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Muffalettas are a famous New Orleans sandwich. All ofour sandwiches are served on warm breads.
BAR CLUB $8.75 smoked turkey, cured ham and provolone cheese
ITALIAN $8.75 genoa salami, hot cappicola, cured ham and provolone cheese
ROAST BEEF $8.75 thin sliced house roasted seasoned beef topped w/ mozzarella
HAM & CHEESE $8.75 fine cured ham sliced thin w/ cheddar, provolone or mozzarella


MEDITERRANEAN VEGETABLE SOUP $2.25 – $2.65 fresh vegetables in seasoned tomato broth w/ pasta & herbs
SHRIMP AGLIO OLIO $6.75 gulf shrimp sauteed w/ garlic, olive oil & herbs
NEW ORLEANS BARBECUE SHRIMP $6.95 extra large shrimp in spicy Creole barbecue sauce
GARLIC & GORGONZOLA $3.95 roasted garlic w/ mild Italian blue cheese spread served w/ old world bread
TOMATO-MOZZARELLA BRUSCHETTA $3.75 grilled Italian bread topped w/ seasoned tomatoes and fresh mozzarella
SAUSAGE PARMIGIANA $3.95 chargrilled Italian sausage patty topped w/ marinara and melted mozzarella served on garlic crostini
ITALIAN SAUSAGE $4.25 chargrilled mild Italian sausage w/ marinara sauce
GARLIC CHICKEN $3.95 seasoned chargrilled boneless breast of chicken
SPINACH $2.50 fresh spinach sauteed w/ garlic & olive oil
BROCCOLI $2.75 fresh broccoli florets lightly buttered
MUSHROOMS $3.15 button mushrooms sauteed w/ white wine & herbs


DRESSINGS: Vinaigrette – Ranch – Blue Cheese – Ceasar – Fat Free Ranch
HOUSE $3.85 lettuce, tomato, cucumber & red onion w/ choice of dressing
ITALIAN CHOPPED CHICKEN $7.75 mixed greens, diced chicken breast, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini, olives, celery & blue cheese tossed w/ vinaigrette
COBBLESTONE $7.75 crisp lettuces, julienned ham & provolone, olives, celery, tomato romano cheese & vinaigrette
CEASAR $5.85 romaine w/ creamy ceasar dressing & garlic croutons
CEASAR $7.55 w/ chargrilled chicken breast
CEASAR $8.95 w/ ribeye steak


Served w/ Warm Kettle Chips Add .75 for Cheddar, Provolone, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola cheese or Peppers
BURGER $7.95 1/2# seasoned chargrilled burger topped w/ lettuce, tomato & onion
CAJUN CHICKEN $6.75 spicy chicken breast & crisp bacon w/ creole remoulade, lettuce, red onion & provolone
CHICKEN CAPRESE $6.95 chargrilled chicken breast w/ fresh mozzarella, basil, tomato & red onion
ITALIAN SAUSAGE $6.95 chargrilled mild italian sausage topped w/ marinara sauce served on a crisp roll
CB & G $7.75 thin sliced roast beef w/ sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms and caramelized onions
TURKEY CLUB $6.55 smoked turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonaisse served on a warm roll
RIBEYE STEAK $8.95 chargrilled USDA choice ribeye sandwich steak served w/ lettuce, tomato & onion


RIGATONI, PENNE, SPAGHETTI, CHEESE TORTELLINI, MEAT RAVIOLI Add – Chicken $2.00 Shrimp $4.00 or Sausage $2.75
VODKA $7.95 spicy tomato sauce w/ cream & a shot of premium vodka
FLORENTINE $7.95 fresh spinach, mushrooms, plum tomatoes & garlic
MARINARA $7.95 classic tomato sauce w/ garlic, olive oil & herbs
AGLIO OLIO $7.95 garlic sauteed in olive oil
ARRABIATA $7.95 spicy Roman style tomato sauce
BOLOGNESE $7.95 the classic meat sauce
JAMBALAYA $7.95 spicy cajun style sauce
MARGHERITA $7.95 plum tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic & olive oil


Entrees are served w/ a choice of Sauteed Spinach, Mushrooms or Broccoli Florets
CHICKEN & SHRIMP JAMBALAYA $9.85 extra large gulf shrimp and sauteed chicken pieces in spicy cajun style sauce tossed w/ pasta
CHICKEN MARINARA $8.75 sauteed boneless breast of chicken pieces w/ mushrooms and tomato herb sauce tossed w/ pasta
STEAK VACCARO $9.50 grilled ribeye steak strips w/ sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and pasta in a hearty tomato sauce
SHRIMP BIANCA $9.65 extra large gulf shrimp w/ sauteed garlic, olive oil, white wine, herbs and pasta
RIBEYE STEAK $18.75 Chargrilled 10 oz. USDA Prime boneless Ribeye Steak
CHICKEN BREAST $8.95 Sauteed boneless, skinless Breast of Chicken
SALMON $9.75 boneless, skinless chargrilled filet of Salmon

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