Congee Village

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Cuisine: Chinese.


Egg Drop Soup $5.50 – $10.95
Chicken and Corn Soup $5.50 – $10.95
Hot and Sour Soup $5.50 – $10.95
West Lake Beef Soup $11.95
Chicken, Pork & Shrimp w/ Winter Melon Soup $11.95
Clam w/ Squash Soup $14.50
Mustard Green, Bean Curd And Fish Head Soup $11.95
Preserved Egg, Mustard Green and Sliced Pork Soup $11.95
Chicken, Pork, Scallop and Winter Melon soup $8.50
Seafood w/ Fish Maw Soup $17.95
Simmered Duck Soup with Chinese Herbs $93.95
Simmered Ginseng Chicken, Pork and Conch Soup $8.50 – $93.95

Noodle & Rice

Golden Egg Fried Rice $17.95
Roast Pork Fried Rice $10.95
Beef Fried Rice $11.95
Baby Shrimp Fried Rice $10.95
Chicken Fried Rice $10.95
Assorted Vegetable Fried Rice $10.95
House Special Fried Rice $13.50
Young Chow Fried Rice $13.50
Salted Fish & Diced Chicken Fried Rice $13.50
Fu Kan Style Fried Rice $16.95
Sliced Beef w/ Black Bean Sauce Chow Fun Noodle $13.50
Sliced Beef Chow Fun Noodle $13.50
Seafood Chow Fun Noodle $17.95
Singapore Style Mei Fun $13.50
Han Mood Style Mei Fun $13.50
Tai Peng Style Chow Mei Fun $17.95
Shredded Pork and Diced Vegetable w/ Mei Fun $13.50
Soy Sauce Chow Mein $11.95
Soy Sauce w/ Shredded Dried Squid Chow Mein $16.95
Shredded Pork Chow Mein $13.50


Sauteed Filet Beef with Chinese Broccoli $17.95
House Special T Bone Steak $26.95
Sauteed Beef with Chinese Vegetable $15.95
Sauteed Beef with Bitter Melon $15.95
Sauteed Steak Cube with Chives $29.95
Sauteed Beef $18.95 With chinese seasonal spinach

Sizzling Hot Plate

Sauteed Chicken $14.50 Served with onion in black bean sauce in sizzling hot plate
Sauteed Beef $15.95 Served with satay sauce in sizzling hot plate
Sauteed Short Rib with Black Pepper $16.95 In sizzling hot plate
Sauteed Short Rib with Brown Sauce $16.95 In sizzling hot plate
Filet of Beef Chinese Style $17.95 In sizzling hot plate
Goose Wed $17.95 Served with pepper in sizzling hot plate
Clarn $15.95 Served with brown sauce in sizzling hot plate
Assorted Seafood $18.95 In sizzling hot plate
Chinese Broccoli $15.95 Served with minced pork in sizzling hot plate


Steamed Chilean Sea Bass $30.95 Served with preserved vegetables
Sauteed Clams $15.95 Served with blsck bean sauce
Baked Chilean Sea Bass $30.95 Served in garlic and bacon sauce
Steamed Clam $15.95 Served with vermicelli in broth
Sea Clams and Sweet Pea Pd $32.95
Cashew Nut and Shredded Squid $13.50 Served with sait and pepper
Sauteed Snail $15.95 Served with black bean sauce
Miced Pork & Squash $22.95 Served with fish maw
Sauteed Snail $15.95 Served with salt and pepper
Fried Fresh Squid $14.50 Served with sait and pepper
Steamed Snail in Broth $15.95
Sauteed Sea Cucumber $29.95 Served with pepper and garlic
Sauteed Lobster Served with ginger & scallion
Sauteed Razor Clam Served with garlic
Sliced Conch, Scallop and Crispy Bean Curd $54.95 Stuffed with shrimp
Boiled Live Shrimp
Sauteed Razor Clam Served with black bean sauce
Sauteed Fried Fish Head $13.50 Served with ginger and scallion
Fish Head in Broth $13.50
Sauteed Jumbo Shrimp $21.95 Served with walnut and broccoli
Steamed Fish Head $13.50 Served with black bean sauce
Steamed Grass Carp Fish $15.95 Served with preserved vegetables
Pan Fried Flounder $29.95
Sauteed Scallop $20.95 Served with black pepper sauce
Steamed Live Shrimp Served with sheil with broccoli in broth
Baked Lobster with Butter & Cheese
Geoduck Clam Sashimi
Flouder Filet in Two Tastes $32.95
Turnip Jumbo Shrimp $21.95 Served with salt and pepper
Filet of Flounder Thai Style $15.95
Chiled Dungeness Crab
Fresh Fruit Salad with Lobster $33.95
Conch & Squash in Rice Broth $41.95
House Special Seafood $21.95 Served in pineapple boat
Steamed Eel Served with black bean sauce
Sauteed Dried Squid and Dried Shrimp $20.95 Served with green and yellow chives
Steamed Live Fish
Sauteed Silver Fish $16.95 Dried squied and chinese celery
Steamed Frog $22.95 Served with black mushroom and chinese sausage
Sauteed Frog $22.95 Served with ginger and scallion
Pan Fried Egg $13.50 Served with silver fish
Sauteed Frog $27.95 Served with chives
Deep Fried Frog $24.95 Served with salt and pepper & garlic
Blue Crab $17.95 Served with butter and cheese
Blue Crab $17.95 Served with ginger and scalion
Blue Crab $18.95 Served with garlic and pepper
Steamed Crab Pot $17.95
Sliced Conch $39.95 Served with ginger and scallion
Sauteed Sliced Conch $42.95 Served with chives
Boiled Sliced Conch $39.95 Served with asparagus


Preserved Meat Delight $11.95
Pork Chop Peking Style $14.50
Pork Chop with Orange Sauce $14.50
Sweet and Sour Pork $14.50
Steamed Black Mushroom and Ham $15.95 Served with mustard green
Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish $14.50
Pan Fried Minced Pork with Salted Fish $14.50
Pan Fried Minced Pork with Minced Lotus Root $13.50
Preserved Vegetable with Steamed Pork $13.50
Pork Stomach in XO Sauce $27.95
Sauteed Salted Pork with Chives $15.95
House Special Shrimp Pasted Pork Rib $14.50

Rice Congee

Pork Storanch Porridos $6.50
Sliced Pork and Preserved Egg Porridge $5.50
Healthy Vegetarian Porridge $5.50
Pos Blood Porridge $5.50
Plain Porridge $4.75
Fresh Squid with Ginger Sauce Porridge $5.50
Pork Liver with Ginger sauce Porridge $5.50
Sampan Porridge $6.50
Dried Sxcallop and White Nut Porridge $6.50
Beff Porridge $6.50
Chicken with Black Mushroom Porridge $6.50
Liver and Sliced Pork porridge $6.50
Pork Chicken and Duck Porridge $6.50
Pos Blood & Sliced Fish Porridge $6.50
Sliced Fish and Preserved Egg Porridge $6.50
Sliced Chicken Porridge $6.50
Beef and Liver Porridge $6.50
Roast Duck and Meat Ball Porridge $6.50
Liver and Sliced Fish Porrdge $6.50
Sliced Beef & Fish Porridge $6.50
Crab Porridge $6.50
Abaione and Chicken Porridge $7.50
Frog Meat Porridge $7.50
Seaffod Porridge $7.50
Lobsetr Porrdge $10.25
Abalone and Frog Porridge $10.95
Snail and Frong Porridge $10.95
Snail and Chicken Porridge $8.50

Rice Baked in Bamboo

Rice Baked w/ Chicken and Shitake Mushroom $8.95
Rice Baked w/ Salted Fish $8.95
Rice Baked w/ Two Kinds of Chinese Sausage $8.95
Rice Baked w/ Nan an Preserved Duck $8.95
Rice Baked w/ Salted Chicken in Home Style $8.95
Rice Baked w/ Seafood $9.50
Rice Baked w/ Salted fish and Diced Chicken $10.25
Rice Baked w/ Chinese Mushroom & Frog $10.95
Rice Baked w/ Seafoo in Whole Pumpkin $18.95

Abalone Sea Cucumber

Sliced Abalone w/ Green Vegetable $54.00
Braised Whole Abalone w/ Oyster Sauce
Braised Whole Sea Cucumber w/ Chef Special Sauce $41.95
Sea Cucumber w/ Abalone Sauce $8.50
Sea Cucumber & Goose Wed w/ Abalone Sauce $14.50
Sea Cucumber & Sliced Abalone w/ Vegetable $46.95


Chinese Green w/ Garlic in Broth $11.95
Sauteed Chinese Vegetable $11.95
Chinese Broccoli w/ Soy Sauce $14.05
Sauteed Lotus Root w/ Special Bean Paste Sauce $11.95
Assorted Vegetable Buddist Style $13.50
Fresh Chinese Yam Delight $15.95
Sauteed Bean Curd w/ Mixed Vegetable $11.95
Sauteed Mixed Vegetable $11.95
Sauteed Snow Pea Leaf w/ Garlic $17.95
Sauteed Chinese Seasonal Spinach w/ Bean Paste Sauce $14.50
Soft Bean Curd w/ Seafood Royal Style $13.50
Eggplant Vegetable w/ Bean Curd $11.95
Snow Pea Leaf w/ Garlic in Rice Broth $18.95
Bitter Melon w/ Dried Scallop in Broth $16.95
Steam or Fried Bean Curd w/ Black Mushroom and Shredded Pork $11.95
Fresh Mixed Mushroom and Fried Bean Curd $18.95
Pan Fried Bean Curd w/ Soy Sauce $13.50
Squash & Papaya w/ Fish Maw $25.50
Steamed Broccoli w/ Seaweed in Broth $15.95
Sauteed Bok Choy w/ Garlic $11.95

Dim Sum

Vegetable Spring Roll $1.95
Small Juicy Bun in Shanghai Style $5.50
Scallion Pancakes in Hong Kong Style $4.25
Fried Bread (5) $3.00
Steamed Bread (5) $3.00
Minced Pork Bun $2.95
Rice Roll with Xo Sauce $10.95
Deep Fried Dough $1.95
Pan Fried Pork Dumpling $2.95
Steamed Vegetable Dumpling $2.95
Sweet or Salted Chinese Pan Cake $6.50
Sweet Potato Pan Cake (6) $6.50
Pan Fried Dry Shrimp Rice Roll $3.50
Steamed Soy Sauce Rice Roll $7.25


House Special Seafood Casserole $17.95
Braised Fried Fish Head with Pork in Casserole $13.50
Beef Stew and Lettuce in Casserole $13.50
Salted Fish, Chicken and Eggplant in Casserole $14.50
Salted Fish, Diced Chicken $14.50 Bean curd in casserole
Sizzling Chicken in Casserole $14.50
Bitter Melon and Spare Rib in Casserole $11.95
Sha Cha Beef and Vermicelli in Casserole $14.50
Goose Wed and Chinese Mushroom in Casserole $18.95
Delicious Crab and Vermicelli in Casserole $18.95
Sizzling Frog in Casserole $24.95
Lamb and Dried Bean Curd in Casserole $22.95
Dried Shrimp and Squash with vermicelli in Casserole $11.95
Deep Fried Bean Curd in Casserole $10.95
Dried Shrimp, Squash with Vermicelli in Broth $17.95
Assorted Seafood with Fried Bean Curd $18.95
Beef Stew with Rice Roll $10.25
Pork Liver with Rice Roll $10.25
Spare Rib and Rice Roll with Black Bean Sauce $10.25
Eggplant with Garlic Sauce in Casserole $13.50

Natures Bird Nest

Simmered Nature Bird’s Nest w/ Rocky Candy $54.00
Simmered Nature Bird’s Nest in Young Coconut $90.00
Simmered Nature Bird’s Nest in Papaya $60.00

Special Plates

Duck’s Blood with Ginger and Scallion $10.95
Duck’s Blood with Chives $10.95
Baked Fish Intestine $11.95 Served with egg in clay pot
Goose Intestine $22.95 Served with soy sauce
Goose Intestine and Green Pepper $22.95 Served with black bean sauce
Boiled Goose Intestine $22.95 Served with bean sprout
Deep Fried Intestine $10.95
Pickle Vegetable with Intestine $10.95
Soy Bean Sprout $10.95 Served with intestine
Cold Jelly Fish $15.95
Boneless Chicken Feet $15.95 Served with thai sauce
Sauteed Sweet Pea Pod and Duck Tongue $21.95 Served with XO sauce
Cold Preserved Egg Mix Pickle $10.95
Sea Clam $30.95 Intestine and chinese broccoli with wasabi sauce
Sauteed Minced Pork and Bean Sprout $16.95 Served with black fungus
Pan Fried Lamb Chop in Country Style $32.95
Pan Fried Lamb Chop $32.95 Served with black pepper sauce
Deep Fried Pumpkin $11.95 Served with salt and pepper


House Special Chicken (1/2) $13.95
House Special Chicken (Whole) $27.95
Salted Chicken in Country Style (1/2) $13.50
Salted Chicken in Country Style (Whole) $26.95
Steamed Chicken w/ Black Musrhoom and Chinese Sausage $14.50
Sauteed Chicken w/ Cashew Nut $14.50
General Tso’s Chicken $14.50
Sesame Chicken $14.50
Chicken w/ Garlic Sauce $14.50
Steamed Chicken and Frog w/ Black Mushroom $27.95
Roasted Young Pigeon $18.95
Five Spices Duck (1/4) $8.50
Five Spices Duck (1/2) $13.50
Five Spices Duck (Whole) $26.95

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