Croaker’s Spot

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Cuisine: Seafood.

For Starters

Fried Shrimp $6.95 8 Fried shrimp served over a bed of lettuce served with cocktail sauce
Buffalo Shrimp $6.95 6 Shrimp butterflied, fired and tossed in our homemade sauce
Sauteed Mushrooms in Scallion Butter $4.95 Fresh mushrooms sauteed in our homemade scallion butter, then enhanced with white wine and lemon. Served on a toasted crouton

Croakers Spot Salads

Dressings includes ranch, french, blue cheese and our homemade vidalia onion vinaigrette
Shirnp Louis Salad $7.95 Cocktail shrimp served upon our house salad tossed with our own louis dressing, garnished with lemon sliced tomato and cucumber fans lightly dusted with bay seasoning
Famous Fried Fish Salad $6.95 Our freshly prepared house salad tossed with crispy golden diced fried fish, sliced black olives and shrudded mozzarella
House Salad $4.95 A base of cool mixed greens supporting freshly grated carrots, diced tomatoes finely chopped cucumber and our homemade parmesan croutons. Add a sliced chicken breast grilled or fried $3.25, add 5 shr

Po Boys and Sandwiches

All po boys and sandwiches served with choice of side and a drink
Shrimp Po Boy $7.95 Five jumbo butterflied shrimp served upon a tosted bakery fresh sub roll topped with our pepper and onion blend, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo
Fish Po Boy $6.95 Fried fish filets with our pepper and onion blend, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mozzarella cheese on a sub roll
Kielbasa Po Boy $6.95 Turkey kiebasa fried and served with pepper and onions, ,mozzarella cheese and house potatoes all on a bakery fresh roll toasted to perfection
Croaker’s Crabcake Sandwich $8.95 Freshly prepared crab meat seasoned with our personal mixture of herbs and spices, deep fried and placed atop a bun traditionally dressed and served with a side of potatoes
Grilled Breast of Chicken Sandwich $6.95 Chicken breast seasoned, grilled and served on a kaiser roll topped with sauteed green pepper and onions, lettuce, mayo and mozzarella cheese. Served with a side of house potatoes
Chicken Fish Sandwich $6.95 Boneless breast of chicken breaded in our seafood mixture, deep fried and served on a kaiser roll with peppers and onions, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and mozzarella cheese. Served with a side of pot

Seafood Solos

Curry Shrimp $8.95 The distinctive flavor of curry simmered with onions and peppers and seven shrimp on a bed of rice with a side of cabbage and a block of cornbread
Shrimp Broil $8.95 Our jumbo shrimp seasoned bay style, broiled and served on a bed of rice with cabbage and a block of cornbread
Shrimp and Grits $8.95 Shrimp sauteed western style with pepper, onions and mushrooms then enhanced with worcestershire surrounding a mound of cheddar ranch grits and a block of corn bread
Butterfly Shrimp Dinner $8.95 Eight shrimp carefully butterflied, breaded and fried golden brown presented with a generous portion of croakers spot very own cheddar ranch grits, cabbage and a block of cornbread
Crocker’s Twin Crabcake Medallions $9.95 2 Medallions of crabcake fried or broiled served with cheddar ranch grits, cabbage and a block corn bread
Buffalo Wings $6.50 10 Piece served with celery sticks and ranch
Shrimp Platter $10.95 12 Jumbo shrimp prepared scampi, butterfly and buffalo style.
Fried Oysters $6.50 Fresh select oysters lightly battered then fried to a crispy golden brown perfection
Twin Crabcake Medallions $6.50 2 Petit crabcakes served over a bed of lettuce with tarter sauce
Hot Buttered Soul Wedges $5.95 8 Wedges of croaker’s sweet cornbread draped with a special sauce
Baked Whiting with Mushroom $8.95 Scallion butter sauce. Twin fillets of whiting baked in our favorite scallion butter and topped with freshly sliced mushrooms. This entree is completed with cabbage and a block of cornbread
Sea Scallops and Grits $9.95 Plump scallops flavorfully seasoned then broiled and served with cheddar ranch grits and a block of corn bread
Shrimp Scampi $9.95 7 Succulent shrimp sauteed in a traditional scampi butter sauce served with rice and cornbread and side of choice
Scallop Saute $9.95 Plump sea scallops quartered mushrooms, onions, garlic and finished with white wine served over rice


Southern Sauteed Chicken $8.95 A boneless, skinless, chicken breast sauteed in a mushrooms and onion gravy placed upon a bed of white rice and seved with a side of cabbage and a block of our renowed cornbread
Curry Chicken Saute $7.95 Tender strips of chicken breast sauteed along side green bell peppers and vidalia onions, potatoes, then simmered in our freshly prepared curry sauce. This meal is served with a side of our white ric

The Veggie Patch

Veggie Po Boy $6.25 Diced green bell peppers, vidalia onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and block olives, grilled and smothered in mozzarella and cheddar cheese served on a lighty toasted bakery fresh sub roll
Veggie Chili Entree $7.25 The same grazin combination of fresh vegetables in our hearty homemade chili base offered as an appetizer, only biggar. Served with a block of buttery cornbread
Veggie Rice $4.95 A tastful medley of mushooms, minced red onions and chopped tomatoes pan fried with seasoned rice. Serve with a block of cornbread

Famous Fish Boats

Famous Fried Fish Boat $6.95 – $8.95 Whiting filets fried to crispy, golden brown perfection adorned with a delicious blend of green bell pepper and vidalia onions sauteed in our signature secret sauce. Served with house potatoes and bl
Veggie Fish Boat $8.25 Filet of our famous fish in signature blend of sauteed green peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives and grilled tomatoes, topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Served with a helping of
Two Cheese Fish Boat $7.95 Our famous fried filet plus a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheese melted on top of our signature sauce, onion and peppers

Seafood Compositons

Seafood Chili (Bowl) $6.95 A hearty presentation of scallops, shrimp and fish simmered with fresh vegetabke in our homamade chili sauce featuring kidney beans, carrots, red onions, bell peppers and a variety of spices that mak
Famous Fish and Shrimp Fry $9.95 A trio of whiting tried golden and covered with a blend of green peppers and onions in our signature sauce and both are then topped with four golden butterfly shrimp. Cheddar ranch grits, cabbage and
Shrimp and Scallop Broil $9.95 Each are seasoned bay style and served with cabbage white rice and a block of cornbread
Fried Seafood Platter $11.95 Our famous fish adorned with our blend of peppers and onions in our signature secret sauce, four butterfilet shrimp and twin crabcake medallions accompanied bu ourr cheddar ranch grits cabbage and a
The Ultimate Feast $19.95 Fish, shrimp, scallop and crabcake medallions broiled in scallion butter and served on a bed of rice with serving of our cheddar ranch grits, house potatoes, cabbage and a block of cornbread
Stuffed Whiting $14.95 Whiting stuffed with crabmeat seasoned and broiled to perfection. Served with rice, cabbage and a block of our delicious cornbread


House Potatoes
Cole Slaw
Onion Rings
Baked Beans
Potato Salad


Pepsi $1.25
Diet Pepsi $1.25
Dr. Pepper $1.25
Schweppers $1.25
Sierra Mist $1.25
Fruit Punch $1.50
Lemonade and Limeade
Ginger Beer $2.00
Iced Tea $1.25
Coffee $1.00
Hot Tea $1.00 – $1.50 Orange, mint, apple, chamo

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