Crif Dogs

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Cuisine: Hot Dogs.

Crif Dogs

The Crif Dog $3.25 customize our handmade, naturally-smoked beef and pork dog any way you like it. don’t forget the toppings.
New Yorker $2.75 classic snappy grilled all-beef frankfurter.
Chili Dog $4.25 well-done dog smothered in mustard, onions and our secret chili sauce. a national pastime!
Chihuahua $5.00 bacon-wrapped dog covered with avocados and sour cream. don’t be scared!
Philly Tubesteak $4.50 the crif dog casually attired in cheese and sauteed onions.
Temptee Dog $4.25 the crif dog with a schmear of cream cheese.
Jon-Jon Deragon $4.25 the crif dog with a schmear of cream cheese, scallions and everything bagel seeds.
Sour Cheese Dog $4.25 the crif dog with thinly sliced half-sour pickles and melted cheese.
The B.L.T. $5.00 the crif famous bacon-wrapped dog with lettuce, tomato and mayo.
Tsunami $5.00 a house dog, bacon-wrapped, with teriyaki, pineapple and green onions.
Good Morning $5.50 a bacon-wrapped house dog with melted cheese and a fried egg.
Morning Jersey $5.50 taylor ham-wrapped house dog with melted cheese and a fried egg.
Corn Dog $5.25 a house dog dipped into our special batter and deep-fried to perfection.
Spicy Redneck $5.25 a house dog, bacon-wrapped, with chili, coleslaw and jalapenos. did somebody say backyard wrestling?
Garden State $5.25 taylor ham-wrapped house dog, chopped pepperoncini and american cheese.
Veggie Special $5.50 a veggie dog with onions, tomato, cucumber, and jalapenos.
Veggie Dog $4.50 plain veggie dog.
Jersey’s Finest $5.25 taylor ham-wrapped house dog smothered in mustard, onions and our secret chili sauce.
Lil Ma Dog $5.50 bacon-wrapped crisps with peanut butter, pickles and crushed potato chips.
Crif Burger $5.50 100% usda beef. does not include toppings.

The Crif Paks

Crif Pak 1 $10.00 enough for one dude with a monster case of the munchies.
Crif Pak 2 $20.00 enough for two dudes with the munchies or one desperately hungry dude in need of sustenance.
Crif Pak 3 $30.00 enough food to fill three, even four of the most desperately hungry dudes and fiends alike.
Crif Pak 4 $40.00 a biblical combo of indulgence, if you may, one of the 7 deadly sins. live long gluttony.


Fries $3.00 – $4.00
Tater Tots $4.00 – $3.00
Chili Cheese Tater Tots $5.00 – $4.00
Cheese Fries $4.50 – $3.50
Chili Cheese Fries $4.00 – $5.00
Beans $2.25
Cheese $2.25
Coleslaw $2.25
Chili $2.75
Avocado $2.75

Shakes & Floats $5.50

Vanilla Shake
Chocolate Shake
Strawberry Shake
Coffee Shake
Root Beer Float
Mix & Match Shake mix and match flavors. vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, coffee


Soda Can $1.50 red birch beer, stewarts root beer, rc cola, 7-up, diet rite, orange soda, dr. pepper
Arnold Palmer Iced Tea $3.50 – $3.00
Arnold Palmer Lemonade $3.00 – $3.50
Bottled Water $2.00

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