Carmel Belle

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Simple Breakfast

Two Soft Poached Eggs with Herbs & Country Toast $7.00 Add jam $0.50
Two Soft Poached Eggs & Country Toast $11.25 With asparagus, truffled mushrooms & roasted tomato
Wilted Savoy Spinach $6.00 With soft poached egg
Cheddar Melt $9.25 With pure maple syrup & fra’mani sausage
Open-Faced Avocado $7.50 Local olive oil & sea salt on country toast
Seasonal Market Fruit $7.00 – $4.00
Hot Polenta $6.00 Anson mills (s.c.), add: truffled mushrooms $3.00, poached egg $2.00, roasted tomatoes $1.00, creamy goat cheese $2.00, all $5.00
Two Soft Poached Eggs & Country Toast $10.25 With hobbs bacon or prosciutto la quercia or fra’ mani sausage
Green Eggs & Ham $10.75 Two poached eggs, american prosciutto la quercia (Ia.) & arugula-herb puree
Truffled Egg Toast $9.50 With melted fontina & asparagus
Roasted Mushroom Melt & Two Soft Poached Eggs $11.00 With white truffle oil & chives
Creamy Brie & Baguette $10.00
Yogurt $7.00 Granola, fruit & honey
Stone-Cut Oatmeal $6.00 Anson mills (sc), add: candied walnuts $2.00, currants $1.00, clover dairy cream $1.00, maple syrup $1.00, brown sugar $0.50, cinnamon apples $2.00, sprouted flax meal $2.00


Soft Poached Egg, Cheddar (Grafton, VT.) & Hobb’s Bacon $10.25 On toasted ciabatta
Grilled Cheddar (Grafton, VT.) & Hobb’s Bacon $9.75 On country bread
American Prosciutto la Querica (IA.) & Sweet Butter $9.25 On baguette
Ooey-Gooey Grilled Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread $5.00 On country bread
Open-Faced Egg, Bacon, Arugula with Avocado $11.00 On pullman bread

Morning Sides

Toast with Butter & Local Jam $3.00
Organic Poached Egg $2.00
Hobb’s Bacon, Fra’Mani Sausage or Prosciutto La Quercia $3.25
Roasted Tomatoes (For 2) $2.00
Fresh Farmer’s Market Tomato $2.00
One Slice Melty Cheese Toast $5.00
Big Slice of House Cinnamon Toast with Sweet Butter $3.00
Asparagus $3.00
Roasted Truffled Mushrooms $3.00
Avocado $2.00
Wilted Savoy Spinach $4.00

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