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Cuisine: French.

Les Hors D’Oeuvres

Escargots Traditional A La Bourguignone $7.50 garden raised snails baked in red wine, garlic, parsley, butter sauce
Saumon Fumee A La Russe $8.50 smoked filet of salmon stuffed with cream cheese and served with caviar
Le Pate Mousse De Canard $7.50 duck liver mousse pate garni with fruits
Soupe A L’Oignon Gratinee $6.50 traditional country onion soup baked with croutons and swiss cheese
Champignons Farcis A La Florentine $7.50 large mushroom caps filled with spinach mousse, then baked with marinara sauce

Les Salades

Salade D’empress $7.95 blanched spinach leaves with bacon, baby shrimp, pimento, and grated eggs
Cesar Salade Classic "Ibo" $6.50 crisp romaine lettuce in our very own homemade, caesar dressing with cheese
Salade Aux Champignons, "Giiney" $6.25 freshly sliced mushrooms with cheese and parsley vinaigrette
Salade Verte De La Maison $5.50 garden fresh, butter lettuce leaves in house dressing with bacon, and mushrooms

Les Pates

Fettuccini De La Casa $15.95 fettuccini in creme fresh, bacon, feta cheese, parsley, and garlic
Tagliarini Verde Al Pesto $13.95 thin egg noodles pasta cooked in sweet basil and olive oil
Linguini Confrutti Di Mare $20.95 fresh linguini noodles poached with seafood, white wine, garlic, tomato basil sauce
Ravioli Provencale "Firenze" $14.95 homemade spinach and cheese ravioli cooked in fresh herbs and marinara

Specialties Of The House

(all entrees include your choice of soupe du jour or salade verte.)
Supreme De Volaille Aux Champignons $18.95 chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and cheese, baked in white wine, garlic, lemon and fresh herbs.
Escalopes De Veau Aux Pistaches $23.95 scalopine of veal cooked in olive oil, marsala wine demi glaze.
Medallions De Pore Aux Amandes $24.95 almond crusted, tender pork medallions, baked in madeira wine.
Canard Maison $25.50 roasted duckling in exquisite homemade sauce (please consult your waiter).
Gigot D’Agneau Aux Fine Herbes $27.50 domestic lamb shank baked in herb and red wine, served with assorted mushrooms sauce.

From The Sea

Filet De Sole Deauvilloise $21.95 fresh filet of sole sauteed with olive oil, served with herbs and wine.
Saumon Poche Sauce Ciboulette $20.95 poached fresh filet of salmon served with chives, dill and creme fresh.
Gamberi Alla Veneziana $23.50 large prawns sauteed with olive oil, then braised in vermouth and mushrooms.
Coquilles Saint-Jacques Provencale $22.95 fresh scallops cooked in tomato, basil, snow peas and garlic, served on fresh pasta.

From The Charbroiler

corkage fee – state sales tax will be added to all items $12.50
Saumon Grille ;Sauce Alexander; $21.95 fresh salmon grilled, served with basil beurre blanc sauce.
Tournedos De Boeuf Rossini $29.75 two-pieces of filet grilled to perfection, topped with pate and brandy sauce.
Noisettes Rotis D’Agneau in Chambertin $29.75 lamb medallion grilled for perfection, with assorted mushrooms and burgundy wine.
Filet Mignon A La Facon Du Chef $30.50 filet charbroiled to order, served with green peppercorn sauce.
Grand Marnier $7.50 grand marnier souffles (please give early notice)

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