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Cafe Gusto Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Gusto Three French Toast Or Pancakes Menu and Prices

Three French Toast Or Pancakes With Ham $5.25
Three French Toast Or Pancakes With Sausage $5.25
Three French Toast Or Pancakes $4.25
Three French Toast Or Pancakes With Turkey Bacon $5.75
Three French Toast Or Pancakes With Bacon $5.25

Cafe Gusto Hot Paninis $7.25 Menu and Prices

4. Mont Cristo Panini   with ham, smoked turkey, swiss, lettuce, tomatoes and honey mustard.
2. Grilled Chicken Panini   with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.
6. Vegan Panini   eggplant, roasted pepper, sun-dried tomatoes and mushroom with pesto.
1. Eggplant Panini   with spinach, fresh mozzarella and roasted pepper.
5. Panini Club   turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes & cheese.
7. Panini Melt   tuna salad with melted american cheese.
3. Smoked Turkey Panini   with swiss, lettuce and tomatoes.

Cafe Gusto Muffins, Pound Cakes, Danish & Croissants Menu and Prices

Gusto’s Favorite $3.95 served on a hot croissant.
Pound Cake $2.00
Jumbo Cookies $2.50
Muffin $2.00
Fresh Daily Baked Croissant $2.25

Cafe Gusto Power Pita Menu and Prices

Whole Wheat Pita With Peanut Butter & Banana $5.95
Whole Wheat Pita With Peanut Butter & Jelly $4.95
Whole Wheat Pita With Peanut Butter $3.50
Whole Wheat Pita With Peanut Butter & Strawberry $5.95

Cafe Gusto Hot Focaccia Menu and Prices

2. Prosciutto Di Parma Focaccia $8.95 with fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes.
8. Grilled Chicken Focaccia $8.50 fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and olive oil dressing.
7. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Focaccia $8.95 fresh mozzarella, red onions, tomato and capers.
6. Genoa Salami Focaccia $7.50 with provolone cheese.
4. Grilled Eggplant Focaccia $7.50 herb fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and olive oil.
3. Grilled Chicken Focaccia $7.50 with grilled red peppers and pesto sauce.
1. Sopressata Focaccia $8.00 with provolone cheese and grilled eggplant in vinaigrette.
6. Black Forest Ham Focaccia $7.50 with provolone cheese.
5. Smoked Turkey Focaccia $8.00 with swiss cheese, cole slaw and russian dressing.

Cafe Gusto Breakfast Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Available All Day. Breakfast Add Ons: Tomatoes ($0.50), Extra Mushroom ($1), Extra Spinach ($1).
Two Egg Sandwich ; on your choice of roll, bagel or specialty bread.
One Egg Sandwich $1.75 roll, plain bagel, whole wheat bagel, poppy seed bagel, raisin bagel, sesame bagel, everything bagel
One Egg Sandwich ; on your choice of roll, bagel or specialty bread.
One Egg Sandwich $2.25 ciabatta bread, sourdough bread, plain croissant
Two Egg Sandwich $2.00 roll, plain bagel, whole wheat bagel, poppyseed bagel, raisin bagel, sesame bagel, everything bagel
Two Egg Sandwich $2.75 7 grain bread, organic whole wheat bread, organic rye bread, whole nut bread, pumpernickle bread, olive bread, ciabatta bread, sourdough bread, plain criossant
One Egg Sandwich $2.50 7 grain bread, organic whole wheat bread, organic rye bread, whole nut bread, pumpernickle bread, olive bread

Cafe Gusto All-Natural Free Range Rotisserie Chicken Menu and Prices

Chicken $6.50 – $8.75 served with two sides.
Chicken $14.50 served with three sides.

Cafe Gusto Our Delicious Heros & Vegetable Burgers Menu and Prices

Meatball Parmigiana Hero $9.00 served with aged provolone cheese and marinara sauce.
Vegetable Burger $7.25 fat-free and home-made. baked broccoli, zucchini, carrots, fresh herbs on organic seven grain bread with alfalfa sprouts, avocado and honey dijon dressing.
Eggplant Parmigiana Hero $8.50 served with aged provolone cheese and marinara sauce.
Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana Hero $9.00 served with aged provolone cheese and marinara sauce.

Cafe Gusto Gourmet Wraps Menu and Prices

3W. Home-Made Rare Roast Beef Wrap $8.00 on a bed of spinach with carrots, artichoke hearts and hummus.
1W. Grilled Chicken Breast Wrap $8.00 on a bed of spinach, black beans and red plum tomato with chipotle mayo.
9W. Vegetarian Gusto Special Vegetarian Wrap $7.50 raw spinach, home-made black bean salad, red bell peppers, roma tomato, avocado, red onions and chipotle mayo.
7W. Vegetarian Wrap With Grilled Eggplant $7.50 with red bell peppers, red onions, roma tomato, balsamic vinaigrette and dijon mustard.
10W. Chicken Caesar Wrap $8.50 crispy chicken breast, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, romano cheese and our golden caesar dressing.
2W. Home-Made Fresh Roast Turkey Wrap $8.00 on a bed of romaine lettuce with grilled eggplant and red bell peppers.
4W. White Tuna Wrap $8.00 on a bed of romaine lettuce with cucumbers, grilled red roasted red peppers, red onions, hot peppers and balsamic vinaigrette.
5W. Vegetarian Wrap With Alfalfa Sprouts $7.50 with cucumbers, carrots, marinated beets, grilled red bell peppers, red onion rings and avocado with yogurt cucumber dressing.
8W. Vegetarian Wrap With Roma Tomato $7.50 cucumber, raw spinach, romaine lettuce, red onion, avocado, fresh basil and lemon vinaigrette dressing.
6W. Vegetarian Wrap With Portobelllo Mushrooms $7.50 with grilled eggplant, alpine lace swiss cheese, romaine, alfalfa sprouts and hummus dressing.

Cafe Gusto Beverages Menu and Prices

Decaffeinated & Flavored Coffee $1.50 – $2.00
Fresh Brewed Herbal Tea $1.50 – $2.00
Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice $3.25 – $3.75
Moccachino $3.25 – $4.25 espresso with cocoa and steamed milk.
Iced Coffee $2.75 – $2.25
Ice Flavored Coffee $2.95 – $2.50
Espresso Macchiato $2.00 espresso with a trace of foam milk.
Hot Chocolate ”Ghirardelli” $3.00 – $2.25
Snapple $2.25 lemon iced tea, diet lemon iced tea, peach iced tea, diet peach iced tea, diet raspberry iced tea
Gusto Signature – Iced Moccachino $4.50 non- dairy, non cholesterol, soy milk.
Fresh Brewed Ice Teas $2.50 – $2.00 house blend of teas and sliced lemon.
Ice Cappuccino $4.25 – $3.25
Americano $2.00 – $2.75 espresso with a little more water.
Cappuccino $2.75 – $3.75
Poland Spring Water $2.00 – $1.50
Espresso Ristretto $1.80 – $3.25
Tea $1.35 – $1.61
Chai LattA© $3.25 – $4.25
CafA© Au Lait $1.75 – $2.25 coffee & steamed milk.
CafA© Latte $2.75 – $3.75 shot of espresso and steamed milk.
Tropicana $2.50 orange, apple, cranberry
Colombian Filter Fresh Brewed Coffee $1.35 – $1.61
Soda $2.25 – $1.25 coke, diet coke, pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, diet sprite, root beer, diet root beer, dr. pepper, diet dr. pepper, sunkist orange, ginger ale, club soda

Cafe Gusto Cuban Specials $8.50 Menu and Prices

Grilled Steak Cuban Sandwich ; marinated roast beef sliced with braised red onions, green peppers and chipotle mayo on cuban bread.
Chicken Diablo Cuban Sandwich ; blackened chicken cutlet topped with oven-roasted red peppers, mixed greens, chipotle mayo and black beans.
Fish Fillet Cuban Sandwich ; beer-battered catfish fillet with home-made salsa and marinated palm hearts and spicy mayo.

Cafe Gusto Freshly Made & Turkey Buger Menu and Prices

Chicken Gyro $7.50 with tomatoes, lettuce, tzatik sauce, and onions.
Turkey Burger $5.75 6 oz. lean meat.

Cafe Gusto Three Egg White Omelets Menu and Prices

Sicilian Omelette $6.95 fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil and romano cheese.
Norwegian Smoked Salmon Omelet $7.25 with red onions.
Greek Omelet $6.25 raw spinach, feta cheese and tomatoes.
New Yorker Omelet $6.25 crisp bacon, low-fat swiss cheese and tomatoes.
Vegetarian Omelet $6.25 raw spinach, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions.
Delightful Omelet $6.25 mushrooms and bacon, topped with cheese.

Cafe Gusto Home-Made Soups Menu and Prices

Home-Made Soup Of The Day $3.75 – $4.75 soups change daily and always include one vegetarian selection.

Cafe Gusto Oatmeal, Fruit & Yogurt Menu and Prices

Parfait Gusto $2.50 fat-free, sugar-free, home-made vanilla yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.
Home-Made Yogurt Banana & Strawberry $2.80
Old Fashioned Oat Meal $3.25 – $2.50 served with milk, honey and cinnamon.
Fresh Fruit Salad $5.50 – $8.50

Cafe Gusto Hot EntrA©es Menu and Prices

Available After 11:00am. Our Chef’s Pride Is In Preparing A Variety Of Outstanding Pasta, Meats, Fish And Chicken EntrA©es. Side Salad Dressing Choice: Balsamic, Vinaigrette, Italian, Oil and Vinegar, Ranch, Russian, Light Italian, Blue Cheese.
10. Meatball EntrA©e $8.95 home-made, topped with marinara sauce and parmigiana cheese.
12. Chicken Piccata $8.95 tender breaded chicken breast, marinated in white wine, with sautA©ed onion and tomato.
15. Penne A La Vodka $7.00 with creamy, rich tomato vodka sauce, with parmigiana cheese. served with bread and butter only.
14. Fresh Sea Bass Fillet $8.95 freshly prepared, breaded and fried in olive oil.
13. Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana EntrA©e $8.95 tender breast of chicken breaded and fried in olive oil.
7. Atlantic Salmon Fillet $13.25 available on thursday only. boneless, skinless and baked in our special sauce.
11. Eggplant Parmigiana EntrA©e $8.95 lightly-fried, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.
14. Fresh Sea Bass Fillet $8.95 freshly prepared, breaded and fried in olive oil.

Cafe Gusto Deli Sandwiches Menu and Prices

1. Individual Tuna Sandwich $6.25
11. B.L.T With Turkey Bacon Sandwich $5.75
12. Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.00
15. Roast Beef Sandwich $7.00
9. Pastrami Sandwich $7.00
14. Cheese Sandwich $4.95
6. Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich $6.25
17.Chicken Cutlet Sandwich $6.50
13. Grilled Chicken B.L.T. Sandwich $7.50
3. Chicken Salad Sandwich $6.25
8. Genoa Salami Sandwich $6.00
10. B.L.T. Sandwich $5.25
2. Tuna Salad Sandwich $6.25
16. Ham & Cheese Sandwich $6.00
4. Egg Salad Sandwich $6.00
7. Black Forest Ham Sandwich $6.00
5. Fresh Turkey Breast Sandwich $6.25

Cafe Gusto Eggs & Omelets Menu and Prices

Cheese Omelet $5.00
Western Omelet $6.25 with onions, ham and roasted peppers.
Omelet Made To Order $5.50 with three ingredients.
Two Eggs Any Style $3.95

Cafe Gusto Gusto’s Quiches Menu and Prices

Spinach Quiche With Salad $7.25 your choice of caesar or garden salad.
Spinach Quiche $5.25

Cafe Gusto Fresh Salad Platters Menu and Prices

Gusto Garden Salad $5.95 mixed greens, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, shredded onions, shredded carrots and alfalfa sprouts.
Create Your Own Salad $1.00 salad extras: grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella cheese
Create Your Own Salad ; salad greens choice: romaine, spinach, house mix
Chicken Salad $8.25 traditional chicken salad, made fresh daily, tomatoes, shredded carrots and sliced cucumber, over mixed romaine lettuce.
Caesar Salad $6.50 shaved romano and home-made croutons over romaine.
Create Your Own Salad $0.75 five salad toppings included: tuna, roasted turkey, ham, black beans, alfalfa, black olives, cheddar cheese, artichokes, croutons, parmesan cheese, feta cheese, broccoli, carrots, avocado, bacon, sun
Tuna Salad $8.25 traditional tuna salad, tomatoes, shredded carrots and sliced cucumbers over romaine lettuce.
Spinach Salad $7.95 chopped spinach, sliced egg, bacon, cucumbers carrots and tomatoes.
Greek Salad $7.00
Egg Salad $7.50 with tomatoes, shredded carrots and sliced cucumbers over mixed greens, romaine and leaf lettuce.
Create Your Own Salad $7.95 includes your choice of five toppings.
Rainbow Grilled Chicken Salad $8.50 grilled chicken, roasted eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, roasted peppers and carrots.
Chef’s Salad $8.95 lettuce, sliced roast turkey, roast beef, black forest ham, swiss cheese and american cheese. garnished with a hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

Cafe Gusto Assorted Bagels Menu and Prices

New Yorker Bagel $7.50 bagel with lox, tomato, capers, onions and plain cream cheese.
Bagel $1.25

Cafe Gusto Sandwiches Menu and Prices

The Reuben Sandwich $8.95 grilled made with pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss and russian dressing on organic rye bread.
1S. Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich $7.95 brie cheese, marinated roasted peppers with pesto toppenade on country white.
7S. Prosciutto Di Parma Sandwich $8.95 spicy coppa, aged provolone cheese, romaine, plum tomato, black olive toppanade and marinated onions, on sourdough.
4S. Smoked Turkey Sandwich $7.95 swiss cheese, roasted eggplant and red onions with russian dressing on sourdough rye.
10S. Chicken Cutlet Sandwich $8.50 fresh mozzarella, plum tomatoes, romaine, red onion, basil and pesto.
5S. Vermont Sharp Cheddar Sandwich $7.50 avocado, crunchy sprouts, red onions, plum tomato with chipotle mayo on rustico multigrain.
3S. Fresh Mozzarella Sandwich $7.50 roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers with black olives toppenade on ciabatta.
11S. Italian Sub Sandwich $8.50 black forest ham, genoa salami, aged provolone cheese, romaine, plum tomatoes and roasted peppers.
6S. Fresh Roasted Turkey Breast Sandwich $8.50 vermont sharp cheddar, romaine, plum tomato, avocado with mayo on rustico multigrain.
8S. Homemade Rare Roast Beef Sandwich $8.95 roasted red peppers, romaine with horseradish dressing on semolina baguette.
2S. Smoked Turkey Sandwich $7.95 romaine, plum tomato with avocado mayo on country white.
9S. Smoked Atlantic Red Salmon Sandwich $8.95 fresh mozzarella, plum tomato and capers with lemon and dill mayo on olive sourdough.

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