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Cevichino's Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Cevichino’s Acompanantes Menu and Prices

Side Orders.
Arroz $2.00 rice
Camote ; sweet potato
Tostones $3.00
Sarandaja ;
Yuca Frita $3.00
Chocolo ; corn
Camote $2.50 sweet potato
Salsa Criolla $2.50 mix of onion
Papas Fritas $3.00 french fries
Cancha Serrana $3.00
Maiz Frito ; fried corn
Platano Maduro $3.00 fried sweet plantains
Sarandaja ;
Cancha Serrana ;
Yuca ;
Arroz Con Alverja Verde $4.00

Cevichino’s Bebidas Calientes Menu and Prices

Hot Beverages.
Cortadito $1.25
Cafe Expresso $1.00
Digestivo $1.50 aniz, manzanilla, te
Cafe Con Leche $1.50

Cevichino’s Sopas Menu and Prices

Caldo De Gallina $9.50 hen soup with noodles, egg, potato and touch of oregano
Parihuela $15.00 seafood soup with base of tomato sauce
Mariscos $14.00 seafood soup with egg, milk, huacatay, nice noodles, oregano and yellow chilli
Pescado $14.00 fish
Chupe De Camarones $15.00 shrimp soup with rice, egg, corn, fresh cheese, yellow potato, milk

Cevichino’s Carne Y Pollo Menu and Prices

Beef And Chicken.
Churrasco A La Parrilla $12.50 skirt steak
Tallarin Saltado $12.50 wok sauteed beef or chicken mixed with noodles, onions, tomato, cilantro, gingibre and yellow chilli
Cau Cau $7.50 beef tripe and potato
Lomo Saltado $12.50 sauteed beef with onion, tomato and french fries and cilantro
Pechuga De Pollo A La Plancha $9.50 grilled chicken breast
Arroz Con Pato $16.00 duck with rice in a cilantro base
Chaufa De Carne O Pollo $15.00 wok sauteed beef or chicken and fried rice mixed with oriental sauces, eggs and green onions
Combo Criollo $10.50 papa ala huancaina y arroz con pollo

Cevichino’s Ceviches Menu and Prices

Fresh Fish Marinated In Lime Juice, With Red Onion, Cilantro And A Hint Of Rocoto.
Chinguirito Con Caracol $16.00
Camarones $15.00 shrimp
Mariscos $15.00 shrimp, squid, mussels
Pescado Y Camarones $14.00 fish and shrimp
Mero $23.00 gruper
Tiradito $13.00 fish strips marinated in lemon juice with a creamy sauce of yellow chili
Pescado $13.00 fish
Mixto $14.00 fish, shrimp, squid, mussels
Caracol / Almeja $15.00 sea snail and clams
Chinguirito $13.00
Choros $13.00 mussels
Pescado Y Caracol $16.00 fish and sea snail

Cevichino’s Entradas Menu and Prices

Anticuchos $9.50 grilled skewers of beef heart marinated
Causa Limena $6.00 mashed potato seasoned with peruvian yellow chilli and fresh lime juice
Ensalada Mixta $3.00 mix salad
Cocktail De Camarones $14.00 shrimp cocktail
Chicharron De Pescado $13.00 deep fried fish chunks
Choclo $5.00 corn
Choros A La Chalaca $13.00 mussels with onion marinated in lime juice
Papa O Yuca A La Huancaina $6.00 potato slices in a cream sauce with cheese and peruvian yellow chili
Leche De Tigre $9.50 tiger milk. seafood in lime juice, cilantro and hint of rocoto

Cevichino’s Batidos $5 Menu and Prices

Mamey ;
Lucuma ;
Fresa ;
Chirimoya ;

Cevichino’s Bebidas Menu and Prices

Agua En Botella $1.50
Jarra De Chicha $10.00
Chicha Morada $3.00 vaso
Agua Perrier $2.50
Sodas $1.50

Cevichino’s Pescado Y Mariscos Menu and Prices

Pescado A La Chorrillana $13.00 fried fish fillet covered with onions, tomatoes, peruvian yellow chilli served with rice
Filete A La Plancha $9.50 grilled fish fillet
Tallarin Saltado De Mariscos $15.00 wok sauteed noodles with seafood
Jale Mixta Familiar $23.00
Sudado De Mero $26.00 grouper
Jalea Mixta Personal $15.00
Cau Cau De Mariscos $15.00 seafood stew, with potato, mint and yellow chili
Combo Marino $13.00 escoger tres opciones. jalea/sopa/cebiche or arroz con marisco
Sudado De Pescado $16.00 poached fish fillet in broth, onion and tomatoes
Pescado A Lo Macho $16.00 fried fish fillet covered with seafood sauce served with potatoes
Arroz Con Camarones $15.00 shrimp with yellow rice
Picante De Mariscos $16.00 mixed seafood hot sauce peruvian style served with rice
Calamar Relleno $16.00
Arroz Con Mariscos $15.00 peruvian style seafood rice
Chaufa De Mariscos $15.00 seafood fried rice
Pescado A Lo Cevichino $16.00 cevichino’s special fish
Mojarra Frita $15.00 whole fried fish
Jalea Mixta Pescado $15.00 crispy fish, served with
Tortilla De Camarones $15.00 shrimp omelet

Cevichino’s Postres Menu and Prices

Mousse De Maracuya $4.00
Mousse De Lucuma $4.00
Arroz Con Leche $3.00
Tres Leches $4.00
Flan $3.50
Helado De Lucuma $2.50
Suspiro Limeno $4.00

Cevichino’s Jugos Menu and Prices

Natural Juice.
Jarra $10.00 limonada
Limonada Natural $3.00
Maracuya $3.00
Jugo De Naranja $3.00

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