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Cafe Ole Ole Lunch Favorites Menu and Prices

Personal Skillet Fajitas $9.95 Our award winning fajitas in a lunch size version. Choose from delicious marinated chicken, steak or pork grilled with peppers, onions, mushrooms & our special spices. Served with warm tortillas, ric
Blue Corn Tacos $8.25 Two delicious blue corn tortillas stuffed with grilled steak or chicken, topped with melted cheese, shredded lettuce, cabbage, cilantro and pico de gallo. Served with rice, beans, sour cream and pica
Quesadilla $8.25 A grilled flour tortilla stuffed with cheese and choice of chicken, bacon or mushrooms, pico de gallo and sour cream. Served with a side salad or a cup of soup. Add $1.00 for each additional item
Fajita Burrito $8.75 Cafe oles tasty mixture of broiled chicken or steak with grilled vegetables wrapped in a flour tortilla with guacamole, sour cream dressing, cheese and pico de gallo. Topped with ranchero sauce and m
Chicken Tostada $8.25 A crisp corn tortilla topped with beans, chicken, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, jicama and cheddar and jack cheese
Chimichanga Ole $7.50 A deep fried burrito filled with choice of shredded beef or chicken, topped with jack cheese. Served with sour cream, rice and refried beans
Two Item Combo $8.50 Choose any two of favorites: taco, tamale, enchilada, burrito or chimichanga. Served with rice beans and sour cream
Taco Salad $8.25 Ground beef or grilled chicken served on a bed of fresh lettuce in a crisp tortilla shell, topped with tomatoes, cheese, olives, green onion and avocado. Served with choice of dressing
Enchilada Del Mar $8.25 A flour tortilla stuffed with real snow crab and shrimp, topped with tomatillo and ranchero sauce, melted jack cheese, sour cream dressing, olives, onions and avocado. Served with rice and beans
Burrito Especial $8.75 A soft flour tortilla filled with seasoned shredded beef, ground beef or chicken, beans and cheese. Topped with our ranchero sauce and garnished with sour cream dressing
Baja Fish Tacos $8.75 Beer-battered red snapper served in two warm corn tortillas with fresh shredded cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro, onions and chipotle sour cream. Served with rice and beans
Burrito Ole $8.75 Hot on the outside cool on the inside. A soft flour tortilla filled with shredded beef, ground beef or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Topped with enchilada sauce and me
Veggie Burrito $8.75 A delicious mixture of rice, black beans, cheese, pico de gallo, grilled fajita vegetables, guacamole and sour cream dressing wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Topped with ranchero sauce, cheese and bla
Mini Chimichangas $7.25 Four mini chicken burritos deep fried to golden brown, topped with melted jack cheese and served with sour cream
Enchiladas Rancheras $7.50 One corn tortilla filled with shredded beef or chicken, rolled and smothered in our delicious ranchero sauce. Served with rice, refried beans and sour cream

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