Cold Stone Creamery

Ready for a cold ice cream round? There is never a a better place to get your treat than in the Cold Stone Creamery. Being a brainchild of the passion of two married ice cream lovers, Donald and Susan, this is where you get endless ice cream flavors for the entire family. Having grown into a global ice cream powerhouse, Cold Stone Creamery is more than satisfying the needs of millions across the globe.

What’s served here?

Here you get served ice cream in all shapes and sizes. You want it wrapped in the conventional conical pack? You got it. Others would like it served in cake-like shapes. The flavors here go beyond your imagination and anyone will definitely find something to go with their taste.

Right from fruit flavors, to shakes, pies, and cupcakes; you will be spoiled for choice. One thing you can be sure of is that Cold Stone Creamery menu prices will never leave holes in your pocket.

New items and Kid’s Menu

Growing from a one-state presence to a global company, Cold Stone Creamery menu has continued to grow and with it come new ingredients. This has been an effort to keep up with changing health dynamics and ever-changing customer preferences. Kids have not been left out as there is a befitting treat for the young ones. It is cookies, cupcakes, smoothies or the traditional ice cream? There is everything a kid would want.

Cold Stone Creamery History

In the 1980s, there was the duo of two ice cream diehards. Donald and Susan Sutherland are husband and wife and saying they loved ice cream would be a blatant understatement. On their search for the finest and tastiest ice creams, they never found anything that met their expectations. It was then that Cold Stone Creamery was born. Tempe, Arizona was their location zero and they began making ice cream that not only satisfied them but met the expectations of other ice cream lovers. In 1990 onwards, the creamery took a formal shape with all positions filled up with capable individuals. They begin to open up stores at strategic areas. There was a lot of restructuring and searching for promotional partners. In 2001, Cold Stone Creamery had opened 225 stores spanning across 25 states. It also had a solid presence at the Virgin Islands. By then, customers would be entertained with songs and dances. This was a stroke of a genius as it won more loyal customers. Come mid-2003 and the creamery was present in 32 states and averaged on opening 6 new stores every week. For there, Cold Stone Creamery has been on a growth trajectory that has not only positioned as a powerful national ice cream company but also a global force with the presence in many continents.


Ice cream lovers would never be happier than knowing what they are eating is something from enthusiasts who wanted to have the perfect taste and flavor. Cold Stone Creamery was not founded on the backbone of making profits but rather on the base of passion and the need to satisfy self-preferences. I would say that every ice cream treat from Cold Stone Creamery is a well-thought-out combination with a specific target. With everything for everyone to do with ice cream, there is never a better place to have your treat that a store with the Cold Stone Creamery name on it.

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  1. I really enjoy their ice cream. The chocolate chunk one is really good. Some of the flavors can be a bit too sweet at times, but once you find one that you like- I would stick with it. I like how they always have a different variety to choose from and also have seasonal flavors.


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