Cuban Sandwich Cafe

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Cuisine: Coffee, Sandwiches, Caribbean.


Ham Croquette $0.60
Stuffed Potato $1.75 mash potato ball, stuffed with ground beef
Cuban Pork Tamale, Roasted Pork & Bread $4.50
Cuban Platter $4.25 one tamale, two, croquettes, cheese and crackers
Ground beef Empanadas $1.75
Rumba Tropical $15.00 exquisite combination with serrano ham, proscuitto ham, cantimpalo, spanish, sausage, manchego cheese, spanish olives & bread serves two
Cha-Chr-Chr Cheese $13.00 pleasing cheese mix of manchego cheese, gouda smoke cheese, swiss, cheese, with spanish olives & bread serves two
Hola Cuba $1.50 delicious cuban toasted bread with spanish deep ( spanish olive oil, garlic & basil)
Spanish Sausage Cooke In Wine (Spanish Jerez) $2.99


Black Bean Soup $2.75
Chicken Noodle Soup (Cuban Style) $2.75


all entrees are served with your choice of any two of the following:
White Rice
Black Beans
Moro Rice
Fried Green Plantains (Tostones)
French Fries


Fried Breaded Palomilla Steak With Onions $7.99
Grilled Palomilla Steak With Onion $7.99
Pepper Steak $7.99
Picadillo A Lo Cubano (Ground Beef In Tomato Sauce) $6.99
;Ropa Vieja: $8.99 shredded beef in tomato sauce with onions, peper & garlic
;Vaca Frita; With Onions $8.99 grilled shredded beef and onions with limon-garlic mojo


Grilled Chicken Breast $7.99
Breaded Chicken Breast $7.99

Side Orders

White Rice $1.50
Moro Rice $2.00
Roasted Pork $5.99
Fried Pork Chunks $5.99
Cuban Tamale $1.80
Fried Sweet Plantain $1.99
Fried Green Plantains (Tostones) $2.50
Yuca With Mojo $2.25


;all our sandwiches are authentic cuban style and served with original cuban bread;
Cuba Sandwich $5.99 ham, roasted pork, swiss, cheese, mustard and pickle, served on toasted bread
Midnight Sandwich $5.99 ham, roasted pork, swiss, cheese, mustard, and pickle, served on toasted sweet yellow bread
Roasted Pork Shoulder Sandwich $5.25 chopped pork sauteed onions, marinated in our garlic – lime mojo, served on toasted bread
Cuban Paradise $6.99 special sandwich with grilled ham, spanish sausage (chorizo) cheese and onions, served on toasted bread with sticks potatoes
Proscuitto Sandwich $3.50 proscuitto ham, special tomato sauce, garlic served on toasted bread
Elena Ruth Sandwich $4.75 turkey with cream cheese and strawberry jelly, served on toasted sweet yellow bread
Cheese Sandwich $3.25 cheese served on toasted sweet yellow bread
Turkey Sandwich $4.75 turkey, swiss, cheese, mayonnaise, served on toasted sweet yellow bread
Steak Sandwich $5.95 steak sandwich, special tomato sauce, onions, sticks, potatoes, marinade with garlic lime mojo served on toasted bread
Croquettes Sandwich $4.75 two ham croquettes ham, cheese served on toasted bread


Custard (Flan) $1.99
Bread Pudding $1.99
Gourmet Cheese Cake $2.25


;spectacular wine selection available choose a bottle to go or enjoy a glass at your table;
Wine Of The Day $3.00 red white or sangria

Beers – Domestic

Coors Light $2.50
Miller Light $2.50
Michelot Ultra $2.50
Budweiser $2.50
Bud Light $2.50

Beer – Import

Presidente $3.00
Corona $3.00
Heineken $3.00
Guinness $3.00
Beck $3.00


Pepsi, Diet, Pepsi, Coke, Diet, Coke, Sprite, Mountain Dew $1.00
Materva, Jupina, Iromber $1.10
Cola Champagne $1.20
Malta $1.40
Mango Juice $1.50
Bottle Water $1.00
Bottle Green Tea $1.10
Milk Shakes $3.00 mamey, guanabana or papaya


Cafecito $1.00 (rice cafe espresso, combined with a teaspoon of sugar)
Cortadito $1.50 (cafecito combined with a little milk)
Coladita $1.50 (a little pitcher or cafecito0


Shredded Roasted Pork (Lechon Asado) $8.49 sauteed onions, marinade in on our garlic – lime mojo
Fried Pork Chunks (Masas Fritas) $8.25
Grilled Pork Chops – (Chuletas) $8.99
Grilled Steak Pork $7.99

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