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Calexico Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Calexico Rolled Quesadillas Menu and Prices

Cheese $7.00 oaxacan, cheddar, jack
Veggie $7.50 peppers, onions, corn
Mushroom $8.00 mushrooms, huitlacoche, caramelized onions
Gringo $8.00 ancho-cumin ground beef
Carne Asada $9.00 marinated hanger steak, caramelized onions
Chipotle Pork $8.00 slow cooked chipotle pork, pickled red onions
Pollo Asado $8.00 marinated grilled chicken

Calexico Burritos & Bowls Menu and Prices

Served In A Warm Flour Tortilla (Or Bowl) With Rice, Black Or Refried Pinto Beans, Monterey Jack And Pico De Gallo. Add Ins: Crack Sauce, Jalapenos, Brown Rice $1 Or Guacamole $3. Wet Burrito: Top Any Burrito With Red Chile Sauce Or Green Tomatillo Sauce,
Baja Fish $10.00 beer battered fish, spicy slaw, fresh mango, chipotle "crack" sauce
Carne Asada $10.00 marinated hanger steak, avocado sauce
Bean Burrito $8.00 black or refried pinto beans, guacamole, cotija cheese, "crack" sauce
Chipotle Pork $9.00 slow-cooked chipotle pork, pickled red onions, sour cream
Pollo Asado $9.00 marinated grilled chicken, avocado sauce

Calexico Enchiladas $14 Menu and Prices

Chicken   slow-cooked chicken, bacon, jalapenos, cheese, and sour cream in red chile sauce
Vegetable   grilled corn, squash and leeks with cheese and sour cream in tomatillo sauce

Calexico Sandwiches Menu and Prices

Papalo Chicken $12.00 marinated grilled chicken, ancho spiced bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, papalo pesto
Pulled Pork $12.00 braised chipotle pork, avocado, pickled red onions, bean spread, "crack" sauce
Sloppy Jose $13.00 ancho cumin ground beef, fried green tomatillos, avocado, melted pepper jack cheese, sour cream, red chile sauce

Calexico Starters Menu and Prices

Chips & Salsa $5.00 fresh tortilla chips with house salsa
Carne Fries $12.00 chile-cilantro fries with braised beef brisket, caramelized onions, black beans, cheese sauce, pico, sour cream, guacamole
Chicken Wings $9.00 in a spicy chipotle glaze with cabrales blue cheese sauce
Nachos $10.00 guacamole, cheese sauce, roasted corn, black beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, pickled jalapenos
Nachos $13.00 chicken or steak
Elote $4.00 grilled sweet corn, cotija cheese, chile powder, sour cream, cilantro, lime
Guacamole $9.00 with house made tortilla chips

Calexico Anson Mills Grits $10 Menu and Prices

Mushroom   mushrooms, huitlacoche, pickled corn, watercress, roasted pumpkin seeds
Pork   slow cooked chipotle pork, pickled red onions, apple, celery

Calexico Tacos Menu and Prices

Served On Warm Corn Tortillas. Add Rice And Beans To Any Order For $3.
Baja Fish $4.50 beer battered fish, spicy slaw, mango salsa, chipotle "crack" sauce
Carne Asada $4.00 marinated hanger steak, avocado sauce, pico
Tofu Asado $3.00 grilled chile-lime tofu, avocado sauce, pico de gallo
Chipotle Pork $3.50 slow-cooked chipotle pork, pickled red onions, pico de gallo, sour cream
Black Bean $3.00 with guacamole, pico de gallo, cotija cheese, chipotle "crack" sauce
Pollo Tocino $4.00 chicken and bacon in tomatillo sauce, pickled jalapenos, cotija cheese
Pollo Asado $3.50 marinated grilled chicken, avocado sauce, pico
Gringo $3.00 ancho-cumin ground beef, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, crispy tortilla.

Calexico Salads Menu and Prices

Tostada $10.00 corn tostada, romaine, avocado, jack cheese, roasted tomato salsa, black beans, roasted corn, chiles, sour cream, cilantro-lime vinaigrette
Union Street $5.00 – $9.00 romaine, goat cheese, roasted corn, avocado, tomato, sesame seeds, sherry vinaigrette
Watercress $9.00 with queso fresco, jicama, fresh grapefruit, pumpkin seed vinaigrette

Calexico Sides Menu and Prices

Jalapeno Cheddar Grits $5.00
Mexican Rice $3.00
Refried Beans $4.00 w/cotija cheese
Brown Rice $4.00
Tortilla Chips $3.00
Black Beans $4.00 with queso fresco & pico de gallo
Seasonal Greens $5.00
Small Guacamole $4.00
Chile-Cilantro Fries $5.00
Salsa $3.00 salsa verde or pico de gallo

Calexico Drinks Menu and Prices

Tecate $4.00
Pabst Blue Ribbon $4.00
Boing Mango Soda $2.00
Water $2.00
Jarritos Soda $2.00
Modelo Especial $4.00

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