuce and plum tomatoes.
Chicken Fajita   grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, roasted peppers, caramelized onions and salsa.
Vegetarian   grilled vegetables, zucchini, eggplant and fresh mozzarella.
Eggplant Parmigiana   oven roasted eggplant, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, marinara sauce and parmigiana cheese.
Siciliano   proscuitto, ham, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula and creamy balsamic vinaigrette.
Cuban   roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and garlic sauce.
Toasted Monte Cristo   layers of ham and smoked turkey, swiss, cheddar, lettuce, tomato and honey mustard.

Cafe Bonjour Beverages Menu and Prices

Fiji Water $2.45 – $3.45
Nesquik Chocolate Milk $2.45
Pom Tea $3.95
1 Liter Soda $3.95 coke, diet coke, sprite, diet sprite, dr. pepper, pepsi, mountain dew, sunkist orange, root beer, cream soda, fresca, 7 up, ginger ale, seltzer, black cherry, welch`s grape, brisk
V8 Fusion $2.75 vegetable, strawberry banana, cran/black berry, pomegranate blueberry
Pom Juice $3.95 green tea, peach, blackberry
Bottle Of Soda $2.25 coke, diet coke, sprite, diet sprite, dr. pepper, pepsi, mountain dew, sunkist orange, root beer, cream soda, fresca, 7 up, ginger ale, seltzer, black cherry, welch`s grape, brisk
Bolthouse Smoothie $4.95 vanilla chai, protein mango, strawberry parfai berry boost
Tropicana Carton $2.45 original , homestyle, orange-pineapple, strawberry-banana
Ice Cup $0.50
Welch’s Juice $2.45 grape, apple, cranberry, punch
V8 Vegetable Juice $2.75 regular , low sodium, lemon twist
2 Liter Soda $4.95 pepsi, coke, sprite
Orangina $2.75
Tropicana Bottle $2.45 orange, apple, cranberry
Vitamin Water $2.75 triple xxx, energy, revive, power c, essential, multi-v, focus
Arizona Iced Tea $2.45 lemon, peach, raspberry
Tazo Tea $2.75 green tea, peach, black tea
Honest Tea $2.75 green tea, lemon, half & half
Langer’s Juices $2.45 grapefruit, orange, apple, cranberry, mango, pineapple
Red Bull $3.25
Coconut Water $3.25
Can Of Soda $1.25 coke, diet coke, sprite, diet sprite, dr. pepper, pepsi, mountain dew, sunkist orange, root beer, cream soda, fresca, 7 up, ginger ale, seltzer, black cherry, welch`s grape, brisk
Minute Maid Juice $2.75 cran-apple minute maid juice, apple minute maid juice, cran-grape minute maid juice
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice $3.45 – $4.95
Yoohoo $2.45
Pellegrino $2.45
Fresh Carrot & Celery Juice $4.95
Perrier $2.75
Snapple $2.25 lemon teah, diet lemon tea, peach tea, fruit punch, raspberry tea, half & half, orangeade, grapeade, cranberry, diet green tea, lemonade
Simply Juice $2.75 lemonade simply juice, orange simply juice, raspberry simply juice
Milk $1.25 – $2.95
Gatorade $2.45 orange, lemon, fruit punch, glacier
Naked Juice $4.95 mighty mango, strawberry banana, berry veggie, blue machine, red machine, green machine
Fresh Carrot Juice $4.95
Poland Springs Bottled Water $1.75 – $3.25

Cafe Bonjour Fresh Fruit Smoothies And Frozen Yogurt Menu and Prices

Island Breeze Smoothie $4.95 pineapple, mango, coconut.
Vanilla Non-Fat Colombo Frozen Yogurt $4.95 – $3.95 your choice of swirls and toppings.
Mango Tango Smoothie $4.95 mango, banana, pineapple.
Citrus Sunshine Smoothie $4.95 orange, strawberry, pineapple.
Fruity Blast Smoothie $4.95 strawberry, pineapple, mango.
Passion Delight Smoothie $4.95 strawberry, kiwi, pineapple.

Cafe Bonjour Char-Broiled Burgers Menu and Prices

Bacon Cheeseburger $6.75
Cheeseburger $5.75
Mushroom $5.75
Texas Style $5.75 bbq sauce and pepper jack cheese.
Beef $5.25
Turkey $5.75

Cafe Bonjour Coffee Bar Menu and Prices

Lipton Tea $2.25 – $1.50
Espresso $2.50
Iced Flavored Coffee $2.75 – $3.75
Cappuccino $3.95 – $2.95
Iced Cappuccino $4.45 – $3.45
Iced Tea $3.45 – $2.45
100% Colombian Coffee $2.25 – $1.50
Iced Mochaccino $3.95 – $4.45
Latte $2.95 – $3.95
Iced Cafe Latte $3.45 – $3.95
Herbal Tea $1.75 – $2.45
Iced Coffee $2.45 – $2.95
Flavored Coffee $2.25 – $2.75
Mochaccino $4.45 – $3.45
CafA© Au Lait $2.75 – $2.00
Decaf Coffee $1.50 – $2.25
Iced Decaf Coffee $2.45 – $2.95
Hot Chocolate $3.25 – $2.45

Cafe Bonjour Le Quiche $7.95 Menu and Prices

Quiche Lorraine  
Ham And Cheese  

Cafe Bonjour 3 Egg Omelette Platters Menu and Prices

Spanish $6.95 with hot sauce, peppers, and onions.
Ham & Cheese $6.95 with american cheese.
Cheese $4.95 with american cheese.
Sausage $6.95
Bacon $6.95
Vegetable $6.95 with mixed vegetables.
Western $6.95 ham, peppers, and onions.

Cafe Bonjour Side Orders $4.95 Menu and Prices

Roasted Potatoes  
String Beans  
Steamed Vegetables  
Curly Fries  
Sweet Plantain  

Cafe Bonjour Snack Bar Menu and Prices

Granola Bar $1.50
Cereal Cup $2.45
Pack Of Cookies $1.50 single pack.
Chips $1.50
Clif Bar $2.75
Trail Mix Bar $1.50
Fiber One Bar $1.50
Life Savers Mints $1.50
Candy Bar $1.75
Gum $1.95
Zone Bar $2.75
Kind Bar $2.75
Bazzini Nuts $2.75
Fruit Snacks $1.95

Cafe Bonjour Burritos And Quesadillas $8.95 Menu and Prices

Chicken Burrito   served with rice, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream.
Quesadilla   served with salsa and guacamole.
Ground Beef Burrito   served with rice, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream.
Vegetable Burrito  
Steak Burrito   served with rice, pico de gallo, shredded cheddar cheese, guacamole, salsa and sour cream.

Cafe Bonjour Breakfast Sides Menu and Prices

Side Of Home Fries $3.95
Hard-Boiled Egg $1.50
Side Of Hash Browns $3.25
Side Of Breakfast Meat $4.95

Cafe Bonjour Combination Sandwiches $7.75 Menu and Prices

Bonjour Combo   1/2 pre-made sandwich with your choice of 12 oz. side salad or 12 oz. cup of soup. please contact cafe bonjour at (212)481-1224 for soup of the day selection and request it in the special instruction
I. The Prime Rate   roast beef, imported swiss cheese, romaine lettuce, ripe tomato, horseradish on a whole wheat baguette.
J. The Classic   roast beef, imported swiss cheese, coleslaw, thousand island dressing on a whole wheat roll.
B. The Jackhammer   pepper turkey, monterey jack cheese, romaine lettue, tomato, herb mayo on a plain baguette.
C. Honey Glazed Turkey   honey glazed turkey, smoked gouda cheese, fresh watercress, pesto sauce on a seven grain baguette.
L. Frontier   turkey, avocado, sprouts, monterey jack cheese, tomato in pita.
E. Ultimate Italian Hero   cappicola ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, provolone cheese, red roasted peppers, lettuce, tomato, and italian dressing on a hero.
D. Florence   chicken breast, mixed greens, smoked gouda cheese, sun-dried tomato on focaccia bread.
M. New Orleans   cajun blackened chicken, pepper jack cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, herb mayo on a baguette.
F. The Big Forest   black forest ham, brie, romaine lettuce, tomato, honey mustard on whole wheat baguette.
A. The Peasant   smoked turkey, fresh mozzarella cheese, romaine lettuce, sun-dried tomato, house mayo on a plain baguette.
K. Turkey B.L.T.   turkey breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato with mayo on a roll.
H. Turkey Florentine   turkey, spinach, cranberry-orange sauce, cheddar cheese, tomato on baguette.
G. Delbuchi   grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, fresh mozzarella cheese, balsamic vinegar in pita.

Cafe Bonjour Desserts Menu and Prices

Rice Pudding $3.25
Cookie Crunchers $2.75
Brownie $3.95
Fruit & Granola Parfait $3.95 – $4.95
Fage Greek Yogurt $3.25
Chobani Greek Yogurt $3.25

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