Charlie Was A Sinner

Enjoy Charlie Was A Sinner latest menu price updated list. Up to date Charlie Was A Sinner and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kid’s meal and more. Find your favorite food and enjoy your meal.

Charlie Was A Sinner Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages Check Quickly

Charlie Was A Sinner Sparkling Menu and Prices

Marquis De La Tour Rose NV France $10.00
Moet Imperial Brut (187ml) NV France $9.00
Bele Casel Prosecco $12.00 nv. prosecco montello italy

Charlie Was A Sinner White Menu and Prices

Riesling Freiherr Von Heddesdorf Mosel $12.00 germany A’11
Verdejo Fuente Milano Castilla Y Lyon $8.00 spain A’13
Chardonnay Clos Julien Napa Valley $12.00 california A’12
Torrontes Fabre Montmayou Mendoza $8.00 argentina A’13

Charlie Was A Sinner Bottled Beer Menu and Prices

Oskar Blues Mamas Pilsner $4.50
Coors Banquet Stubby $4.00
Magners Pear Cider $7.00
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA $5.50
Back In Black IPA $5.00

Charlie Was A Sinner Mocktails $6 Menu and Prices

Mango Lassi   mango, coconut milk, yogurt, cardamom
Raspberry Ginger Soda   raspberries, ginger, lime, sparkling water
Spicy Pineapple   pineapple, jalapeno agave, lime
Basil Fennel Lemon Soda   basil, fennel, lemon, sparkling water

Charlie Was A Sinner Soup & Salad $8 Menu and Prices

Detox   young lettuces, carrots, sprouts, apple-lime vinaigrette
Beetroot Dumplings   braised lentils, chive, sour cream
Charred Caesar Salad   a throwback to the classic
Potato & Kale Soup   smoky potato, caraway crA?me

Charlie Was A Sinner Juice & Soda Menu and Prices

Boylan Sodas $4.00 birch beer, black cherry, ginger ale, cane cola
Fentimens Sodas $5.00 dandelion & burdock, mandarin & seville orange jigger
Fresh Juice $4.00 pressed daily

Charlie Was A Sinner Chargrilled $8 Menu and Prices

Marinated Asparagus   frisee, truffled red wine vinaigrette
Broccoli Rabe   chili, garlic, breadcrumbs
Young Leeks   romesco, santa maria olive oil
Saffron Artichokes   baby bibb, dill, lemon emulsion

Charlie Was A Sinner After Dinner Suggestions Menu and Prices

Courvoisier VS $12.00
Chartreuse Yellow $14.00
Campari $8.00
Patron CafA© XO $11.00
Benedictine $10.00
B&B $10.00
Grand Marnier $9.00
Amaretto Lazzaroni $10.00
Chartreuse Green $14.00
Cynar $9.00
Kahlua $8.00
Fernet Branca $9.50

Charlie Was A Sinner Signature Menu and Prices

The 5 Year Plan   eagle rare bourbon, peaches, lemon, mint
Bullseye   farro infused woodford reserve, demerara, orange, cherry, angostura
Ask Again Yes   milagro blanco, rhubarb, lime, agave
Escape Velocity   tobacco infused johnnie walker, combier rouge, carpano antica, clementine
The Pablo Picasso   leblon cachaca, enhanced blueberry wine, orange spiced tea
Bodhisattva   sailor jerry, mango, coconut milk, yogurt, cardamom
Purity Of Essence   bombay sapphire, cucumber, mint, aloe vera
Wheatgrass Shot   green chartreuse, wheatgrass
East Of Eden   bulleit, tea infused dolin blanc, brown muscat
Hasty Tasty   marquis de la tour, moscato grappa, monbazillac, frozen grapes
Les Fleurs Du Mal   white port, citrus kombucha, pineapple, raspberry
Done And Dusted   patron xo, housemade creme liquor, hair bender espresso

Charlie Was A Sinner Coffee & Tea – House Of Tea $3.50 Menu and Prices

Charlie Was A Sinner Blend  
Sun Dew  
Jasmine Green  
Gun Powder  

Charlie Was A Sinner Classics Menu and Prices

Battle New Orleans   bulleit, demerara, peychauds, orange bitters, absinthe
Singapore Sling   bluecoat, cherry herring, combier, benedictine, grenadine, pineapple, lime, angostura
Mezcal Buck   del maguey vida, ginger, grenadine, lime
Bramble   titos, mixed berries, lemon, demerara
Pina Colada   don q anejo, coconut milk, pineapple
Penicillin   dewars, laphroaig, ginger, lemon, agave
Puritan   plymouth, yellow chartreuse, dolin dry, orange bitters
Water Lily   bombay sapphire, creme de violette, combier, lemon

Charlie Was A Sinner Draft Beer Menu and Prices

Kostritzer Schwarzbier $4.50
Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold $4.50
Purple Haze Raspberry Wheat $4.00
Unibroue Ephemere Apple $4.00

Charlie Was A Sinner Red Menu and Prices

Cotes Du Rhone Xavier Vignon Cotes Du Ventoux $11.00 france A’10
Old Vines Field Blend Three Wine Co. Contra Costa $14.00 california A’11
Barbera D’Asti Roberto Ferraris Piedmont $11.00 italy A’12
Malbec Pulenta Estate ;Flor; Lujan De Cuyo $11.00 argentina A‘13

Charlie Was A Sinner Sweet $8 Menu and Prices

CharlieA’s Chocolate Cake ; raspberry sorbet, cocoa nib, salted caramel
Apple Fritters ; five spice, chocolate sauce
Roasted Apricot Tart ; vanilla ice cream, bourbon caramel

Charlie Was A Sinner Coffee & Tea – Stumptown Menu and Prices

House Blend Decaf Espresso $2.75
Latte $4.50
Americano $2.75
House Blend Decaf Drip $3.00
Cappuccino $3.75
Holler Mountain Drip $3.00
Hair Bender Espresso $2.75

Charlie Was A Sinner On Toast $8 Menu and Prices

Wild Mushrooms & Barley ; garlic, thyme, ale sauce
Maryland Style Crab Cakes ; semolina roll, tangy remoulade, bibb lettuce
Our Ricotta ; agave, black peppercorn , olive oil
Little Hot Dogs ; puff, british mustard

Charlie Was A Sinner Pan Roasted $12 Menu and Prices

Bucatini & Meatballs ; spicy meatball, south philly gravy
Fava Beans & Gnocchi ; lemon, pine nut, sorrel
Confit Potato Cup & Mushroom ; roasted wild mushrooms, madeira jus
Little Stuffed Peppers ; marzano tomato, chickpea, oregano
Pappillotte Of Sunchokes ; grilled tofu, watercress, pickled mustard seeds
Tofu & Bean Sausage ; smoked tofu, parsnip mash, spring garlic pesto

Charlie Was A Sinner Salty $7 Menu and Prices

Chickpea Fries ; spring garlic aioli
Potato Croquettes ; smoked paprika aioli
Korean Style Fried Tofu ; spicy glaze, black sesame, garden pickles

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