Chiu Quon

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Cuisine: Chinese, Dim Sum.

Table of Contents

Ham & Egg Bun $0.75
Bbq Bun $0.75
Ham & Green Onion Bun $0.75
Curry Beef Bun $0.75
Chicken Bun $0.75
Ham & Cheese Bun $0.75
Chinese Sausage Bun $0.75
Hot Dog Bun $0.75
Bean Paste Bun $0.75
Bean Paste $0.75 with sweet top bean
Coconut Bun $0.60
Sweet Top Bean $0.50
Egg Custard Bun $0.75
Coconut Twist Bun $0.65
Cream Bun $0.55
Butter Bun $0.50
Sesame Ball $0.60 w/ bean paste
Pork & Shrimp Ball $0.60
Egg Custard Tart $0.60
Butter Bun $0.50
Coconut Bun $0.75 with sweet top
Apple Pie $0.75
Raisin Stick $0.60
Butterfly Cookies $0.75
Baby Moon Cake $0.60
Coconut Tart $0.70
Deep Fried Dough $0.70
Rice Cake $1.75
Sweet Dough $1.50 w/ sesame deep fried
Sesame & Pork Cookies $1.75
Honey Noodles $0.70
Winter Melon Cake $0.85
Crystal Rice Cake $0.65
Walnut $0.85 w/ bean paste cake
Butter Cookies $0.40
Coconut Cookies $0.40
Lotus Paste Cake $0.75
Bean Paste Cake $0.75
Walnut Cream Cake $0.75
Cream Cone $0.85
Egg Custard $0.75 w/ sweet top
Coconut Bun $0.50
Coconut Cream Turnover $0.85
Walnut Cookies $0.55
Almond Cookies $0.55
Sesame Cookies $0.55
Peanut Cookies $0.55
Winter Melon Cake $0.85
Walnut $0.85 with bean paste

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