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Cuisine: Coffee, Italian.


Bruschetta-Toasted Italian Bread Rubbed with Garlic and Olive oil $1.95
Bruschetta-Toasted Italian Bread Rubbed with Tomato and Basil $2.95
Bruschetta-Toasted Italian Bread Rubbed with Tomato, Basil and Cheese $3.75
Mixed Grilled Vegetables with Balsamic glaze $4.75
Mussels Marinara $5.25
Four Cheese Pizza $5.50
Grilled Shrimp $6.25 with lemon cream on a bed of red cabbage
Polenta Torte $4.95 pan fried polenta cake with spinach and red peppers, creamy goat cheese sauce
Pan-Fried Scallops $5.95 with roasted garlic mayonnaise
Grilled Portabello Mushroom $5.50 with lentils and sun-dried tomato sauce
Calamari Marinara $5.50
Italian Sausage $5.25 braised with grapes and white wine

With Bread

Kalamata Olives $1.95
Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil $1.95
Fontinella Cheese and Olive Oil $1.50
Salsa Cruda $1.25
Roasted Red Pepper Pesto $2.95
Eggplant and Carmelized Onion Spread $2.25

Soups and Salads

Minestrone $2.75
Soup of The Day $2.95
House Salad $3.25 mushroom, onion, tomato, romaine lettuce with balsamic vinaigrette
Calamari Salad $5.50 calamari, celery, onions, tomato, garlic, and lemon-olive vinaigrette
Insalata Caprese $5.25 fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, onion, pesto vinaigrette
Yellow Tomato Salad $5.25 gorgonzola cheese, pine nuts, fresh basil, and olive oil
Cucumber, Red Onion and Tomato Salad $4.25


Rigatoni with Smoked Chicken $9.50 with grilled portobello mushrooms, sundried tomato, garlic and olive oil
Cannelloni $9.50 egg pasta sheets rolled around ground veal and spinach. Baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese
Fettuccine al Panna $8.25 with asiago cream sauce
Penne en Casserole $7.95 mostaccioli pasta baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese
Penne en Casserole with Meat Sauce $7.95 mostaccioli pasta baked with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese
Linguini Pescatore $9.95 scallops, mussels, and calamari sauteed in olive oil and garlic or marinara
Spaghetti Primavera $8.50 sauteed mixed vegetables, olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil
Penne Porcini $9.25 with imported wild mushrooms and cream
Fettucine Salmon $9.95 with fresh salmon and scallions in lemon dill cream
Rigatoni with Braised Italian Sausage $8.25 with peppers and onions


served with daily vegetable and starch
Stuffed Eggplant $9.50 thinly sliced eggplant rolled with prosciutto ham and mozzarella cheese, baked with tomato cream sauce and served with spinach
Chicken Vesuvio $11.25 disjointed chicken pan-fried with garlic and rosemary served with roasted potatoes
Stuffed Chicken Breast $12.25 boneless breast stuffed with four cheeses in brandy cream sauce
Grilled Lamb Chops $17.95 with garlic mashed potatoes
Roast Lamb Shank $12.25 with roasted potatoes, onions and natural juices
Veal Limone $17.95 medallions sauteed in olive oil, garlic, white wine and fresh lemon
Grilled Salmon $16.95 with sundried tomato sauce
Roasted Duck $12.95 half duck roasted with marsala wine and dried cherry sauce
Grilled Pork Tenderloin $12.95 in red wine portobello mushroom sauce

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