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Enjoy Cafe Voila latest menu price updated list. Up to date Cafe Voila and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Cafe Voila Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cafe Voila Teas Menu and Prices

Hot Tea $1.75 please choose from our tea selections
Iced Tea $1.75 lipton Ice tea
Arnold Palmer $1.75 the half-lemonade, half-ice blended drink

Cafe Voila Beers Menu and Prices

Mgd $3.50
Asked For Specials $3.50
Miller Light $3.50
Heineken $3.50
Samuel Adams $3.50
Corona $3.50

Cafe Voila Grill Viandes & Poissons Menu and Prices

Rib Eye Steak Angus Beef $19.95 with brandy, pepper corn sauce
Rotisserie Half Duck $20.95 in a cherry demi glace sauce
Chicken Cordon Bleu $14.95 in a creamy mushrooms sauce
Fresh Dover Sole Filet $17.95 cooked with almond butter sauce
Fisherman’s Fish & Fries $13.95 batter dipped god fuh, with tartar sauce
Sauteed Shrimp Garlic Parsley $17.95 sun dried tomatoes & white wine
Grilled Salmon Filet $18.95 served with lemon butter sauce
Braised Veal Shank $24.95 cooked with a red wine demi glace sauce

Cafe Voila Soups Menu and Prices

Bowl French Onion Soup Or Soup Of The Day $4.95
Cup French Onion Soup Or Soup Of The Day $3.50

Cafe Voila Sodas Menu and Prices

Pepsi $1.75
Mountain Dew $1.75
Sierra Mist $1.75
Fruit Punch $1.75
Dr. Pepper $1.75
Lipton Brisk Lemonade $1.75
Diet Pepsi $1.75

Cafe Voila Quiches & Crepes Menu and Prices

served with house salad
Quiche Lorraine, Bacon & Cheese $9.95
Crepes Nordique, Leeks & Salmon $9.95
Quiche Florentine, Spinach $9.95
Crepes Bressanne, Chicken & Vegetables $9.95

Cafe Voila Pates Menu and Prices

Rosemary Chicken Ravioli In A Creamy Mushroom Sauce $11.95
Penne Provencale $14.95 with shrimps, basil tomatoes & garlic
Fettuccini Carbonara $10.95
Spaghetti Napolitano $8.95 tomato basil sauce with garlic
Lasagna With Meat Sauce $10.95
Linguini With Smoke Salmon & Creamy Tarragon Sauce $12.95
Lobster Ravioli In Creamy Saffron Sauce $16.95
Spinach & Mozzarella Ravioli In A Marinara Sauce $10.95

Cafe Voila Salads & Entrees Menu and Prices

Chicken Caesar Salad $8.95
Greek Salad $8.95 feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers & onions
Country Salad $9.95 bacon, swiss cheese, walnuts, boiled eggs & tomatoes
Fried Calamari & Spicy Marinara Sauce $8.95
Grilled Tuna Steak Salad Nicoise $13.95
Crab Cake Salad $9.95 with balsamic vinaigrette
Exotic Salad $9.95 shrimps, avocado, fresh fruits, raspberry vinaigrette
Escargots $10.50 snails with garlic parsley mushrooms & fresh cream
Chef Salad $8.95 blue cheese crumble, walnuts, apples, celery & croutons

Cafe Voila Waters Menu and Prices

San Pellegrino $4.50 san pellegrino is high in mineral content
Perrier $2.50 perrier is a carb free, sparkling mineral water
Evian $2.50 natural spring water from the french alps.

Cafe Voila Desserts Menu and Prices

Key Lime Sunrise $5.95 served with raspberry coulis
Profiteroles $6.95 with warm chocolate sauce & whipped Cream
Magnificent Seven Chocolate Cake $5.95 with english cream
Creme Brulee Warm Custard $5.95
Hiagen Doss Ice Cream $2.00 – $4.50 vanilla, chocolate, coffee, chocolate mint, coconut pineapple, rum raisin, raspberry sorbet
Chocolate Liegois $6.50 ice cream chocolate, chocolate sauce
Crepes Susette $6.95 caramelized with orange sauce, grand marnier
Raspberry Melba $6.95 vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce
Tiramisu $6.95 served with english cream
Chocolate Mousse $5.95 with whipped cream
Monster Cheese Cake $6.50 served with raspberry coulis
Cafe Liegois $6.50 coffee ice cream and a shot of espresso

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