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Enjoy Cafe Marie latest menu price updated list. Up to date Cafe Marie and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cafe Marie Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Marie Breakfast Eggers Menu and Prices

Eggs scrambled with favorite ingredients folded in flour tortillas. Served with potatoes or tomato slices
Chorizo Egger $7.45 Chorizo sausage, jalapenos, tomatoes, and yellow cheddar & monterey jack cheese
Salmon Egger $9.25 Smoked salmon, spinach, cream cheese and white cheddar
Olive Egger $7.45 Fresh spinach, olives, diced tomatoes, and white cheddar
Veggie Egger $7.25 A crop of fresh vegetables with monterey jack & yellow cheddar

Cafe Marie Skillet Dishes Menu and Prices

Potatoes mixed with favorite ingredients, topped with 2 basted eggs, and served with toast
Farmington $7.95 Diced bacon, tomatoes, onions, & white cheddar cheese
Spinach Skillet $7.95 Fresh spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms & white cheddar cheese
Birminghham $7.95 Fresh vegetables and melted monterey jack & yellow cheddar
Glass City $7.95 Ham, mushrooms, onions, and a combination of cheeses
Westgate $7.95 Chorizo sausage, jalapenos, and onions, covered with salsa and monterey jack & yellow cheddar cheese
The Moose $7.95 A hearty combination of bacon, sausage and ham, with a touch of onions. Covered with melted monterey jack and yellow cheddar cheese

Cafe Marie Omelets Menu and Prices

Served with potatoes & toast. Egg beaters add $0.50, egg whites add $0.75
Spin About $7.65 Spinach, onions & feta cheese
Georgia Pecan Omelet $7.95 With dried cherries, pecans, fresh spinach, mushrooms and white cheddar
South of the Border $7.65 Chorizo sausage, onions, salsa, & a combination of melted cheeses. Topped with sour cream & scallions
Wild Western $7.65 Ham, onions, green peppers, monterey jack & yellow cheddar cheese
The Ultimate $7.95 Bacon, sausagae, ham, fresh vegetables, and a combination of cheeses. Topped with sour cream and scallions
Mediterranean Omelet $7.95 Mushrooms, tomatoes, olives, spinach, and white cheddar cheese

Cafe Marie Sides Menu and Prices

Bagels $1.25
Potatoes & Cheese $2.75
Side Meat $2.75 Bacon, sausage links, ham or turkey sausage
Side Potato $2.25
Muffins $2.25
One Egg $1.25
Potato & Cheese Avalanche $3.25 Potatoes, ranch, cheese & scallions
Two Eggs $2.25

Cafe Marie Traditional Favorites Menu and Prices

Morning Medley $6.75 Two eggs, bacon or sausage links, potatoes, & toast
Steak & Eggs $8.95 Sirloin steak, two eggs, potatoes, & toast
Day Break $5.50 Two eggs, potatoes, and toast
Sunrise Sampler $7.65 Two eggs, bacon or sausage links, potatoes, & two flapjacks. Flavored flapjacks can be added to this dish

Cafe Marie Gourmet Blends Menu and Prices

Scrambled egg dishes served with potatoes and toast
Salmon Scramble $9.65 Smoked salmon, fresh scallions, and white cheddar cheese. Our most popular scrambled egg dish
Eye Opener $7.95 Bacon, mushrooms & scallions, scrambled with monterey jack and yellow cheddar. Topped with bacon, scallions & tomatoes
Huevos Hermosos $7.95 Chorizo sausage, jalapenos, and tomatoes scrambled with eggs. Topped with melted cheeses and sour cream. Served with salsa. Tortillas replace toast on this dish
Brisk Morning $7.95 Ham, scallions, & cream cheese scrambled with eggs
Surf’s Up $7.95 Crabmeat, dill & cream cheese

Cafe Marie Cheesecake Xango Menu and Prices

Cheesecake Xango ; Rich, smooth cheesecake in a flaky pastry shell, rolled in cinnamon sugar. Drizzled with caramel, chocolate, or raspberry sauce. Topped with whip cream and served with cinnamon glazed apples. Availab

Cafe Marie Create Your Own Menu and Prices

Omelet, Skillet or Scramble $6.25 Served with toast
Cheese ; Monterey jack or yellow cheddar mix, white cheddar $0.50 ea, feta, parmesan $0.75 ea
Fruit or Nut ; Pecan, almond, dried cherries $0.95 ea
Sauce ; Salsa, hollandaise, sour cream $0.50 ea
Meat ; Bacon, sausage, ham $0.85 ea
Veggie ; Onion, tomato, green pepper, scallion $0.25 ea, spinach, veg mix, mushrooms $0.50 ea

Cafe Marie Flapjacks Menu and Prices

Raspberry French Toast $7.25
Strawberry with Whip $6.25 – $6.75
Granola & Almond $6.50 – $7.00
Strawberry Banana $6.50 – $7.00
Raspberry French Toast (Half Order) $5.75
Blueberry or Banana $6.25 – $6.75
Toast of France (Half Order) $4.75
Toast of France $6.25
Just Jacks $5.25 – $5.75
Pecan, Cherry, or Almond $6.75 – $7.25
Cherry Almond Banana Pecan $6.95 – $7.95

Cafe Marie Frittatas Menu and Prices

Served with potatoes and toast
Seafood Frittata $9.65 Smoked salmon, crab, fresh scallions & white cheddar cheese
Veggie Delight $7.95 Fresh vegetables and monterey jack & yellow cheddar cheese. Topped with sour cream and scallions
Spinach Supreme $7.95 Fresh spinach, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes & feta cheese

Cafe Marie Kids Breakfast Menu and Prices

12 and under
Single Slice of France $4.75 One piece of french toast, two strips of bacon or one sausage link
Baby Moose $4.75 Potatoes, bacon, sausage, ham, and melted cheese topped with scrambled eggs. Served with toast
Munchkin Medley $4.75 One scrambled egg, potatoes, two strips of bacon or one sausage link, one piece of toast & a side of banana slices
The Happy Pancake $4.75 Bananas, blueberries, chocolate, & whip cream make this cake happy. Served with two strips of bacon or one sausage link

Cafe Marie Benedicts Menu and Prices

Served with potatoes & glazed apples
Seafood Bene $7.65 Poached eggs, crabmeat, english muffin, hollandaise
Salmon Bene $9.65 Poached eggs, smoked salmon, english muffin, hollandaise
Veggie Bene $7.45 Poached eggs, spinach, tomatoes, english muffin, hollandaise
Brandon’s Benny $7.65 Poached eggs, ham, english muffin & hollandaise sauce

Cafe Marie Lite Breakfast Selection Menu and Prices

Sliced Banana $1.45
Aegean Breakfast $6.75 Two eggs on spinach & tomatoes. With olives & Feta
Breakfast Bagel $5.25 Egg and cheese with bacon, sausage or ham
Granola $5.25 100% all natural granola, touched with the sweetness of brown sugar & honey. Served cold with a side of banana
Apple Pecan Oatmeal $5.45
Oatmeal $3.95
Cherry Apple Oatmeal $5.45
Fresh Fruit $4.25 – $6.75
Smoked Salmon Bagel $8.75 With lettuce, tomato, red onion, and cream cheese

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