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Cafe Laufer Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Laufer Spcial Recipe Soups Menu and Prices

Soup of the Day   With french roll, bread bowl, french roll and salad or sandwich combination

Cafe Laufer Ice Cream Menu and Prices

Peach Melba  
Fruit Medley  
Pear Helene  
Coupe Romanoff  
Haagem Dazs Ice Cream  

Cafe Laufer Specialties Menu and Prices

Peach Torte   Chiffon cake, pastry creme, peaches
Chocolate Raspberry Torte   Chocolate chiffon cake, chocolate mousse, fresh raspberry, ganache
Pear Helene Torte   White or chocolate cake filled with custard and pear halves
Bread Pudding   French bread, baked in custard filling
Dark Chocolate Mousse Torte   Chocolate cake, chocolate mousse filling, shaved chocolate on top
Cheese Cake   Cream cheese, eggs, sour cream, sugar
Chocolate Banana Peanut Butter Tart   Tart shell, peanut butter, banana, ganache, pastry creme, whip cream
Black Forest Torte   Chocolate cake, whip cream, cherries
Gugelhuph   Almond paste with butter and mixed with chocolate
Hazelnut Cake   Ground hazelnut, heavy cream, sugar eggs
Cherry Sour Cream Tart   Cherry filling, baked in short dough, topped with sour cream
Passion Fruit Miroir   Lady finger, passion bavarian creme, passion glaze
Tri Color Mousse   Dark, milk and white chocolate mousse, layered together
Marjolaine   Hazelnut and almond meringue, alternating layers of ganache and praline paste
Strawberry Short Cake   White chiffon cake, pastry creme, fresh strawberries, whip cream
Sacher Torte   Chocolate cake, apricot marmalade covered with chocolate
Coconut Cake   White chiffon cake, pastry creme with fresh grated coconut
Lemon Cream Tart   Lemon filling, butter, short dough shell
Chocolate Gateau St. Honore   Pate a choux base, ganache, chocolate cake, chocolate pastry creme, macadamia nut
Chestnut Mont Blanc   Ground chestnut mixed with rum
Walnut Phyllo Torte   Phyllo dough, walnuts, pecan pie filling
White Chocolate Mousse Torte   White chiffon cake, white chocolate mousse, shaved white chocolate on top
Banana Oreo   Cookie bottom, chocolate, oreo cookie, white and chocolate cake and pastry cream
Tiramisu (Classic Italian Torte)   Ladyfinger, mascarpone cheese, coffee liqueur
Pumpkin Apple Tart   Apple cubes and pumpkin pie mix, short dough tart shell
Caramelized Almond Tart   Short dough shell, caramelized sugar, almonds, heavy cream, butter topped with chocolate
Chocolate Nougat Torte   Chocolate cake layered with nougat hazelnut paste cooked with caramelized sugar
Chocolate Macadamia Nut Tart   Ganache, whole and halves macadamia nut
Apple Craisin Slices   Puff pastry, apples, craisin and almond paste
Strawberry Grand Marnier Torte   Fresh strawberries, cake, grand marnier pastry creme
Chocolate Decadence   Chocolate heavy cream, butter, egg whites and eggs
Carrot Cake   Spice cake, carrots, nuts, pineapple, craisins, cream cheese frosting
Refrigerated Cheese Cake   Non bake cheese cake with assorted fruits
Apple Strudel   Phyllo dough, apple slices raisins, butter and almonds
Double Chocolate Fudge Cake   Chocolate devils food cake, layered and covered with ganache
Fruits and Berries in White Wine Gel   Assorted fruits in white wine gel
Linzer Torte   Hazelnut flour, raspberry marmalade
Mocha Torte   Short dough base, alternating layers of white and chocolate cake, mocha filling
Apple Sour Cream Tart   Apple filling, baked in short dough topped with sour cream
Apple Spice Torte   Spice cake, apples
Fresh Fruit Tart   Short dough shell, pastry creme, fresh fruits
Chocolate Charlotte Russe   Ladyfingers on sides, chocolate bavarian filling

Cafe Laufer Individual Dessert Menu and Prices

Lemon Bars   Short cookie dough, lemon filling
Chocolate Eclair   Chocolate dipped eclair shell filled with chocolate pastry creme and whip cream
Cream Puff   Cream puff filled with pastry creme and whip cream
Panna Cotta   Heavy cream, sugar, gelatin topped with fresh fruits
Fruit Slices   Puff pastry strips filled with custard and lined with assorted fruits
Apple and Peach Cobbler   Apple and peaches topped with streusel
Concord   Chocolate mearingue and chocolate mousse
Chocolate Pots Du Creme   Heavy cream, sugar, gelatin, chocolate
Profiterolles   Miniature cream puff filled with custard and topped with chocolate sauce
Fresh Fruit Eclair   Eclair shell, pastry creme, assorted fruits
Creme Brulee   A rich custard made with heavy cream and topped with a caramel sugar crust
Fruit Napoleon   All butter puff pastry sandwiched between pastry creme, assorted fruits
Fruti Roulade   Thin chiffon cake, fruits rolled with custard and whip cream

Cafe Laufer Coffee Menu and Prices

Hot Chocolate  
Caramel Macchiata  
Thai Mocha  

Cafe Laufer Savory Specials Menu and Prices

Brie Cheese  
Vegetable Burger  
Grill Salmon Burger  
Salmon and Pumpernickel  

Cafe Laufer Gourmet Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Vegetarian on French  
Hard Salami  
Multigrain or Rye  
Meat Loaf  
Whole Wheat  
Imitation Crab Salad  
Tuna Salad  
Chicken Salad  

Cafe Laufer Breakfast Pastries Menu and Prices

Our pastries are made with 100% butter
Biscuits & Muffins  
Apple & Cherry Turnover  
Peach and Pear Danish  

Cafe Laufer Salads Menu and Prices

Pasta Salad  
Thai Satay Chicken Salad  
Spinach Salad  
Chinese Chicken Salad  
Orange Seared Shrimp Salad  

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