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Cafe Flora Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Flora Starters, Soups, & Salads Menu and Prices

Coconut Tofu $10.00 Coconut breaded tofu, lettuce, herbs, and sweet chili dipping sauce.
Strawberry Rhubarb Spinach Salad $13.00 Savy spinach, strawberry, roasted rhubarb, smoky bleu cheese, toasted hazelnut, mint, and balsamic vinaigrette.
House Salad $7.00 Organic greens and vegetables in herbed balsamic vinaigrette.
Fried Olive & Hummus Platter $12.00 Fried castelvetrano olives, fresh seasonal vegetables, and hummus drizzled with chili oil, mint, and marcona almonds.
Columbia City Bakery Bread $5.00 Served with choice of whipped butter or olive oil.
Roasted Beet and Butter Lettuce Salad $13.00 Butter lettuce, roasted beets, french breakfast radish, marcona almonds, and creamy tarragon-goat cheese dressing.
Maple Dijon Roasted Spring Carrots $9.50 Petite carrots, maple dijon glaze and toasted pecans.
Caesar Salad $7.00 Romaine, harbed croutons, parmesan, and fried capers
Sesame Miso Turnips $8.00 Roasted local roots turnips, sesame seeds, miso, sriracha.
Fried Avocado $9.50 Served with vegan tomatillo crema.
Spring Wontons $9.50 Bok choy filled wontons, fermented black bean sauce, goat cheese crema, and roasted rhubarb.
Fruit Bowl $6.00 Selection of fresh and seasonal fruit.

Cafe Flora Sides & Specialty Items Menu and Prices

Side Seasoned Breakfast Potatoes $4.00
Cheesy Grits $4.00

Cafe Flora Sandwiches & Pizzas Menu and Prices

Italian Burger with Salad $15.00 Grilled black bean burger, basil pesto aioli, sundried tomato jelly, balsamic tossed arugula, and soft potato roll with seasonal greens.
Grilled Mushroom & Roasted Pea Pizza $18.00 Grilled crimini mushroom, roasted peas, spinach pesto, chili oil, goat cheese and parmesan cheese on wheat crust.
Cheese Florentine Pizza $17.00 Spinach, garlic, smoked mozzarella, and parmesan on wheat crust.
French Dip with Salad $15.00 Portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, and swiss cheese on a seeded baguette with mushroom garlic au jus and seasonal mixed greens.
Falafel $15.00 Chickpea croquettes on a warm pita, with romaine, cucumber, tomato, fresh herbs, sumac vinaigrette, and tahini.
Summer Squash Blossom Pizza $18.00 Summer squash, grilled walla walla onions, squash blossoms, manchego, dill, & chili oil on wheat crust (available vegan and gluten-free)

Cafe Flora Breakfast Menu and Prices

Breakfast Quesadilla $14.00 Roasted yams, poblano peppers, corn, and pepper jack cheese inside an egg battered flour tortilla. Topped with snappy sauce and tomatillo salsa served with mixed greens.
Southern Platter $13.00 Eggs or seasoned tofu, smoky collard greens, and a housemade rosemary biscuit with vegan country gravy.
Vegan Biscuits and Gravy $6.00 Housemade rosemary biscuits and vegan country gravy.

Cafe Flora Dessert Menu and Prices

Chocolate Brownie $4.00
Vegan Cinnamon Roll $6.00 Baked fresh every morning with caramelized sugar, maple toasted pecans, and vanilla icing.
1Dz. Vegan Cinnamon Rolls $60.00 Baked fresh every morning with caramelized sugar, maple toasted pecans, and vanilla icing.
Seasonal Cookie $3.50 Flavor changes regularly.
Vegan Coconut Cake $9.00

Cafe Flora Scrambles Menu and Prices

Portobello Leek Scramble $13.00 Eggs or seasoned tofu, roasted portobello mushrooms, leeks, chives, nettle-pine nut pesto, and feta cheese.
Rancho Colorado Scramble $13.00 Eggs or seasoned tofu, slow cooked rancho bean with tomatillos, fresh chilis, sweet corn, queso fresco, and blue corn tortilla chips.
Asparagus Romesco Scramble $13.00 Eggs or seasoned tofu, asparagus, spinach, romesco sauce, and manchego cheese.

Cafe Flora Beverages Menu and Prices

Rosemary Lemonade $4.00
Cringer $4.00

Cafe Flora Entrees Menu and Prices

Oaxaca Tacos $18.00 Corn tortillas filled with cheesy mashed potatoes, served with black bean stew, braised greens, roasted tomato salsa, and lime creme fraiche.
Moroccan Tagine $19.00 Seared halloumi, lemon-mint quinoa, yam and eggplant tagine, coriander-tomato confit, turmeric-parsley sauce, and harissa-spiced almonds.
Artichoke Croquettes $20.00 Artichoke croquettes, lemongrass-kaffir lime sauce, okinawan purple potatoes, sweet chili sauce, and crunchy fresh slaw.
Wellington $20.00 Grilled portobello mushrooms, mushroom pecan pate, and leeks in puff pastry. Served with mashed potatoes, madeira wine sauce, and market vegetables.

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