Cuzco Restaurant #2

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Cuisine: Latin American, Peruvian.


1. Ceviche Mixto $10.95 fresh mixed seafood marinated in lemon juice, served with sweet potato and corn on the cob.
2. Ceviche De Pescado $10.95 fresh fish marinated in lemon juice, served with sweet potatoes, corn, onion.
3. Frutos Del Mar $10.95 mixed seafood salad.
4. Camarones Al Ajillo $8.95 sauteed shrimp with tartar sauce.
5. Papa A La Mhuancaina $5.50 boiled potatoes topped with cheese cream, onions, garlic and black olives.
6. Piqueo Mixto Para $29.95 beef, chicken, and shrimps for 4 people.
28. Tostadas De Frijol Y Salsa $1.50 bean and sauce tostada.
29. Tostadas Con Pollo $2.00 chicken tostada.
30. Tacos Tostados De Pollo $4.95 chicken fried tacos.
31. Sandwich De Pollo Y Res $4.99 chicken and beef sandwich.
32. Garnachas $9.95
33. Tamales De Pollo Guatemalteco $2.50 guatemalan style chicken tamale.
47. Pupusas Revueltas $1.50 mix cheese & pork served with cabbage salad, tomato sauce.
48. Pupusas De Queso $1.50 mozzarella cheese served with cabbage salad, tomato sauce.
49. Pupusas De Frijol Con Queso $1.50 mozzarella cheese and beans served with cabbage salad, tomato sauce.
50. Yuca Con Chicharron $7.95 yucca roots served with pork, cabbage, pico de gallo salad.
51. Cuzco Salad $6.95 vegetables and chicken.
52. Quesadilla Especial De Pollo – Carne $7.50 chicken, meat quesadilla served with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo.


7. Chupe De Camarones $4.95 – $7.95 white soup with lots of shrimp.
53. Sopa De Mondongo $7.95 served with two corn tortillas.
54. Sopa De Res $8.95 served with two corn tortillas.
55. Sopa De Mariscos $13.95 fresh seafood : shrimp, fish, crab, clams, squid, scallops. served with 2 tortillas.

Meat & Chicken

8. Mar Y Tierra $17.95 tenderloin (10 oz.) grilled sauteed with butter, shrimp, mussels, garlic, basil, served with rice, vegetables.
9. Lomo Con Salsa De Champinones $14.95 10 oz. tenderloin with mushroom sauce grilled to your taste. served with vegetable & french fries.
10. Churrasco A Lo Pobre $14.95 special steak (10 oz.) grilled to your taste & served with beans, rice, french fries, plantains, a fried egg.
11. Chuleta De Cerdo $8.95 pork chop grilled served with home made potatoes, salad.
12. Saltado De Pollo $7.95 fresh sliced chicken sauteed in soy sauce, vinegar, red onion, tomatoes, french fries served with rice.
13. Pollo A La Plancha $7.95 grilled chicken with rice and salad.
14. Brochet De Camarones $14.95 shrimp brochette served with rice and vegetables.
15. Bistek A La Limena $11.95 beef steak grilled to your taste served with rice. french fries, plantain, eggs, and salad.
16. Tallarin Saltado (Carni O Pollo) $9.95 spaghetti with beef or chicken.
17. Pollo Al Vino Con Hongos $9.95 chicken breast in wine and mushroom sauce served with rice and vegetables.
18. Lomo Saltado A La Criolla $9.95 fresh sliced beef sauteed in soy sauce, vinegar, red onions, tomatoes, french fries, served with rice.
19. Parrillada A La Cuzquena $14.95 mix grill : spanish sauce, chicken, pork chop, and beef served with french fries and salad.

Chef’s Specials & Fish And Seafood

Seafood Is Prepared With White Wine
20. Pescado A La Cusquena $17.95 fish filled with shrimp, special house sauce, with broccoli and potato.
21. Pescado A La Plancha $11.95 grilled filet of fish served with fried potato and rice.
22. Pescado A La Andaluza $12.95 grilled filet of fish sauteed with shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms, and white wine. served with rice.
23. Jalea A La Chalaca $14.95 fresh fish, scallop, shrimp, and clams deep-fried served with yucca and yellow corn.
24. Trucha Frita $12.95 whole fresh trout in seasoned flour, deep-fried served with potato and rice.
25. Picante De Mariscos $14.95 fresh seafood sauteed with special cream sauce served with boiled potatoes and rice.
26. Arroz Con Mariscos $14.95 rice mixed with fresh seafood.
27. Langosta Especial $24.95 lobster with potato and fajita (takes 15-20 min).


34. Huevos Rancheros $6.95 ranch-style eggs served with fried plantain, sour cream and beans.
35. Boquitas Mixta $24.95 mix boquita : beef ribs, pork, shrimp, chorizo served with beans and chile en escabeche.
36. Costilla De Res O Cerdo $11.95 beef or pork grilled ribs served with beans, rice, salad and tortillas.
37. Camarones Picantes $13.95 hot shrimp served with salad, rice, beans and 2 tortillas.
38. Camarones En Crema $13.95 shrimp in sauce served with salad, rice, beans and 2 tortillas.
39. Sopa De Pollo $7.95 chicken soup with rice and 2 tortillas.
40. Pollo En Crema $9.95 chicken in cream served with salad, rice, beans, and 2 tortillas.
41. Pollo Guisado $7.95 chicken stew served with salad, rice, beans and 2 tortillas.
42. Pollo A La Brasa $8.99 grilled chicken served with salad, rice, beans and 2 tortillas.
43. Tacos Al Carbon $8.50 served with sour cream, rice and beans.
44. Carne Adobada $9.50 marinated beef served with rice and beans.
45. Carne Guisada $8.50 beef stew served with salad, rice, beans and 2 tortillas.
46. Show Mein servido con 2 tortillas, served with 2 tortillas
46. Show Mein $8.95 carne, beef.
46. Show Mein $7.95 pollo, chicken.
46. Show Mein $9.95 camarones, shrimp.

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