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Cashion's Eat Place Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cashion’s Eat Place Conctions And Libations Menu and Prices

Spring Negroni $12.00 gin, campari, lillet, lemon juice
French Riviera $10.00 rye, apricot brandy, lemon
CashionA’s Shandy $9.00 grapefruit juice, lemonade, beer
Kentucky Sparkler $10.00 sparkline wine, bourbon, vanilla syrup
Kicking Mule $10.00 habenero infused vodka, lime, ginger beer
Strawberry Fields $10.00 tanqueray, dolin sweet & dry vermouths, fresh strawberries
Cocktail Of The Week $10.00 ask your server or check the chalkboard

Cashion’s Eat Place Hops And Barley Menu and Prices

Flying Dog $6.50 "in heat wheat", heff
Uinta $6.25 "wyld" extra pale ale
Anderson Valley $6.75 boont amber ale
Brooklyn $6.75 pilsner
Lagunitas $6.75 ipa

Cashion’s Eat Place Cheese $7 Each Menu and Prices

Pipe Dreams Goat Cheese ;
Garoxta ;
Beemster ;
Camembert ;
Dodonis Feta ;
Maytag Blue ;

Cashion’s Eat Place Enough For Two Menu and Prices

Grilled Lamb Shoulder $40.00 lamb chorizo, lamb ribs
Whole Dorade $40.00
16oz New Frontier Bison Strip $40.00 steak sauce

Cashion’s Eat Place Fish Menu and Prices

Tagliatelli $15.00 crab, butter, chives, breadcrumbs. served with salsa verde.
Salmon $15.00 basil, roasted cherry tomato tapenade
Whole Sardines $10.00 served with salsa verde.
Whole Shrimp $15.00 served with salsa verde.
Grilled Octopus $13.00 served with salsa verde.

Cashion’s Eat Place Sweets Menu and Prices

Sour Cherry Clafoutis $9.00 frozen crA?me fraiche
Grapefruit Sorbet $8.00
Bread Pudding $9.00 cherry anglaise, walnuts, vanilla ice cream
Loukamades $8.00 yoghurt, honey

Cashion’s Eat Place Sparkling Menu and Prices

Scaccidiavoli $12.00 rosA©, sagrantino; montefalco, italy
Adami $10.00 prosecco, glera; prosecco, italy

Cashion’s Eat Place For The Table Menu and Prices

Green Tomato $8.00 pickled red onions
Tzatziki $5.00
Tuscan Liver Crostini $6.00
Black-Eyed Pea $5.00
Lavash $4.00 lemon-tahini
Squash Blossom $8.00 anchovy
Szechuan Peanuts $5.00
Taramasalata $6.00

Cashion’s Eat Place Desserts Menu and Prices

Grapefruit Sorbet $8.00
Blondie Sundae $9.00 wet walnuts, vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce

Cashion’s Eat Place Veg Menu and Prices

Lacinato Kale $9.00 arbol, garlic, petite yolk, breadcrumbs
Torpedo Onions $7.00 garlic scapes, red pepper feta
Salad Of Tomato $10.00 watermelon, dodonis feta, mint, kalamata olives
Fried Yucca $7.00 cilantro mayo
Beets $7.00 black-eyed peas, roma beans, carrots, yoghurt
Crispy Salt-Roasted Fingerling Potatoes $7.00 garlic aioli
Salad Of Cress $9.00 trumpet mushrooms, "lamb crumbs" lemon
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $6.00

Cashion’s Eat Place Brunch Menu and Prices

New Frontier Bison Burger $2.00 substitute local mixed lettuce salad for potatoes
Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts $4.00
Berry Meade Eggs Any-Style $2.00 add english muffin
Berry Meade Eggs Any-Style $2.00 substitute local mixed lettuce salad for potatoes
CashionA’s Egg Benedict $17.00 parisien ham, old bay hollandaise, and local mixed lettuce salad
New Frontier Bison Burger $17.00 baby swiss, housemade mayo, lettuce, onion, tomato , brioche, crispy salt-roasted potatoes
Beer-Battered Wild Alaskan Halibut $14.00 comeback sauce, onion rings, lemon
Berry Meade Eggs Any-Style $13.00 with crispy salt-roasted potatoes and applewood smoked bacon or chicken-apple sausage
CashionA’s Waffle $13.00 local strawberries, butter, virginia maple syrup
Greek Yoghurt With Local Strawberries $11.00 housemade granola, and wildflower honey
Pecan Sticky Bun $3.75
Pennsylvania Chicken Hash $16.00 onion, cilantro, jalapeno, scallion, potatoes, tomatillo sauce, poached eggs, pico de gallo
CashionA’s Shrimp And Grits $16.00 gulf shrimp, anson mills artisanal grits, local asparagus, tomato-shrimp sauce
Grilled Ham And White Cheddar Cheese Sandwich $16.00 sunnyside eggs, and local mixed lettuce salad

Cashion’s Eat Place Red Menu and Prices

Terre DA’aleramo $10.00 – $5.00 barbera A’12, xinomavro; naoussa, greece
Tolaini $12.00 – $6.00 al passo A‘09, sangiovese, merlot; tuscanyq
Diofili $10.00 – $5.00 xinomavro A’11, xinomavro; naoussa, greece
Mazzolino $10.00 – $5.00 pinot noir A’13, pinot noir; lombardy, italy

Cashion’s Eat Place Meat Menu and Prices

Milton Local Farms Beef Flank Steak $14.00 chimichurri
Filipino Porl Skewers $11.00 green papaya
Milton Local ;Ham; Burger $10.00 saturn swiss, steak sauce, brioche
Lamb Skewers $14.00 yoghurt, zucchini, cilantro
Lamb ;Flesh And Bones; $10.00 green tomato mostarda

Cashion’s Eat Place Raw Menu and Prices

Foie Gras $15.00 brioche, green tomato mostarda
Lamb $12.00 mint, onion, yoghurt, garlic, radish
Bison Tartar $11.00 potato chips
Salmon Tartar $10.00 ginger, scallions, mint, yuzu

Cashion’s Eat Place Sides Menu and Prices

MosesA’s Chicken-Apple Sausage $6.00
Local Mixed Lettuce Salad $6.00
Applewood Center-Cut Bacon $6.00
Crispy, Salt-Roasted Potatoes $6.00
SammyA’s Hot Sauce $1.00

Cashion’s Eat Place White Menu and Prices

Zinck $12.00 – $6.00 pinot gris, A’12
Pinot Gris $4.00 – $8.00 alsace antonopoulos, moschofilero A‘12
Moschofilero $10.00 – $5.00 achaia, greece volpe pasini, ribolla A‘12
Domaine St. Claire $12.00 – $6.00 chablis A’12, chardonnay; chablis, france

Cashion’s Eat Place RosA© Menu and Prices

Saint Roche $4.00 – $8.00 rosA©, grenache, cinsault; provence
Berane $4.00 – $8.00 rosA© A’13, blend of grenache and syrah; ventoux
Mont De Marie $3.00 – $6.00 rosA©, aramon; languedoc, france
Diofili $3.00 – $6.00 rosA© A’13, xinomavro, moschomavro; siatista, greece

Cashion’s Eat Place Fowl Menu and Prices

Duck Confit $14.00 mulberry gastrique
Chicken Breast $15.00 spice, pickled mushrooms, cress
Chicken Leg Skewers $10.00 miso, fried shallot, cucumbers

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