Cafe Hanamizuki

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Cafe Hanamizuki Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Hanamizuki Omusubi – Rice Ball Menu and Prices

Italian $2.00 italian salami, black olive, caper and fresh pepper corn
Suki-Yaki $2.50 suki-yaki-beef, burdock root, konjac and scallions
Wakame $2.00 wakame-seaweed, yukari, shisonomi-pickles and shibazuke-pickles
Hawaiian $2.50 hawaiian teriyaki-spam, dried tomato, chili and nori-seaweed
Unagi $2.50 unagi-eel, white sesami, pickled sansho-pepper and bamboo leaf
Ume $2.00 ume-pickles, salted seaweed, nozawana-pickles and dill pickles
Sweet Potato $2.00 japanese sweet potato, hijiki-seaweed, deep-fried tofu and black sesami
Kinoko $2.00 japanese quatro mushrooms, zucchini and scallions
Omusubi Plate $9.00 your choice of two rice balls, miso-soup, today’s sozai-appetizer, or japanese pickles

Cafe Hanamizuki Sozai Japanese Side Dishes Menu and Prices

Japanese Mix Pickles $3.00
Potato Salad $4.00 potato, carrot, cucumber, onion and japanese mayo
Kinpira-Gobo $4.00
Suki-Yaki Tofu $5.00 suki-yaki-beef, tofu, burdock root, konjac and scallions
Pickles To Go Jar $7.00

Cafe Hanamizuki Dessert Menu and Prices

Black Sesame Creme Brulee $6.50
Japanese Chiffon Roll Cake $5.00 original, matcha green tea or chocolate

Cafe Hanamizuki Drinks Menu and Prices

Paromi Tea ;
La Colombe Coffee ;

Cafe Hanamizuki Miso-Soup Menu and Prices

Kinoko $4.00 japanese quatro mushrooms and kaiware-daikon
Gnocchi $4.00 tofu-gnocchi, arugula, black peppers and extra-virgin olive oil
Tofu & Tofu $4.00 tofu and deep fried tofu, wakame-seaweed and scallions
B.L.T. $4.00 bacon, lettuce, tomato and black pepper

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