Cafe Pacific

Up to date Cafe Pacific prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal. Cafe Pacific is available in 3 states.

Cuisine: American, Coffee.


Miso soup $2.00, rice $1.00
Japanese Curry Rice $8.24 With vegetables only or with added chicken
Katsu Curry $8.98 Deep-fried pork cutlet over curry rice with vegetables
Unagi Don $8.98 Grilled eel over rice with unagi sauce
Chicken or Pork Agemono $8.98 Deep-fried cutlet served with rice and salad
Yakiniku Don $8.98 Sauteed rib eye beef in savory sauce with scallions and onions over rice
Katsu Don $8.24 Pork cutlet over rice with egg and savory sauce
Oyako Don $8.24 Chicken and egg with savory sauce and vegetables over rice
Buta Kimuchi $8.24 Sliced pork with nappa cabbage in a spicy kimchee sauce

Special Entrees

Sukiyaki $11.48 Sliced rib eye steak, tofu, vegetables and noodles in savory broth
Seafood Sukiyaki $14.35 Seafood, fish ,tofu and vegetables in savory broth
Nabeyaki Udon $10.65 Noodle soup with chicken, shrimp tempura, vegetables, and egg
Salmon Teriyaki $11.48 Grilled fillet of salmon with house teriyaki sauce
Spicy Seafood Nabe $14.35 Crab, shrimp, scallops, fish, and vegetables with kimchee broth

Side Dishes & Noodle Dishes

Chicken Salad with Tofu $6.71 Green salad with chicken, fresh tofu, and japanese ginger dressing
Tofu Salad $5.55 Green salad with fresh tofu and japanese ginger dressing
Tofu Nuggests $4.62 Fried tofu made with edamame
Edamame $4.62 Boiled, salted whole soybeans, served warm
Fried Gyoza $4.62 Friend dumplings with ground meat and vegetables
Agedofu $4.62 Deep fried tofu
Spicy Tofu $4.62 Sauteed tofu with scallions and spicy kimchee sauce
Miso Ramen $7.78 Noodle soup with miso-flavored broth
Shoyu Ramen $7.78 Noodle soup with soy sauce-flavored broth
Udon Noodle Soup $7.78 With vegetables only or with added chicken
Kitsune Udon $7.78 Thick wheat noodles in broth with green vegetable and fried tofu
Yakiudon $7.78 Noodles in a savory sauce with vegetables only or with added chicken
Udon Noodle Soup $7.78 With shumai or gyoza shrimp dumplings or pork dumplings
Yakisoba $7.78 Stir-fried egg noodles with cabbage and pork
Kashiwa Soba $7.78 Buckwheat noodle soup with chicken and spinach
Sansai Soba $7.78 Buckwheat noodle soup with mountain ferns and spinach
Zaru Soba $7.78 Cold buckwheat noodles with wasabi and scallion dipping sauce

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