Up to date Cannataro’s prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.


Add Roasted Chicken to any Salad – $2.75, Add Sauteed Shrimp – $5.95
Bread Knots $5.95 Fresh dough tied in knots with Marinara dipping sauce
Bruschetta $5.95 Fresh tomatoes, basil & garlic served with crispy Tuscan bread, topped with Parmesan Cheese
Spicy Artichoke Jalapeno Dip $6.95 Artichoke, jalapeno, garlic & herbs served warm, topped with melted Mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese, includes Tuscan bread for dipping
Chicken Wings $5.95 – $17.95 An old favorite served with either hot sauce or BBQ sauce
Calamari $7.95 Calamari rings & tentacles lightly breaded with Italian herbs & served with Marinara Sauce
Breaded Eggplant or Zucchini $5.95 Lightly breaded Eggplant or Zucchini, fried crispy & then sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese. Served with a side of Ranch dressing
Mini Thin, Thin, Thin Pizza 8″ $5.95 With one topping
Mini Calzones $1.95 Meatball, Sausage or Chicken
Breaded Ravioli $5.95 – $15.95 Beef Ravioli breaded and served with Marinara Sauce
Caprese $7.95 Fresh Mozzarella, sliced tomatoes & fresh basil, topped with balsamic vinegar
Mozzarella Sticks $5.95 Lightly breaded Mozzarella sticks served with Marinara Sauce
Stuffed Mushrooms $6.95 Fresh Mushrooms filled with Ground Beef, Italian Sausage & Romano Cheese

Salads & Soups

Julie’s Wedding Soup $2.95 – $4.95 An old family recipe! Chicken, meatballs, spinach, vegetables, lots of love!
Pasta Fagioli $2.95 – $4.95 A blend of fresh vegetables, ground beef, cannellini beans & kidney beans in a signature tomato sauce
Caesar Salad $3.95 – $6.25 Romaine lettuce topped with fresh shredded Parmesan & garlic croutons
Minestrone Soup $2.95 – $4.95 Traditional pasta, vegetables & Italian seasonings in a tomato based broth
House Salad $2.95 – $5.95 Mixed lettuce, olives, tomato & Mozzarella Cheese
Berry Good Salad $10.95 Topped with fresh berries, Feta Cheese, candied walnuts and grilled chicken with raspberry vinaigrette
Shrimp Scampi Salad $10.95 Romaine with sauteed Scampi, Mozzarella, tomato, black olives, artichokes
Chicken Caesar $8.95
Mediterranean Spring Mix Salad $9.95 Klamath olives, Feta Cheese, tomatoes & red onion tossed with red wine vinegar
Chicken Bruschetta Salad $8.95 Tomato, basil, garlic, chicken & olives with Tuscan breads
Antipasto Salad $8.95 Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, artichoke hearts, Mozzarella, black olives, tomato, red onion
Salmon Caesar $10.95 Romaine with Salmon Filet, blackened or grilled, Parmesan Cheese & croutons
Grilled Chicken & Vegetables $8.95 Lettuce topped with grilled vegetables, chicken & Mozzarella Cheese
Southwest Chicken $9.95 Fresh romaine topped with BBQ chicken breast, white corn, black beans, avocado, tomato, red and green pepper, Mozzarella Cheese & our own Southwest dressing


Cheesy Garlic Bread $4.95 Fresh bread topped with garlic butter and Mozzarella Cheese
Sauteed Vegetable $3.95 Fresh vegetables sauteed in butter, extra virgin olive oil & fresh garlic
Tri-colored Pasta Salad $3.75 – $5.95 Rottatelli pasta tossed with black olives, fresh tomato, red onion, green & red bell peppers, carrots, celery & a special Italian dressing with secret seasonings
Sauteed Mushrooms $5.95 Fresh mushrooms sauteed in butter, fresh garlic & olive oil
Meatballs or Sausage Hot or Mild (2) $4.95 Julie makes these fresh from an old family recipe!
Dipping Sauces $1.75 Choose meat sauce (ground beef, Italian sausage) fresh pesto or creamy Alfredo, Marinara, Salsa Fresca, or olive oil / fresh garlic / balsamic vinegar

Chicken & Beef

All entrees include house salad & warm garlic bread Caesar Salad – $1 extra
Pasta Cannataro’s $11.95 Baked chicken breast, sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with fresh garlic, fresh basil & sun-dried tomato then tossed in your choice of pasta, topped with shredded Parmesan
Chicken Marsala $13.95 – $15.95
Chicken Picatta $12.95 Tender chicken sauteed in olive oil, fresh garlic, butter, lemons & capers, served in a creamy lemon wine butter sauce with a side of pasta
Veal Parmesan $15.95 Lightly breaded veal topped with Marinara & Mozzarella Cheeses with side of pasta
Steak Arrabbiata $14.95 Tender thin steak sauteed in a garlic, wine, spicy au jus sauce, served with linguine Marinara
New York Steak $15.95 Steak cooked to order with roasted vegetables and pasta Marinara
Chicken Parmesan $12.95 Lightly breaded, topped with Marinara and Mozzarella Cheeses, served with spaghetti
Veal Marsala $15.95 Tender veal sauteed in olive oil, fresh garlic, basil & mushrooms. Served in a creamy Marsala wine sauce with a side of pasta
Pork Tenderloin $13.95 Pork cutlets, sauteed, served with portebella mushroom ravioli with sauteed mushrooms in a creamy Marsala sauce
Veal Picatta $15.95 Tender veal sauteed in olive oil, fresh garlic, mushrooms, onions & capers, served in a creamy lemon, wine and butter sauce with a side of pasta
Sampler Platter $15.95 Lasagna, Chicken Parmesan & Fettuccine Alfredo


12″ The Little Italy Pizza $16.95 With your choice of shrimp or roasted salmon
Shrimp Scampi $14.95 Shrimp sauteed in butter, olive oil, fresh garlic & herbs, served over linguini pasta
Salmon Fettuccini $13.95 Chunks of fresh salmon sauteed in butter, olive oil & garlic, then tossed in creamy garlic Alfredo Sauce
Linguini Pescatore $16.95 Clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari & salmon in a light Marinara wine sauce
Shrimp Ravioli $12.95 Pasta stuffed with shrimp & ricotta cheese, with Marinara or garlic cream sauce
Salmon Picatta $14.95 Filet of Salmon sauteed with lemon, butter, garlic, olive oil, capers & white wine
Linguini & Clam Sauce $12.95 Tomato or olive oil with chopped clams sauteed in garlic & white wine
Roasted Salmon Filet $15.95 Served with lemon butter sauce, side of Shrimp Ravioli in a creamy garlic sauce

Low Carb Entrees

Lemon Herb Chicken $10.95 Boneless breast of chicken sauteed in olive oil & garlic with broccoli & carrots
Salmon Filet $14.95 Filet of salmon sauteed in olive oil, white wine & garlic, served with grilled vegetables
Baked Hot Sausage $9.95 Two hot sausages covered in Marinara Sauce and topped with sauteed mushrooms, green bell peppers & onions, baked with melted Mozzarella Cheese
Baked Chicken & Grilled Veggies $9.95 Roasted chicken, broccoli, carrots, zucchini, red and green bell peppers, baked with Marinara & Mozzarella Cheeses
Sauteed Shrimp $14.95 Shrimp & fresh mushrooms sauteed in olive oil, garlic & herbs with grilled vegetables
Rib Eye Steak $14.95 Steak sauteed in olive oil, garlic & herbs and served with grilled vegetables
Pizza $13.95 12 in. Extra, extra thin crust topped with pepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon and meatballs


All entrees include House Salad & warm Garlic Bread Caesar Salad – $1 extra
Pasta Marinara $9.95 Fresh tomato based sauce with Italian herbs & seasonings, finished with amore!
Spaghetti Meatballs or Sausage $11.95 Homemade meatballs or sausage with Marinara Sauce
Fettuccini Alfredo $9.95 Creamy garlic Alfredo Sauce over pasta
Linguini Carbonara $12.95 Chicken breast, bacon crumbles & mushrooms in a creamy Alfredo Sauce
Penne Primavera $11.95 Grilled vegetables in a creamy tomato sauce or creamy pesto sauce over penne
Ravioli Cheese or Beef $11.95 Pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese or ground beef, served with Marinara Sauce
Gnocchi $11.95 Potato pasta served with Marinara or meat sauce
Tri-Colored Tortellini $11.95 Pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, served with sun-dried tomato sauce
Pasta Bolognese $10.95 Ground beef, Italian sausage sauteed in olive oil, garlic, basil, herbs & tomato sauce
Spaghetti Carnivore $12.95 Spaghetti served with spicy meat sauce, one meatball and one sausage
Fettuccini Alfredo Supremo $11.95 Roasted chicken & fresh broccoli in a creamy Alfredo Sauce
Pesto Linguine $11.95 Fresh basil, olive oil & garlic tossed in pasta, garnished with pine nuts & tomatoes
Angel Hair Pomodoro $10.95 Fresh tomato & basil sauteed in garlic, olive oil & white wine

Baked Pasta

Baked Ziti $11.95 – $13.95 Penne pasta tossed with meat sauce & Ricotta Cheese, topped with melted Mozzarella
Manicotti Florentine $11.95 Pasta tubes filled with fresh spinach, Ricotta & Romano Cheese
Baked Eggplant $11.95 Lightly breaded eggplant topped with Marinara & Mozzarella with a side of pasta
Lasagna $12.95 Layers of pasta, marinara, ground beef, Italian sausage, Ricotta Cheese & Mozzarella of course!
Veggie Lasagna $11.95 Layers of pasta Marinara & mixed vegetables with Ricotta and Mozzarella Cheeses
Cannelloni $11.95 Pasta stuffed with beef, Ricotta & Romano Cheese, topped with Marinara & Mozzarella
Baked Pesto Penne $11.95 Short tube pasta with pesto sauce & Ricotta Cheese, topped with Mozzarella
Cannelloni Supremo $13.95 Pasta stuffed with chicken, broccoli, spinach, Ricotta & Romono Cheese, then topped with alfredo sauce & Mozzarella Cheese


Our dough is made fresh daily. We hand toss our pizza, add your favorite toppings and bake it in a stone deck oven. The other guys use a dough press and a conveyor belt oven. Ours takes a little longer, but it’s worth the wait! You will definitely taste the difference! Sauces: Traditional tomato, Spicy Marinara, Pesto Sauce, Tangy BBQ, Olive oil, White Cream Sauce; Meat Toppings: Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Homemade Meatball, Bacon, Roasted Chicken, Anchovies, Ham & Salami, Hot Sausage; Veggie Toppings: Mushroom, Onion, Black Olive, Green Pepper, Tomato, Fresh Garlic, Artichoke Hearts, Pineapple, Jalapeno Pepper, Sun-Dried Tomato
Cheese Only $6.95 – $12.95
1 Topping $7.70 – $14.70
2 Topping $8.45 – $16.45
Extra Topping $1.25 – $2.75

Specialty Pizzas

Cannataro’s Special $11.95 – $21.95 Pepperoni, Italian sausage, meatballs, fresh mushrooms, onions, bell pepper & garlic
BBQ Chicken $11.95 – $21.95 Chicken breast, red onion, smoked Gouda cheese and our own special tangy BBQ sauce
Carnivore $11.95 – $21.95 Regular or Low Carb – Pepperoni, sausage, ham, meatballs & bacon
Hawaiian $11.95 – $21.95 Canadian bacon, pineapple, Maui onion & extra cheese
Pesto Chicken $11.95 – $21.95 Pesto sauce, chicken breast, fresh garlic, Mozzarella & goat cheese
Sweet & Spicy $11.95 – $21.95 Ham, pineapple, pepperoni & fresh jalapeno pepper
Mediterranean $11.95 – $21.95 White cream sauce, grilled chicken, mushrooms, basil, onions & fresh garlic
Bacon & Cheeseburger $11.95 – $21.95 Ground beef, bacon & lots of cheddar cheese
Margherita $11.95 – $21.95 Fresh tomato, basil, onion, fresh garlic & 3 delicious cheeses
Calabria $11.95 – $21.95 Pepperoni, hot sausage, spicy red sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese
Sicilian $11.95 – $21.95 Spicy red sauce, hot sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, fresh basil & fresh garlic
Vegetarian $11.95 – $21.95 Fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives, artichoke hearts & fresh garlic
Spicy Artichoke Dip $11.95 – $21.95 Thin crust with our own artichoke dip and shredded Parmesan cooked crispy
Little Italy $11.95 – $21.95 European crust (extra, extra thin), lightly brushed with extra virgin olive oil, topped with fresh basil & tomato, Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheeses
Carbonara $11.95 – $21.95 White cream sauce, chicken, bacon, mushroom & 3 delicious cheeses
Buffalo Chicken $11.95 – $21.95 Roasted chicken sauteed in hot sauce, jalapeno peppers and three delicious cheeses
Antipasto $11.95 – $21.95 Salami, pepperoni, ham, red onion, fresh tomatoes, black olives, artichokes & cheese
Tuscany $11.95 – $21.95 Extra thin crust, olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, Kalamata olives, mushrooms, red onion & artichoke sprinkled with Feta Cheese

Create Your Own Calzones

Pizza dough, made fresh daily and stuffed with your choice one stuffing, our delicious pizza sauce and plenty of melted Mozzarella Cheese!
Calzone $8.95 – $10.95
Specialty Calzones $10.95 – $13.95 See our list of delicious combinations under Specialty Pizzas above. We will make you a Specialty Calzone!

Sandwiches Hot & Cold

Served on a dinner size Italian roll & includes choice of side salad, pasta salad or seasoned potato wedges
Chicken Parmesan $7.95 Breaded chicken breast topped with Marinara Sauce and melted Mozzarella Cheese
Meatball or Hot Sausage $7.95 Made fresh daily, homemade meatballs or hot & spicy sausage baked with melted Mozzarella Cheese
Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef $7.95 Served on an Italian roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Provolone Cheese, mayonnaise & mustard, served with or without Italian dressing
Pastrami $7.95 Lean slices of pastrami au jus, onions, pickles & mustard, topped with melted Mozzarella Cheese
Italian Capicola $7.95 Capicola, dry salami, pepperoni & Provolone with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & mayonnaise, mustard and Italian dressing
Chicken Carbonara $8.95 Grilled chicken, bacon, mushroom & Alfredo Sauce with melted Mozzarella Cheese
Club $8.95 Turkey breast, bacon & fresh avocado with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, provolone, mayonnaise & mustard, served with or without Italian dressing
Roast Beef $7.95 Hot lean roast beef au jus, onions and mayonnaise, topped with melted Mozzarella Cheese
American $7.95 Turkey breast, ham and roast beef with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, Provolone, mayonnaise & mustard, served with or without Italian dressing
Capicola $7.95 Capicola, Provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo & mustard
Eggplant $6.95 Lightly breaded eggplant deep-fried golden brown & topped with Marinara & melted Mozzarella Cheese


Brownie Sundae Delights $3.95
Fruit Pizza $3.95
Cinnamon Sugar Bread Knots $3.95
Creme Brulee $3.95
Tiramisu $3.95
Chocolate Overload Cake $3.95
Spumoni Ice Cream $3.95
New York Cheesecake $3.95
Canoli $3.95

Kids Menu

Just for our guests 12 and under
Spaghetti $4.95 Marinara Sauce, Butter & Cheese or Homemade Meatball
Ravioli $4.95 Cheese or Beef
Fettuccini Alfredo $4.95
Small Cheese Pizza $4.95
Chicken Strips & Spaghetti $4.95

Sweet Sparkling Wines

Castello Banfi, Brachetto d’Acqui, Rosa Regale $6.00
Rotari, Trentino, Arte Italiana NV $4.00
Rotari, Trentino, Arte NV(187ml) $25.00

Sweet White/Blush Wines

Riunite, White Lambrusco, Emilia-Romagna, NV $4.00
Beringer, White Zinfandel Special Select, CA $4.75 – $18.00
Covey Run, Riesling Washington $4.50 – $17.00
Chateau Ste Michelle, Riesling, Columbia $5.00 – $19.00

Dry Light Intensity White Wines

Mezza Corona Pinot Grigio, Trentino $20.00
Luna di Luna, Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio $19.00
Beringer, Sauvignon Blanc, Founders’ Estate $5.25 – $21.00
Tormaresca, Chardonnay, Puglia $20.00

Dry Medium Intensity White Wines

Columbia Crest, Chardonnay, Two Vines, Columbia $21.00
Mezza Corona, Chardonnay, Trentino $5.25 – $20.00
Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Chardonnay Central Coast $6.00 – $23.00
Buena Vista, Chardonnay, Carneros $5.50 – $29.00
Beringer, Chardonnay, Founders Estate, CA $21.00

Dry Light Intensity Red Wines

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Pinot Noir $6.00 – $23.00
Mezza Corona Merlot, Vigneti delle Dolomiti $5.25 – $20.00
Covey Run, Merlot $5.25 – $20.00
Mezza Corona, Pinot Noir, Trentino $5.25 – $20.00
Placido, Chianti $4.25 – $16.00

Dry Medium Intensity Red Wine

Beringer, Pinot Noir, Third Century, Napa $6.00 – $23.00
Luna di Luna, Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot $22.00
Mezza Corona, Cabernet Sauvignon $5.75 – $22.00
Buena Vista, Merlot, Carneros $35.00
Marchesi di Barolo, Ruvei $30.00
Parduci, Cabernet, Big Yellow Cab, NV $30.00
Parduci, Cabernet, Big Yellow Cab, NV $23.00
Columbia Crest, Merlot, Two Vines $5.75 – $22.00
Castello Banfi, Toscana, Centine $22.00
Ruffino, Chianti Classico, Riserva $49.00
Clos du Bois, Merlot, Sonoma County $31.00
Ruffino, Toscana, IL Ducale Red Label $40.00
Covey Run, Cabernet Sauvinon, Washington $5.25 – $20.00

Dry Full Intensity Red Wine

Antinori Chianti Classico Tenute Marchese Riserva $55.00

House Wine by La Terre

Chardonnay $4.50
Merlot $4.50
Cabernet $4.50
White Zinfandel $4.50

Italian Sodas

Cherry $2.95
Orange $2.95
Vanilla $2.95
Raspberry $2.95
Coconut $2.95
Strawberry $2.95
Peach $2.95
Mango $2.95
Kiwi $2.95


Coffee, Hot or Iced Tea $2.25
Ice Coffee Latte $2.95
Kid’s Milk $1.50
Apple Juice $1.50
Mineral Water $2.50
Milk Reg. $2.25
Bottomless Soda $2.25

Beer & Wine Coolers

Domestic Bottles $3.50 Coors Light, MGD, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Bud Light, O’Douls
Foreign Beer Bottles $4.50 Corona Light, Shocktop, Heineken, Corona, Peroni, Stella Artois, New Castle
Draft Bud Light and Coors Lite $3.25
Draft Pyramid Hef, Shocktop and Stella Artois $4.25
Domestic Pitcher $8.95
Foreign Pitcher $10.95
Wine Coolers $3.95 Smirnoff Ice, Blackcherry, Green Apple, Raspberry, Watermelon and Triple Black
Margaritas $4.50 Regular Margarita, Pomegranate and Cosmopolitan

Party Packages

Full Pan Lasagna $105.00 Full Pan House Salad, Full Pan Garlic Bread
Full Pan Baked Ziti $95.00 Full Pan House Salad, Full Pan Garlic Bread
Full Pan Ravioli $90.00 Full Pan House Salad, Full Pan Garlic Bread
Full Pan Fettuccini Alfredo $90.00 Full Pan House Salad, Full Pan Garlic Bread


Half Pan Serves (8-12) Full Pan Serves (16-24)
House Salad $17.95 – $29.00
Field Greens $21.95 – $36.00
Pasta Salad $21.95 – $50.00
Caesar Salad $17.95 – $29.00
Antipasto $28.95 – $54.00


Italian Bruchetta (per person) $1.50
Mini Italian Sausage (per person) $1.50
Half Pan of Hot or BBQ Wings $30.00
Mini Italian Meatballs (per person) $1.50
Calamari Rings (per person) $1.50
Full Pan of Hot or BBQ Wings $49.00

Oven Baked Pizzas & Party Platters

4 Large 1 Topping Pizzas $45.00
4 X-Large 1 Topping Pizzas $50.00
2 Lge 2 Topping Pizzas & 24 Wings $45.00
4 Large 2 Topping Pizzas $50.00
4 X-Large 2 Topping Pizzas $55.00
2 X-Lge 2 Topping Pizzas & 24 Wings $50.00
Sandwich Tray (20 4″ sandwiches) $40.00
Sandwich Tray (30 4″ sandwiches) $50.00
Veggie Platter $18.00 – $25.95


Spaghetti, Linguini, Angel Hair, Farfalle, Rigatoni & Fettuccini Half Pan Serves (8-12), Full Pan Serves (16-24)
Marinara $40.00 – $65.00
Marinara and Sausage $50.00 – $80.00
Alfredo $45.00 – $70.00
Chicken Primavera $50.00 – $80.00
Beef or Cheese Ravioli $50.00 – $80.00
Tortellini w/Sun-Dried Tomato $45.00 – $75.00
Meat Lasagna $50.00 – $80.00
Marinara and Meatballs $50.00 – $80.00
Sun-Dried Tomato $45.00 – $70.00
Primavera $45.00 – $70.00
Chicken Alfredo $50.00 – $80.00
Tortellini $39.95 – $75.00
Baked Ziti $45.00 – $75.00
Veggie Lasagna $45.00 – $70.00
Chicken Parmesan (per person) $3.00
Catering Desserts
Tiramisu $25.00 – $50.00
Fruit Pizza (16″) $30.00

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