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Enjoy Caffe Roma latest menu price updated list. Up to date Caffe Roma and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Caffe Roma Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Caffe Roma Soda Fountain Menu and Prices

Diet Pepsi $2.75
Limone $2.75 lemon
Iced Tea $2.75
San Pellegrino Mineral Water $3.00
Amarena $2.75 cherry
Lemonade $2.75
Ginger Ale $2.75
Arancio $2.75 orange
Chocolate Or Vanilla Egg Cream $2.75
Orzata $2.75 almond
Poland Springs Water $2.50
Lemon Or Lime $2.75
Fruit Juice $2.50
Pepsi Cola $2.75

Caffe Roma Traditional Teas Menu and Prices

Earl Gray  
English Breakfast  

Caffe Roma Gelato $5 Menu and Prices

Oreo Cookie  
Old Fashioned Vanilla   with nuts
Bailey’s Irish Cream ; with chocolate chunks
Tartufo ; ice cream with nuts and cherry center covered with chocolate
Coffee Kahlua ;
Rum Raisin ;
Chocolate Fudge ;
Strawberry ;

Caffe Roma Hot Chocolate Menu and Prices

Mochaccino ; coffee
Nocciola Coco ; hazelnut
Chocolate Cream ; irish cream

Caffe Roma Cookies & Biscotti Menu and Prices

Chocolate Biscotti $4.50

Caffe Roma Cappuccino Menu and Prices

Cafe Europa ; irish cream
Amaretto Cappuccino ; almond
Coffee Cappuccino ; coffee
Hazelnut Cappuccino ; hazelnut

Caffe Roma Blended Teas Menu and Prices

Chai Spice Black ;
Orange Spice ;
Premium Green ;
Jasmine Blossom ;

Caffe Roma Double Espresso Menu and Prices

Cafe Di Nocciola ; hazelnut
Cafe Di Amaretto ; almond
Irish Coffee ; irish cream

Caffe Roma Coffee Bar Menu and Prices

We Now Serve Whole, Skim Plus, And Soy Milk Whipped Cream Additional $0.50
Cappuccino $3.75
Double Espresso $4.25
Milk $2.50
Espresso $2.75
Iced Cappuccino $4.50
Hot Tea $3.00
Hot Chocolate $3.75

Caffe Roma Pastries $3.95 Menu and Prices

Apple Turnover ; a light flake pastry filled with apples and cinnamon
Pasticciata Alla Ricotta ; a golden pastry shell with ricotta cheese
Cream Puff ; an airy cream puff filled with vanilla custard
Sfogliatella ; a crisp flaky triangle filled with sweet ricotta cheese
Napoleon ; moist sponge cake and layers of flaky pastry filled with vanilla custard and laced with cherries
Whipped Cream Tart ; a traditional tart shell filled with chocolate custard topped with whipped cream
Pasticciotto Alla Cream ; a golden pastry shell with vanilla custard
Chocolate Eclair ; an airy pastry filled with chocolate custard
Cannoli Napolitano ; a light flake pastry filled with chocolate custard cream and nuts
Cannoli Siciliana ; a traditional favorite
Vanilla Eclair ; an airy pastry filled with vanilla custard
Baba Alla Ricotta ; a sponge cake generously flavored with rum & cannoli cream
Baba Alla Crema ; caffe roma’s traditional baba a rhum filled with vanilla cream

Caffe Roma Saturday & Sunday Specials Menu and Prices

Fresh Strawberry Pastry $4.75 a puff pastry filled with whipped vanilla custard and fruit
French Napoleon $4.00 layers of flaky pastry filled with whipped vanilla custard and fruit
Rustico $3.50 a golden flaky crust generously filled with ricotta cheese and imported italian ham
Lobster Tail $4.75 a flaky pastry filled with whipped vanilla custard

Caffe Roma Italian Ice $4.50 Menu and Prices

Granite Di Limone   a refreshing, mildly tart lemon ice made with real lemon juice
Granite Di Chocolate   the flavor of our chocolate ice is achieved by mixing imported cocoa and fudge into a consistently smooth texture

Caffe Roma House Specialties Menu and Prices

Chocolate Cannoli $4.50
Italian Cheese Cake $5.00
Mini Cheese Cake With Fruit $5.00 rich cream cheese cake with chocolate cream cheese swirl
Mini Amaretto Cheese Cake $4.50 rich cream cheese cake flavored with amaretto
Mini Chocolate Raspberry Cake $4.50
Mini Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake $4.50 thick chocolate cake and layers of creamy rich fudge
Tiramisu $3.00

Caffe Roma Herbal Teas Menu and Prices

Lemon Ginger  

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