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Cuisine: Mexican.


Fajitas $10.85 chicken, steak or shrimp
Fajitas Mix $12.85 chicken, steak and shrimp

Para Ninos (Children)

Taco con Arroz y Frijoles $4.25 with rice or beans
Quesadilla con Arroz y Frijoles $4.25 with rice and beans
Enchilada con Arroz y Frijoles $4.25 with rice and beans
Pollo Frito con Papas $4.25 fried chicken and French Fries
Chicken Fingers con Papas $4.25 chicken fingers and French fries
Burrito con Arroz y Frijoles $4.25 with rice and beans


Chips & Salsa $2.00
Guacamole $3.85 avacado with tomato, onions, cilantro and jalpenos
Papas Fritas $1.85 French fries
Arroz $1.50 vera cruz rice
Frijoles $1.50 refried beans
Tortillas (4) $1.50 corn or flour
Nachos Con Queso $2.85 corn chips with cheese
Huevos (2) $0.75 eggs

To Go Menu-Sodas

Jarrito de Toronja o Jamaica $1.00 – $1.50
Jarrito de Tamarindo y Guayaba $1.00 – $1.50
Tea $1.25
Limon o Pina $1.00 – $1.50
Sangria $1.00 – $1.50
Coca de Botella o Lata $1.00 – $1.50
Pepsi de Botella o Lata $1.00 – $1.50
Sidral-Mineral Water $1.00 – $1.50

To Go Menu-Caldos (Soup)

Caldo 7 Mares $11.85 seafood
Caldo de Camaron $10.85 shrimp
Caldo de Pollo $7.85 chicken
Caldo de Res $8.85 beef
Menudo $7.85 stew
Pozole $7.85 pork

To Go Menu-Vegeteriano (Vegeterian)

Taco Salad $4.25 lettuce, tomato and cheese
Ensalada de Pollo $5.25 chicken
Ensalada de Camarones $8.25 shrimp
Chiles Rellenos de Queso $8.85 stuffed pepper, cheese, rice and beans
Enchiladas Con Queso $7.50 corn tortillas, cheese, and beans

Antojitos (Appetizers)

Enchiladas de Pollo Queso Verdes o Rojas $7.95 corn tortillas, chicken or cheese, green or red sauce
Chilaquiles con Carne de Pollo o Huevos $8.15 eggs, meat or chicken
Flautas de Pollo o Carne $7.85 flutes beef or chicken
Quesadillas de Queso $7.85 cheese folded tortillas corn or flour, chicken, shrimp or fajita beef
Sopes de Pollo y Carne al Pastor o Lengua $3.25 chicken, steak, pork or beef
Tacos de Asada al Pastor, Pollo y Lengua $1.50 steak, chicken, pork or beef
Toastadas de Lengua y Asada o Pollo $3.25 beef, chicken or steak
Tostadas de Camaron o Ceviche $3.50 shrimp or fish
Tortas de Pollo, Carne Asada, Milaneza y Jamon con Queso $3.85 chicken, steak, breaded beef or ham and cheese sandwich
Burrito de Carne Asada o Pollo $4.00 steak or chicken
Burrito de Carne al Pastor $4.00 pork

Guisos (Entree)

Red Mole Poblano $9.25 chicken
Costillas de Puerco en Salsa Verde o Roja $8.25 pork ribs and red or green salsa
Chuletas de Ouerco en Salsa Verde o Roja $9.25 pork chops and red or green salsa
Chuleta Frita $9.25 fried pork chops and French fries
Carne Asada $9.85 grilled steak, salad, beans and rice
Milaneza de Res o Pollo $9.25 breaded steak or chicken, salad beans and rice
Pollo en Salsa Verde o Roja $7.85 chicken, red or green salsa
Bistec Ranchero $9.85 steak, salsa green or red, rice and beans
Bistec al Mexicana $9.85 steak, tomatos, onions, peppers, rice and beans
Bistec Encebollado $9.85 steak and onions, rice and beans
Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha $8.85 grilled chicken breast
Patas de Puerco en Escabeche $8.25 pigs feet marinated, mixed spiced sauce, green sauce in tomatos
Green Mole Verde $9.25 chicken

Mariscos (Seafood)

Mojarra Frita a la Veracruzana $9.85 fried tilapia
Filete de Pescado Frito $9.85 fried fillet of fish
Filete de Pescado Empanizado $9.85 breaded fillet of fish
Filete de Pescado a la Plancha $9.85 grilled fillet of fish
Filete a la Veracruzana $9.85
Coctel de Camaron $10.85 shrimp cocktail
Coctel de Vuelve a la Vida $11.25 seafood mix cocktail
Ostiones en su Concha $11.85 12 oysters on half shell
Camarones a la Diabla $9.85 pan fried shrimp with spicy sauce
Camarones a la Mojo de Ajo $9.85 pan fried shrimp with garlic sauce
Camarones a la Plancha $9.85 grilled shrimp
Camarones Empanizado $9.85 breaded shrimp

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