What kind of restaurant it is

Looking for a restaurant exclusively offering vegan dishes? Then, consider Chipotle. The restaurant is different from others thanks to its specialization in providing real Mexican meals prepared with naturally grown ingredients and naturally reared meat. It is a fast casual dining restaurant. Chipotle menu prices are fairly affordable.

The restaurant aims to offer great quality Mexican cuisine good for the mouth as well as for the environment.

What kind of food it serves in general

The restaurant offers burritos and salad. It also offers corn tacos – soft corn tacos, crispy corn tacos, and soft flour tacos. Each product is made from high-quality fresh raw ingredients made using classic cooking methods. All this ensures nutrition supply.

Most prominent dishes in the menu

The restaurant makes diverse dishes prepared from the items collected from ranchers and farmers who originally grow their livestock naturally. When you visit this restaurant you get all vegan food with no residue safe antibiotics.

Though Chipotle menu has a few items alone, you get a number of different combinations. The most prominent dishes in the menu are tacos, burritos game, salads, and bowls.

Popular drinks

The drinks offered in Chipotle Menu include Patron Margarita, Sauza Margarita, beer, bottled water, bottled drink, kids’ drink, and soda.

New items in the menu

There are four new items on the Chipotle’s menu. They include Lifestyle Bowls – Whole30 Salad Bowl, Paleo Salad Bowl, Double Protein Bowl, and Keto Salad Bowl. All these are exclusively offered online. You can check out at the official website or app. Chipotle menu prices are, of course, at an affordable level.

New kids menu

The Chipotle menu has great dishes for kids as well. They are healthy and safe. Kids will enjoy them for sure.

The kids’ meal has two options, namely one with cheese quesadilla with a side of beans & rice, and the other being ‘build your taco plate’. The latter comes with the option of one protein and two fillings with soft crispy tortillas.

The history of the restaurant

Chipotle was started in Colorado by Steve Ellis, an excellent chef in 1993. The founder had a vision of providing quality food with great quality, delicious ingredients grown naturally with a focus on taking care of ecology by adopting responsible agriculture and farming.

How their menu changed over time

The restaurant got an opportunity of investment from McDonald’s Corp, which helped the restaurant expand fast and to go beyond Colorado.

Today, Chipotle is a restaurant that is not only in the United States but is a global name as well. It has gone to the UK, Canada, Germany, and France.

The restaurant also offers chicken pork teak barbacoa, tofu-based sofritas and a vegetarian option. Thus, you get a variety of dishes. Significantly, the Chipotle menu prices are reasonable and keep customers happy.

Overall verdict about the menu

Chipotle’s business model is based on offering a menu that is simply focused on taking care of nature by adopting eco-friendly practices with Chipotle menu prices reasonable. The philosophy reflects in menu items. However, the menu has been customized to the taste of the customer. These include rice, beans, cheese, sour cream, lettuce and four different sorts of Salsa. The fast-food chain offers quality products without antique Mexican flavor. It is popular as a venue for casual meetings, business meetings and so on.

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